15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza Island Of Spain

The most beautiful beaches on Ibiza Island are Dalt Villa, Cala Llonga, Es Figueral, Cala Lienya, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Cala Comte, Parque Natural de ses Salines, Cala d Hort, Cala Bassa, Cala Benirras, Cala Salada, Atlantis, Portinatx, Es Canar, and Cala Nova. Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza island is famous for its beautiful beaches, hippie culture, nightlife, nightclubs, bars, resorts, hotels, and sandy coves which attract a large number of tourists. There are many reasons to visit Ibiza. If you are a partying person then Ibiza is the perfect place for you.

Are you planning a future trip to Ibiza Island? Do not know the places to visit in Ibiza. Then this article will solve all the queries about the places to visit on Ibiza Island. Here is the list of beautiful beaches on Ibiza Island.

15 Top Beautiful Beaches On Ibiza Island

Dalt Villa

Dalt Villa is an old town in Ibiza. It is famous for its wonderful panoramic views, beautiful places, mystery, history, culture, beaches, and discoveries. This walled town has a heptagon shape with defensive basting at each angle. This 2500-year-old village was declared a Heritage site by UNESCO. Dalt Villa is one of the island’s greatest tourist attractions. The streets of Dalt Villa are filled with cozy bars, shops, sidewalk cafes, and galleries. The beach is within walking distance from Delta Villa. The beachside is famous for nightclubs and resorts. The famous nightclubs on Dalt Villa beach are Azucar Ibiza, Lolas Club, Los Americans, and Chapeue. You can swim on the beach and do the activities like paddling. Ibiza castle is located at the top of the Dalt Villa.

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Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga is a beach in Spain on Ibiza island. The beach is sandy, spacious, and well-organized with many facilities. It is located at a distance of 7 km from Santa Eulalia and is accessible by cycle, car, bus, or ferry. It is one of the most popular and famous beaches on Ibiza Island. The beach is surrounded by an amazing fine forest. The 360-degree view from the beach is a perfect postcard. The tranquil water of the beach is crystal clear, shallow, and safe. The sunbeds on the beach side are for sunbathing and relaxing. The watching of Webcam, Spain, city information, and live streaming with high resolution is an additional facility.  It is a party place with many resorts, bars, clubs, and hotels. 

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Es Figueral

Es Figueral is a beach on the northeast coast of Ibiza. The gorgeous sandy beach is punctuated by rocky inlets and cliffs faced by wind and sea. The beach offers lovely soft sand with beautifully clean water, shops, hotels, and restaurants. This is one of the best beaches to visit with the kids. The top things to do in the Es Figueral are Cala de Sant Vincent beach, Platja Pou des Lieo, Cala Boix, Cala Nova, Cala des Moltons, and Cala Pada. The activities to do on the Es Figueral are follow the locals, do yoga, and chill in the sun.  The Invisa Figueral Resorts is best for the party.

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Cala Lienya

Cala Lienya is a beach on the Ibiza Island of Spain. This little beach has white sand smooth sparkling turquoise, and shallow water. The beach is surrounded by a fragrant valley of pine trees. Cala Lienya is a very broad beach with a wide curve of fine white sand. The sea bed is sandy with the odd rock. The beach has good accessibility. Cala Lienya Resort on the beach is fully renewed with a restraint bar, swimming pool, shared lounge, and garden in Cala Lienya. Along with that, there are many beach hotels, restaurants, and bars for your accommodation, entertainment, and relaxation.

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Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Sant Josep de sa Talaia is a town with many beaches and coves on the Ibiza island of Spain. The top hotels, many attractions, and famous restaurants on the Sant Josep de sa Talaia beach make it the best destination for tourists. The beach is located at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level and has a spectacular viewpoint. The beaches in Sant Josep de sa Talaia are famous for quality water, the beauty of its islets, tongue-plagued fine white sand, and the landscape. The best beaches in Sant Josep de sa Talaia are Platja des Jondal beach, Cala Vadella Clove, Sa Cadela, and Cala Carbo. 

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Cala Comte

Cala Comte is a beach in the southwest of the Spanish Island of Ibiza.  The distance of the beach from town is 15 miles. The beach has warm waves, fine pearly sand, shallow water, and idyllic landscapes. All these things make it one of the favorite beaches among tourists. The sunset spot at Cala is a top tourist attraction and is breathtaking. The view of the sun slowly melting into the sea is beautiful.  Cala Comte can be reached by ferry, car, taxi, or bus. The beach has many seaside restaurants and bar that offers a global menu with DJ and music. 

