Different Types Of Accommodations In Tourism Industry And Characteristic

There are different types of accommodations in tourism industry depending on its characteristic. Chalet, Botel, Log Cabin, Cottage, Apartments, Motels, Eco Lodge, Caravans, Historic Estates, Vineyard Cottage, Boutique, Airline, Camping, Tourist House, Luxury Hotel, Service, Shack, Bungalow, Farm Stay, and Cruise Ship are some of the accommodations in tourism industry. You can select the accommodation according to your preference and requirement.  


A chalet is a type of house made of wood with a heavy gentle sloping roof. Generally, the shape of the chalet is triangular.  The chalet is specially designed accommodation for all types of vacations. It is one of the famous accommodations in mountain areas especially in Switzerland, Alpine region in Europe, Perth, Durban, and Gauteng. The tourist prefers to stay in a chalet located on the bank of Margaret River, Yagloo, Albany, and Cape Town. All these places have heavy snowfall or rain. 

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A botel is a boat that serves as a resident accommodation.  It is also called a houseboat or boatel or floating hotel or hostel. There are many permanent hotel ships used for nautical tourism or water tourism. It gives the combined experience of sailing and boating on vacation. The famous boating accommodations in India are Dal Lake in Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir, and Alleppy backwater in Kerala.  This houseboat provides deluxe and premium type of room.

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Log Cabin

A log cabin is a small log house, less finished, less architecturally designed accommodation.  It can be built from logs notched at the end and layers filled with plaster, mud, moss, mortar, or dried manure. Tourists prefer log cabins with hot tubs to relax in the warmth of a bubble.  The log cabins with hot tubs are famous in Scotland, Lake District Unites State, Yorkshire, Wales, Ireland, Norfolk, and York. Tourist likes to book log cabin holiday in the forest of the UK, and Europe. The most beautiful cabins are in Thailand, Sweden, Australia, Seychelles, and Alaska. 

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A cottage is a type of small house without any architectural styles and design.  It is an old-fashioned house that is used seasonally and located in the village or countryside.  Living in the cottage gives the feel of “Home from home” to the tourist. Cottage tourism is becoming popular among the tourist because of activities involving culture, heritage, traditional food, handicraft, homestay, and chalet for tourist attractions. The guests are provided cottages at the tourist destination also.

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Apartments are widely used as temporary accommodation for those traveling for work.  Apartment hotels are also called residential hotels or extended stay hotels. It has been serviced like a hotel-style booking system. There are many online sites that offer apartments for accommodation in different cities across the world. The apartment is the best option for an extended stay. There are two types of apartments. The first is a holiday apartment and the second is a short-term apartment rental.

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A motel is also known as a motor hotel or motor lodge. This hotel is designed especially for the person traveling by automobile. The motorist enters directly from an outdoor parking area into the room. There are many online sites that offer online motel booing. These motels are located on major highways and offer huge parking areas for vehicle and hotel services for long-distance travelers.  The travelers stay there overnight. The motels are easily accessible on the highway. It provides lodging with food.

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Eco Lodge

The eco-lodge is a type of hotel that is found in many places around the world. But these lodges are very famous in African countries. Eco lodging is focusses on minimizing the negative effect on the environment. These lodgings are located in remote places in a pristine natural environment like an exotic island, mountain, and forest. These are equipped with fewer amenities as compared to other types of accommodations. These vary from basic eco-lodges to high sustainable luxury resorts that will cater to  your every need. 

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The caravan is a wheeled vehicle for living or traveling. It is specially designed for holidays that contains the bed. It is a type of vehicle without an engine that can be towed by any vehicle. It has facilities of bed and cooking equipment so that people can live and spend their time. These are found where the place is not reachable by roads like the desert areas or hostile regions. Caravan tourism offers an affordable travel experience with good safety. There are different types of caravans.

