Kanyakumari – Top Things To Do

The top things to do in Kanyakumari are Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Statue of Thiruvalluvar, Kanyakumari Temple, Triveni Sangam, Mahatma Gandhi Mandapam, Padnabh Puram Palace, and Suchindram Temple. Along with that Kanyakumari is also a pilgrimage place for Hindus. To enjoy all these things, tourists from different parts of India and the world visit Kanyakumari.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a monument located on one of the two rocks off the mainland of Kanyakumari at a distance of 5oo meters. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kanyakumari. The rock memorial was built in the year 1970 in honor of Swami Vivekananda a Hindu philosopher. The statue of Vivekananda was made from bronze. The height of the statue is 133 feet. There is Vivekananda Kendra a social-religious organization in Kanyakumari founded by Eknath Ranade. The timing of the Vivekananda rock memorial is from 7 AM to 5 PM.

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Statue Of Thiruvalluvar

The statue of Thiruvalluvar is a famous and important landmark in Kanyakumari. Thiruvalluvar was a Tamil poet and philosopher. The statue of Thiruvalluvar is located at 400 meters on the coastline of Kanyakumari. The statue was made from stone and concrete. The height of the statue is 133-foot or 41 meters. The total weight of the statue is 7000 tons. The tall stone statue in the ocean is an attraction in Kanyakumari. The approach to the statue is through the ferry ride with cost. The timing is from 8 am to 4 pm.

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Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari temple is also known as Saravari Shaktipeeth Shri Kanyakumari Bhagavathi Amman temple. It is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathi in the form of a virgin girl. It is considered one of the Shakti Peeths. Kanyakumari temple is located in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu at the southern tip of the mainland of India. It is 300 years old temple. The timing of the temple is from 4.30 am to 12.30 pm and 4 pm to 8.30 pm

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Triveni Sangam

It is the southernmost last tip of Indian land. Triveni Sangam is a union of three oceans, namely the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. Triveni Sangam has considered a sacred bath place in the southernmost tip of Kanyakumari of India. It is a famous pilgrimage place for Hindus. Triveni Sangam is a top tourist attraction in Kanyakumari. It is the only place on the earth where you can see sunrise and sunset from the ocean.

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Mahatma Gandhi Mandapam

Mahatma Gandhi Mandapam is a pink memorial building with a sea view on the side. It was built after Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were held here after his death. The architecture of this monument is similar to that of the Hindu Shine of central India. That is why it is called Gandhi Mandapam. It was built in 1956. The timing of the Gandhi Mandapam is 10 am to 5 pm.

Padmanabh Puram Palace

Padmanabh Puram Palace is also known as Kalkulam palace. It is located in Padmanabh Puram a small town in the Kanyakumari district. It was built in the Travancore era. The architecture of the palace is Kerala type. The palace was constructed around 1607 by Iravi Varma Kulashekhera. It is the largest wooden palace in Asia. The distance of Padmanabh Puram Palace from Kanyakumari is 35 km away. The address of the palace is Chakala, Thuckalay, Tamil Nadu.

Suchindram Temple

Suchindram temple is also known as Thanumalayan Temple. Suchidram is a small town in the southernmost district of Kanyakumari. The distance of Suchindram temple from Kanyakumari is 11 km. It is one of the important Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu. Suchindram temple was built in the 9th century. The 22 feet large statue of Hanuman is the main attraction of this temple. The secret fact of the Suchindram temple is that four musical pillars were made out of a single stone. There are 1040 pillars within the temple.

Market of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari has a market having beautiful things made from seashells and handicrafts. These items are available for sale in small shops near the beach area. Some vendors sell these items on the open market. The shop owner makes the items according to your requirement. Other things for sale are electronics items, kitchen items, and decorative items. All these items are available at a higher price. If you are a master in bargaining, then you can get these items at a lower price. The shopping market is near the beach and a rock memorial.

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