11 Best Places To Visit In Cairo At Night

The best places to visit in Cairo at night are Felucca Cruise, Cairo Tower, Khalili Bazaar, Night Dinner Cruise, Giza plateau, Sound and Light Show, Tannoura Dance, Muizz Street, and Opera House.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. It is an ancient and the largest city in Arabic World. Now it is a modern metropolis. Cairo is most famous for the Giza Pyramids Complex which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Along with that Cairo is a beautiful city for shopping.   Cairo has life after dark with tours through the city’s most atmospheric spot.  There are many ways to spend and things to do at the night. You can enjoy night shopping, towering Islamic sites, shopping, dinner cruises, and pyramids.  

Every year thousands of tourists visit Cairo. This article will guide you to the best places to visit in Cairo at night.

Places To Visit In Cairo At Night

1. Nile River Felucca Cruise

Nile River Felucca cruise is the world’s largest river cruise. Felucca cruise is very -popular among the locals as well as tourists from all over the world. It is a traditional wooden sailing boat used in Egypt. The experience of sailing overnight over the calm water of the Nile River is pleasant. The boat starts from Aswan and visits Kom Ombo & Edfu temple on the way to Luxor.  It is one of the most enjoyable a relaxing cruise rides. Feluccas are available in different shapes and sizes.  Its open deck is covered with cushions and pillows for passenger comfort.  You can sleep on the deck mattress of the boat.        

Image by Anwar Hassan from Pixabay

2. Cairo Tower

Cairo tower is a free-standing concrete tower in Cairo. It is a classical landmark and must-see attraction in Cairo. The great thing about the Cairo Tower is that it opens throughout the day and as well as at night.  So the tourist can visit it at night also. This great a great advantage for the people. The tallest tower in Cairo has a height of 187 meters with 62 floors. It is the tallest building in Egypt and also in North Africa. Cairo Tower has an amazing view at night. There are many hotels, attractions, and food shops near Cairo Tower. To enter the Cairo tower entrance fee is required which you can book online. You can enjoy a beautiful night view of Cairo from the Cairo Tower. Cairo city center is viewed from Cairo Tower at night.

Image by Remon Samuel from Pixabay

3. Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Khan el-Khalili is a famous shopping place called bazaar or Souq in Cairo. This trade center is located in the Mamluk area –  a historic center of Islamic Cairo. This bazaar is one of the main attractions in Cairo for Egyptians as well as tourists visiting Cairo. This Bazar is open-air filled and colorful with unique and exotic items. The items for sale are spices, perfumes, jewelry, clothes, and antic pieces.  The bazaar is beautiful and must go place at night.  There is a night tour to the Khan el Khalili bazaar. The bazaar is open from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm and beyond depending on the crowd of the people.   

Image by Manuel Selbach from Pixabay

4. Nile River Night Dinner Cruise

The Nile river night cruise is a tourist top attraction in Cairo. The cruising on the Nile River is a 2-hour sailing duration. The cruise offers a delicious buffet dinner on board, entertainment of music, belly dancing, a traditional Tanura show, and a band. You can see the Nile at its most picturesque on the Night river cruise. There are many private cruise operators who arrange pickup and drop-off from your hotel.  Some of the top dinner cruises in Cairo are Cairo Nile Dinner Cruise, Nile Dinner Cruise, Nile Pharaohs Cruising Restraint, and Nile Maxim Dinner Cruise. The best time to visit Nile Cruise is from October to April.

Image by Tamer Soliman from Pixabay

5. Giza plateau

Giza plateau is a plateau in Giza located on the outskirt of Cairo, Egypt. It is the site of the Forty Dynasty Giza Necropolis. Giza Plateau includes The Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. It is situated 15 miles southwest of Modern Cairo. It is home to the Great Pyramids – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing. The Giza plateau is one of the most important and famous archeological sites in the world. The pyramids close before sunset but it is possible to see the lit up at night. You can see the beautiful images of the Giza Plateau at night time. Watching the sunrise from the Pyramid is a great experience. The night show at the Giza plateau is an unbelievable experience.        

Image by Helge Leirdal from Pixabay

6. Sound and Light Show at Giza Pyramid

Watching of Sound and Light Show at Giza Pyramid is one of the best night activities in Cairo. On each night a 50-minute show narrates the story about the pyramid along with music, lesser image projection, and a spotlight on the Sphinx and pyramids of Menkaure, Khafre, and Great Pyramid of Giza. It is a learning experience about the history of Ancient Egypt and its significance. You have to book a ticket to watch the show. The show starts at 18.30 in winter and 19.30 in summer. It is a star attraction in Cairo.

7. El Azar Park

Al Azar park is a public park in Cairo. El Azar park is a green place located in the old city of Cairo. The park is very clean and well-maintained. It spread over 30 hectares of land. This wasteland is used as a dumping ground for rubble from earthquakes, wars, and fires. It was opened by Aga Khan Trust for Culture in 2005. At night the restraint in the EL Azar park has a traditional Egyptian Restaurant and café for great food, a lighting fountain, romantic music, and a beautiful view of Mohamed Ali mosque all lit up. This is a great place to visit at night in Cairo.

8. Al Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troup

Al Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troup is an architecturally stunning art center.  It is an open-air atrium on the Wekalet EI Ghouri right near the bazaar. in located Central Cairo. The heritage center organizes the Tannoura shows and dance performances with live folk music at night. The Tannoura is a Sufi-type dance. The dancer has to do unlimited moves in a circle. This dance is more raucous and colorful than white-clad Turkish dervishes. The dance is performed every Saturday Monday, and Wednesday. The show time is of four-hour duration. The dance shows start at 8.00 pm.  

Image by Murtaza Ali from Pixabay 

9. Al Muizz Street

Al Muizz Street is a major north-to-south street in the walled city of Cairo. The street was founded in 969 AD and has a thousand years of rich history. Along the street, there are magnificent Islamic monuments, mosques, gates, palaces, fine old houses, and palaces.  This street is a treat for locals as well as foreigners. Today it is the largest open-air museum. At night the wonderful lighting of the Mosque and other old buildings along the street looks beautiful. Walking on the street at night is a great experience. Muizz street in Cairo is the best-visited place.

Image by shady shaker from Pixabay

10. Cairo Opera House

Cairo opera house is a part of Cairo’s National Cultural Center. It is the main performing art venue in Cairo. It is one of the oldest opera houses in Cairo and Africa. The seating capacity of the opera house is 1200 people. It is a cultural landmark renovated for leadership, excellence, and imagination. Before going to the opera house check the upcoming events and the schedule. To enter the opera house you have to book a ticket.

11. Nightclubs

There are many nightclubs in Cairo that offer dance and bars. Along with the nightclubs, there are discos and casinos. But nightclubs are not a massive part of Cairo. Some of the best places to enjoy nightclubs are Cairo Jazz Club, Shahrazad Cairo, Crimson bar and Grill, Golden Pharaoh Dinner Cruise, Gu Bar, Stage One Longue and Bar, and Dice Club. You can enjoy belly dancing, all type of musical entertainment, live Jazz, and dancing.

Image by Aaron Cabrera from Pixabay 

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning a trip to Cairo and the places to visit at night.

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