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A little bit about me …


I am Nana Wathore, an Indian resident and founder of the website Travelnolimit. I am here today to share with you some of my life changing experiences which got me closer to the world of travel.

Bored with the regular life routine one day I decided and planned my first ever trip in 1998 to Goa-popularly known as tourist paradise with my family. It is the most preferred location in India’s coastal belt on the western, called the Konkan coast. I was mesmerised with its scenic beauty, rich history, beautiful sandy beaches and huge coconut trees. It has colourful Goan lifestyle with traditional mixture of Portuguese. A Trip to Goa changed my life.

Let me share another experience of travel which was to Bhutan. It was the longest and cheapest road journey in my life. Through this travel experience I came across a country of Buddhism located in the Himalayas which is rich in their natural scenic beauty and admirable culture and tradition. Bhutan is no ordinary destination. Bhutan has blend of uniqueness of lifestyle and culture. It was an amazing experience which taught me many things. This experience of travel was a life changer for me and since then I am unstoppable.

 I have travelled almost every year since my first trip in 1998 and have gained immense travel experience. Right from some small budget trips to luxury trips, I have experienced it all while travelling. I have travelled by all means of transport like air, cruise, train and car. All this gave me different experiences during my travel and I enjoyed it. I have visited nearly every state of India and sometimes my passion towards travel made me visit the same place twice or thrice as well. Travel is my passion indeed.

I plan my own trips and it gives me immense pleasure to plan trips for my friends and family as well. Let me also tell you that majority of my trips were amazing, relaxing and hassle free but few of them were also very hectic and risky just because of some small wrong decisions or failed plans. But believe me I have learned a lot from all of these small and big experience of travel in my life. It has made my journey better each time and I am here today to share my travel experience with the people like you who love travelling. I would also like to help you for planning your next trip if required. I wish and hope that my blogs will give the information that will be useful to you for planning your trip.  I have intended this website to share and provide some useful travel information and knowledge which will make your travel journey easy and hassle free.

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