Why Should Avoid International Travel During COVID -19 Pandemic

Corona virus spread across the world. Most of the countries closed the doors for international travelers, and other countries are on the same way. In that case, if somebody is interested to travel internationally may have to face the problems like cancellation of flight, new PCR test, lockdown, quarantine and other rules of related countries.Continue reading “Why Should Avoid International Travel During COVID -19 Pandemic”

Why Tourist From All Over The World Visit Rishikesh

Rishikesh is famous for yoga, spirituality, pilgrimage and white water rafting. There are many ashrams, temples and yoga centers. The white water river rafting is a world famous water sport activity. Rishikesh is located on the bank of holy river Ganges. People from across the world come to Rishikesh for these activity. The Holy RiverContinue reading “Why Tourist From All Over The World Visit Rishikesh”

Why Travel Insurance For COVID-19 Is Important

The majority of countries across the world opening their borders for international tourist. Tourist also interested to go to abroad for different works like study, official or business meetings or leisure and luxurious travel with family or friends. All the countries are making efforts for the corona vaccination of the people. The coronavirus pandemic acrossContinue reading “Why Travel Insurance For COVID-19 Is Important”

The Worst Experience Of Weather during Travel

November month is monsoon season in Kerala. We faced worst experience of weather in Trivandrum due to heavy rain. We chose November month for the trip because the weather condition in Maharashtra is pleasant as there is no rain and no heat. But We did not study the weather condition of Kerala state. This articleContinue reading “The Worst Experience Of Weather during Travel”

Mussoorie – The Most Popular Tourist Destination In India

Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. It is famous for mesmerizing valise, kempty fall, company garden, Dhanaulty, and doon vally. It is also called “The Queen of Hills”. It is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state. The Mussoorie is famous for its awesome inspiring landscape, breathtaking view ofContinue reading “Mussoorie – The Most Popular Tourist Destination In India”

10 Tips For How To Find The Best Hotel

To find the best hotel check the location of the hotel, type of hotel, amenities provided, budget and service. In addition to that search review, and compare the prices on different sites. There are many hotel online booking sites provides the information about the hotel. Among the many hotels choosing the right hotel as perContinue reading “10 Tips For How To Find The Best Hotel”

Will The COVID – 19 Vaccination Passports / Certificate be Compulsory For International Travel?

Majority of the countries around the world started COVID-19 vaccination program for their citizens so as to end the corona virus pandemic. The rich countries are supplying the corona vaccine to the less wealthy countries. The majority of the countries are thinking about opening their border for international travel for economic growth. Some of theContinue reading “Will The COVID – 19 Vaccination Passports / Certificate be Compulsory For International Travel?”

How To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Travel Without Sickness: Follow These 15 Important Tips

Travelling gives us enjoyment, energy and happiness. To capture all these things your health is incredibly important. You should not be sick during the travel. Otherwise, your trip will not be enjoyable. How to take care of your health during the travel is depends on you. I travelled a lot and observed some important tipsContinue reading “How To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Travel Without Sickness: Follow These 15 Important Tips”

7 Important Things To Check Before Booking Holiday Package

The important things to check before booking holiday are duration of holiday, flight, hotel, meal, transfer and price. This thing will make holiday enjoyable and happy. There are growing demands among people to buy all-inclusive holiday packages because they are interested in a tension-free holiday. Generally, Holiday package includes a flight, a hotel, food transportContinue reading “7 Important Things To Check Before Booking Holiday Package”