I am Nana Wathore. I am an Indian. I am a traveler and travel blogger. I like traveling the world. But till this time I traveled within India only. Geographically India is a large country having many states and a lot of places to visit.  These places have variations like the great mountain Himalaya, the natural beauty of Kerala, the golden desert of Rajasthan, world-famous beaches of Goa and Andaman. Along with that, the different states in India has different culture and atmospheres. I prefer to visit new places, meet people, and study the culture, and atmosphere of that region.  I prefer traveling with my family, friends, relatives or a group of people. The reason behind that is to share enjoyment, and give support to each other if something happens.  

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My First Trip To Goa

My first trip was to Goa in 1998. Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, party atmosphere, and cheap alcoholic drinks. That was arranged trip by the tour operator as I was unknown about planning a trip. I enjoyed the Goa trip but was not satisfied with the timing, expenditure, and accommodation. After that, I decided not to travel through the travel company.

Planned First Trip

In 2002 I and my wife planned the Himachal Pradesh trip with Amritsar in Punjab state of India. I visited the places Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, and Amritsar. The trip was successfully completed. I visited more places than decided. We traveled by bus. We arranged a taxi ourselves for local sightseeing. We carry our luggage. We meet many people. We searched the hotels for a stay. There were lots of difficulties but we succeed over difficulties. That was a great experience. I got the confidence of planning the trip and travel.

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Longest And Dangerous Trip

In 2004 I planned a trip to Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Kolkata. That trip was planned with the help of a family friend who was also part of the trip. The journey of the trip was from Pune – Kolkata – New Jalpaiguri by train. The journey from New Jalpaiguri – Jaigaon – Thimpu – Paro – Ganktok- Darjeeling – New Jalpaiguri by road. Then New Jalpaigudi to Nasik by train. That was the longest travel of my life for 12 days. For that, we prepared an itinerary, calculated the budget, and searched the places to visit, and the time required to go from one place to another. Bhutan is a Buddhist country located in the Himalayan ranges. It is a neighboring country of India.  To enter Bhutan does not require a visa. But it requires an entry permit.  travel by road.

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I Visited The Majority of Places In India

I visited the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala in India. I have completed the Char Dham Pilgrimage in Uttarakhand state of India which is one of the most difficult.  Some places like Mussoorie and Rishikesh were visited more than twice.  Along with India, I visited Bhutan and Nepal. Both countries are small and neighbors of India. 

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Longest, Cheapest, And Dangerous Journey

During my travel, I got different types of experiences. Let me tell you that most of my trip was amazing, hassle-free, and relaxing. But some of them were very hectic, dangerous, and risky. The travel from Jaigaon the last village of India to Thimpu of Bhutan was dangerous.  We got the entry permit to enter Bhutan very late. Then one travel agent arranged a night journey to Thimpu. The problems were the road was very height, that was nighttime, and the fog developed in the valley.  The road was not visible. But anyhow we reached Bhutan. The local tour operator was not guided properly. He just wants to make money without caring for the people. Our vehicle slipped from the road due to snow on the road and slide on one hut on the roadside. That happened when coming back from the Nathula Pass to Gangtok. I am writing the block because of great luck. We did the Char Dham pilgrimage without a hotel reservation.  But there were a lot of crowds so it was very difficult to get the hotel to stay in.  we were searching the hotel for 4 to 5 hours every day.

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Bad Experience of Weather

Another bad experience I came across of weather. When I was on my Kerala trip in south India in November. In the month of November, there is rain in Maharashtra where I live but Kerala experiences heavy rain. Due to heavy rain, my train was late by 12 hours. The difficulties faced were I reached Trivandrum at midnight, everywhere was water on the road, not getting the vehicle to reach the hotel, and difficulties in searching the hotel. That was due to the weather condition not studied.

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What Travelling Teaches Me?

Travelling teaches me many things. It is like education to me. What did I learn from my trip? I learned many things. How to plan a trip? How to calculate the budget? How to prepare the itinerary? How to search the places, hotels, transport, local vehicle, atmosphere, temperature, the best time to visit, meal, culture.  Even after planning the trip on paper when you go to the destination you have to face some difficulties. So I have some experience of traveling, the difficulties and what are the thins to study before going on any trip.

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How Stated Blogging.

I am not a writer. I have not published any article in any newspaper or on the internet. But was interested to write a blog on travel. There was not any type of experience. I want to write about travel.  I want to share my experience with other people so that they will not have difficulties for planning trips. Then I started writing a blog. I published my first blog in November 2020. Since that time I am continuously publishing articles every Monday without break from starting the blog. 

What Does My Blog Tell?

My blog tells the places to visit. The information about the places like where it is located, the distance from the iconic place, and what to see there. Then How to reach there, mode of transport, nearest airport or railway station. What is allowed and what is not?   For any trip weather and temperature are most important and I am writing about that.  Then entry fee, timing of visiting hours. Accommodation is not the main aim of my blog but I wrote about hotels.

Active On Social Media

I am active on social media of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You can visit me on these social media also. I used the same name as my blog for social media. I have many followers on social media. I am posting the post every Monday on the same day as publishing the blog.

Be happy and safe travel.

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