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Historic Estates

There are many historic houses available for stay in many countries. The historic houses in UK provides cottages, castles, country house hotels, and historic bed. The historic accommodation in England includes Amberley Castle, Beech field House Hotel, and The Lamb Inn. The other places where historic houses you can live on rent are Ireland, and the Uk. The historic house includes gatehouses, country houses, millhouses, and a hall,

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Vineyard Cottage

Vineyard cottages is a boutique eco-friendly accommodation surrounded by beautiful gardens. The vineyard cottages in Kumeu feature a garden, BBQ, free parking, Wi-Fi, a hotel, and a small farm. The vineyard cottages are famous in the historic Auckland wine region. The vineyard in Auckland is also used for specializing in weddings, high teas, and family functions.

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A boutique hotel is a small hotel with less than 100 rooms. It is upscale accommodation and offers a personal touch to the customer. These range from wood to palaces and are perfect for a leisurely vacation.  The boutique hotels in Bali, Italy, Coasta Rica, and New Zealand own top honors. The characteristics of boutique hotels are quirky amenities, luxury showers, personalized service, and localized dining options. The other best places for boutique hotels are Bendigo, Launceston, Melbourne, NSW, Toowoomba, Victoria, Tasmania, Sydney, and Auckland.

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Some airlines with many stopovers offer hotel accommodation for travelers. There is a free hotel stay for a night or two for relaxing and recharging. The passengers will not have to pay extra charges for accommodation. For example, in airlines accommodation is located in Amritsar of Punjab, India.  Another example is   Qatar Airways arranging accommodation for the passengers facing extended transit in Doha.  


Camping is a recreational activity of overnight stay away from home. There are different types of camping like Glamping, Tent, Backpacking, Canoe, Van, and Calling. Camping is located in nature away from the crowded cities. It provides fresh air and a pleasant atmosphere. Budget traveler prefers to live camping because of the lower amount of rent. The best camping sites in India are in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan. 

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Tourist House

A tourist house is a private home or condominium that is rented or leased to the tourist. It is not occupied by the owner or manager. It may be well furnished or without furnished. It is available for guests for one day or more than one day.  It is temporary accommodation for guests. It is one of the most affordable budget accommodation.

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Luxury Hotel

A luxury hotel provides a luxurious experience of living to the guest. The luxury hotel has amenities like a restaurant, free parking, fitness center, spa, and bar. There are classified as 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star depending on the amenities. The 5-star hotels are so unique, luxurious, and beautiful that you do not want to leave. The prices of these luxury hotels are very high. These hotels have unique architecture, cleaning, food, and security.

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Service accommodation is a paying guest accommodation. When a guest stay in someone else’s home and pays rent for the accommodation and other services like food, laundry, and TV. Paying for guest accommodation are best options for students, working women, single people, and trainees. It is one of the best rental solution. 

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A shack is a hut accommodation. It is very simple and small. It may be built from pieces of wood, metal, or other cheap material. It is used for shelter to live somewhere. It is a tiny and crude shelter.  It is not well maintained.

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The Bungalow is a rich accommodation for the guest. The greatest advantage of staying in the bungalow is you can have more space. There are many rooms in one bungalow. You can live with 3 to 4 families in one bungalow and do the fun activity.    There are beautiful bungalows in NSW, Queensland, Hamilton Island, Hawaii, Bali, and the Maldives.  

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Farm Stay

The farm stay is a type of accommodation on a working farm. The farm stay may be interactive, family-focused, and child-focused. Guest prefers farm stay to experience the village life. There are some mind-blowing farms that stay in India. The farm stay provides the facilities like parking, Wi-Fi, a pool, food, and a terrace. These are located away from the crowded cities in the presence of nature with a picturesque view, and fresh environment. The farm stays are blossoming in India.  

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Cruise Ship

Cruise lines offer different types of accommodation according to budget. The rooms on the cruise are called “cabins”. The cabins are like hotel rooms featuring a bed, desk, closet, and drawer space. These cabins are ideal spaces for tourists who plan to travel and live through the sea. Suits are premium-grade cabins with more space. The best cruises ship in the world that offers the best rooms are Royal Caribbean, IONA Britannia, and Disney Magic.

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