Airbnb – Discounts, Coupons & Offers: 10% To 20% Off On Booking

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Does Airbnb offer discounts?

Definitely, Airbnb offers discounts, coupons, and deals on accommodation booking. There are different types of discounts on Airbnb. Gift card discounts, last-minute discounts, Promo codes, early-bird discounts, Black Friday discounts, extended stay discounts, promotion discounts, referral friend discounts, and first-time user discounts are major discounts on Airbnb.  If you have to stay for a longer duration for example seven days or 28 days, then you will get a weekly or monthly discount. The percentage of your number of days is not fixed. But you will get the accommodation at a cheaper rate. A pricing promotion of 20% for the first three guests for new and unbooked listings is another type of discount available on Airbnb.

How Do I Get A Discount On Airbnb Booking?  

There are different types of discounts on Airbnb. First, decide which type of discount you want. Do you want a longer stay discount or an early bird discount? The percentage of discount is different for different types. It is better to see which type of discount you can save more. There are various coupons and offers available for hotel booking. You can choose which is better for you. For example, sign up offer get Rs. 2000 on your first trip. For that, you can use a coupon code. The stay at Bangalore offers 15% off after showing the coupons for first-time users. A 10% discount is available when you book the accommodation for a longer stay between 30 to 60 days in advance.

Early Bird Discount

Airbnb offers Early Bird discounts at the time of accommodation booking. Some hosts take the benefit of early Bird discounts on their Airbnb listing.  You are eligible for this discount if you book the hotel 30 to 60 days in advance. This is 20% of the total cost of the hotel booking. This discount is not available on all properties but on selected properties. So it becomes difficult for the customer to search the accommodation with an early bird discount and then decide about the booking.  Also, it is applied to specific dates, and not for all dates of the calendar as a whole. You can find it in the pricing tab.  The advantage of an Early Bird Discount of 20% is that it can be combined with a monthly discount of 30%.

Weekly and Monthly Stay Discount

Does Airbnb give discounts on extended stays? Many customers facing this question. The answer is yes. Airbnb offers weekly and monthly stay discount to attract guest who prefers a longer stay in hotels. It is also called a longer stay discount. As the stay is longer discount is more. The average discount on monthly stay will go up to 50% or even more. You can take advantage of this discount if you are staying for a longer duration like office work or studying in college.  This discount is worth booking with Airbnb. Always remember that a longer stay discount is not applicable on all properties but on selected properties. So it is better to find on which properties it is applicable. 

Promo Code And Coupons

Airbnb offers coupons and promo Codes on online hotel booking. Many hosts offer discounts of up to 20% for multiple-night stays, and some even include entertainment like pool, home theatre, and arcades. For that, you have to create an account on their website. Then Airbnb sends coupon codes and any special offers to your email.  Sign up today to get started. Always check your email box. At present Airbnb has the offer for September 2023. You can save an average of Rs. 1000. At present there are 17 different types of promo Codes available on Airbnb. You can choose the promo code as per your benefits so that you can save more money.    

Discount For First 3 Guest

The discount for the first 3 guests is for the new listing. When the host creates a new listing there is an option to apply for a 20% off promotion. This offer helps to attract the first 3 guests for your new and unbooked listing. In order to be eligible a listing must have 0 booking. The 20% discount works on the first three reservations booked within the first 30 days of the listing being live. This discount will automatically be turned off after the third booking or 30 days after listing. You can manage this promotion discount. The host uses Airbnb’s new listing because of the 20% discount available on the new listing. These terms are best unclear and at worst deceptive.

Custom Promotion

The custom promotion is Airbnb’s new promotional features. Airbnb offers custom promotion offers to attract bookings on its website. In order to create a custom promotion, go to the calendar and select the listing calendar. Then go to the setting option. There on the right panel, you will find pricing and availability. Under the pricing option, you will see the promotion. You can add custom promotions by selecting dates and discounts. You can create custom promotions on desktop, iOS App, Android App, and Mobile Browser.   

First Time User

Airbnb offers first-time user discounts. It is 15% off on booking for the first time. But you have to spend Rs. 10,000 and more on booking. If the amount is less than Rs. 1000 then this offer is not applicable. Airbnb makes your stay more affordable so that you can spend more money on other things like food, transportation, and other things. Airbnb is offering a flat 15% discount on bookings done by City Bank card. When you sign up for Airbnb as a first-time user you can save up to € 35 on your first stay. You can get more discounts after becoming an Airbnb host. When a friend refers you can earn more on first-time room booking.

Referral Programme

The referral invitation allows members to earn promotional coupon credit toward future home experiences. After being referred by a friend anyone can become a new users on Airbnb. For that, you can send a link to your friend and when a friend joins Airbnb they will get credit applied to their first qualifying reservation. To become a member, you have to follow some terms and conditions. This program is for all who are new to hosting on Airbnb. This is applicable even to anyone have already has an account with Airbnb.

Gift Card

Airbnb offers gift cards. They can be purchased online or from stores. The best place to purchase the Airbnb gift card is directly from card. Along with Airbnb gift cards are also available on other sites like Sm’s Club or Raise and save money. Airbnb Gift cards can be used to give the gift of travel or of a kind experience. There are multiple customization options like cash value amount, delivery method, message, and form. Digital cards are delivered via email. Once you purchase a gift card then there is no return and refund. You can buy and send an Airbnb gift card to friends or family members. 

Last Minute Deals

Does Airbnb have last-minute deals? The answer is yes. Airbnb has last-minute deals. This deal is cheaper as compared to the regular selling of the room. The room should not be empty so the sites sells at a lower rate. The last-minute deals on Airbnb are the best collection of the world’s last-minute deals. You can find the “last minute discount” option on the pricing tab in the host dashboard. This amazing value deal is for available dates only. By using the last-minute deals, you will get accommodation at a cheap price. Last-minute deals are offered by Airbnb to win more bookings.

Students Discounts

Airbnb does not offer a discount to students but they do various promotions and deals for all users. You can avail of all these promotions and deals in order to get accommodation at a cheap rate.  Airbnb student discounts are available at There is a special bargain offer of 10%. You can apply for this offer. So that you will get the accommodation at concessional rate. You can obtain a coupon code from Airbnb. It is a super saver offer and you can get an additional discount of flat 10% on your favorite purchase by using Airbnb.

Black Friday Deals

Does Airbnb do a Black Friday Dale? Yes. Airbnb offers Black Friday deals. This offer is not applicable throughout the year but at specific times around November. For Black Friday deals you can visit this page to find Airbnb coupons. This deal is applicable to select destinations, or specific types of Airbnb like those with arcades, movie theatres, and other entertainment features. In order to grab a high discount, check out the Airbnb Black Friday deals for the current year.

I hope this article will be useful to you for finding the different types of deals, offers, coupons, and promo codes so that you will get the hotel at a cheap price.

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