What Was My Inspiration To Go On Char Dham Yatra? : “Kedarnath” Movie

Once I was watching movie “Kedarnath” on the big screen featuring Shushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan in lead roles. It is a simple story of a boy and girl, are in love with each other belonging to the different religion. The film was directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The movie shown natural disaster happenedContinue reading “What Was My Inspiration To Go On Char Dham Yatra? : “Kedarnath” Movie”

Family Holiday: Choose The Hotel That Your Kids Absolutely Love

Family holiday is seen as a break from the busy schedule of day to day life. It is supposed to be a getting fun, enjoyment and relaxation from stress for all family members.  If you are dad and mom and carrying your kids with you then it becomes necessary to see what they like soContinue reading “Family Holiday: Choose The Hotel That Your Kids Absolutely Love”

Indian Cruises From Mumbai to Goa: An Incredible Travel Experience

Goa is one of the most visited state in India has many beaches along its coast. Along with its most beautiful beaches Goa is famous for water spots activities, rich culture and nightlife. To reach Goa is easy by road transport or by Air Flight. The third option  to  reach Goa is  luxury cruise sailingContinue reading “Indian Cruises From Mumbai to Goa: An Incredible Travel Experience”

10 Types Of Accommodation According To Budget

There are different types of accommodation like hotel, apartment, hostels, guesthouse, villas, holiday home, and resorts. These accommodation has different budget. You can choose the accommodation according to choice and budget. The major and easily available source to find the accommodation is the online booking sites.  Online booking search for accommodation   provides different types ofContinue reading “10 Types Of Accommodation According To Budget”

Short Trips Are Better Options During COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the world restriction were imposed on the traveller during the COVID-19 pandemic. People were cops in the houses. But slowly many countries were opening the doors for traveller for domestic travel within the countries as well as for international traveller. The traveller are very eager to go on vacation with family or friends. ButContinue reading “Short Trips Are Better Options During COVID-19 Pandemic”

Holiday For Recreation Activity

Recreation activity is a outdoor sports to do for any purpose like exercise, pleasure, relaxation, and fresh mind. New search shows that peoples are focusing on fun, adventure, challenges and relaxation. They are planning the holiday for recreational activity in open air and away from crowded cities. The watersport holiday is one of the activityContinue reading “Holiday For Recreation Activity”

Changing Trend of Traveler During COVID-19: More Domestic –More Regional

As the world is coming out of the lockdown after some months of spending time at home people are now searching the ways for going to travel. The travel will not be the same as before COVID- 19 pandemic but will be different in many ways. Still there are some restrictions on the travel acrossContinue reading “Changing Trend of Traveler During COVID-19: More Domestic –More Regional”

Why Bhutan Is Different From The World.

Bhutan is the only country in the world having Buddhist official religion, traditional dress and architecture, measures growth national happiness, carbon negative, beautiful and no traffic light signal. Beautiful Country Bhutan is small country in the world located in the Himalayan ranges having magnificent landscape, majestic mountains with snow, green valleys and rivers. It hasContinue reading “Why Bhutan Is Different From The World.”

Why Tourist Like To Visit The Maldives

Maldives has serene beaches, a beautiful island, luxurious villas and resorts to stay, rich coral life, water sports, outdoor activities, and an easy process of on arrival visa. Along with that, it offers vibrant culture to the tourists and easy connectivity by air. All these things attract tourists from all over the world. Beaches InContinue reading “Why Tourist Like To Visit The Maldives”