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Parque Natural de ses Salines

Parque Natural de ses Salines is a park in Spain. This is a protected area of over 3000 hectares of land and 13000 marinas. This place is full of history and the beauty of nature equally.  There are many scenic beaches, vast salt beds, and wetlands.   An entry ticket is required to visit the Parque Natural de ses Salines. Half part of Parque Natural de ses Salines is in Ibiza and the other half part is in the Formentera. This is the best example of the Mediterranean’s rich biodiversity.  If you visit this place once you will think of visiting again and again.

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Cala d Hort

Cala d Hort is a beach on the Spanish island of Ibiza. This is an arc-shaped golden beach. The beach has crystal clear water and is famous for its fantastic view. From the beach, you can see the fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra. Cala d Hoer beach is one of the top 10 beaches in Ibiza. The beach is 13 miles from Ibiza town. The best way to experience the Cala d Hort is the sailboat. The best time to visit the Cala d Hort is the summer season. Every year lakhs of tourist visit the Cala d Hort beach. The top things to do at the beach are Cala Carbo, Es Vedra, Cala Vadella, Sa Pedrera, Cala Comte, and Sa Talaia. It is worth place to visit.

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Cala Bassa

Kala Bassa is a beach on the northern seaboard of the Spanish island of Ibiza. Cala Bassa is a stretch of beach around 250 meters in length. The beach has crystal-clear turquoise water, and pale golden sand. It is surrounded by a wooded area of ancient, and gnarled Sabina trees.  Cala Bassa beach Club Ibiza offers a wide variety of facilities like beach boutiques, massage areas, changing rooms, and showers.  The nightlife of Cala Bassa is vibrant as there are many beach clubs and bars. It crowed area.

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Cala Benirras

Cala Benirras is a beach on the Spanish Island of Ibiza. The Cala Benirras is famous for its spectacular sunset and hippy drumming culture. There are many clubs and bars on the beach. It is one of the key beaches in the north of the island. The beach has pebbly sand, beautiful turquoise water, and intersecting rocks making Cala Benirras a breathtaking beach to relax. The beach is located in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja and is 6 miles northeast of the village of Sant Miquel de Balansat.  You should not miss this magical place on Ibiza Island.

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Cala Salada

Cala Salada is one of the most beautiful and rustic beaches in Ibiza. The beach is surrounded by pine-forested hills. Actually, it is a cove on the Spanish island of Ibiza The beach has sandy beds and turquoise water. The cove is among the most enticing beach on Ibiza island. This beach is located at Sant Antoni de Portmany and is reachable only through a winding path among the rock. Cala Salada is famous for cliff jumping and snorkeling in the lovely water. There are many hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs for your entertainment.

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Atlantis is one of the famous beaches and magical spots on Ibiza Island. It is believed that it is a cove, but actually, it is a rock formation. This mesmerizing and unique rock formation makes the cove a must-visit destination. It is located in the Cala d Hort Nature Reserve. After visiting the cove, you will feel like a dream landscape. It is notorious among the locals and those who know it as the spiritual core of Ibiza. There are many top hotels around the Atlantis. There are shallow pools to swim in.

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Portinatx is a small village on Ibiza Island in Spain. The Portinatx beach is located in Sant Joan de Labritja of Spain. There are three beaches making up the area of SÁrenal Gros, SÁrenal Petit, and Playa Porto. All three beaches have white sand. The distance between Portinatx and the airport is approximately 36 km. The Portinatx Beach Club Hotel offers a magnificent panoramic view, crystal clear water, high, rocky, shorelines, and the three beaches of Portinatx. There are many hotels, restaurants, and clubs on the beach of Portinatx for enjoyment.  

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Es Canar

Es Canar is a beach on Es Canar of Ibiza Island, Spain. The Es Canar beach is a crescent-shaped stretch of golden sand located in Saint eulaliaalt. There are many restaurants and beach bars. It is very near to the Ferry location. The activities to do on Es Canar are outdoor activities, eateries, a small harbor of fishing boats, and relaxing spots.  The colorful short and white building on the beach looks amazing. The best time to visit Es Canar is during the summer season. The most famous Es Canar Hippy market is horrible, always crowded, and stall owner smoke drugs openly. The nightlife at Es Canar is very vibrant as there are many bars and clubs, resorts, and street parties. 

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Cala Nova

Cala Nova is one of the popular beaches with families. The beach has expansive nature, white sand, crystal clear blue water, and is surrounded by trees. It is an absolutely stunning, unspoiled, best surf spot, and natural destination on Ibiza Island. It is located 5 km from Santa Eularia. It is one of the most beautiful and virginal beaches on Ibiza Island. The atmosphere of the beach is peaceful. The beach is best for soaking up some hot Ibiza sunshine and swimming in crystal-clear water.   

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning your next trip to Ibiza Island beaches.

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