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21 Major Types of Popular Lodging Accommodations: Differences, Amenities, Features, And Budget

There are various types of lodging accommodations with different amenities, features, and budgets. The guest has to choose the accommodation according to their standard, preference, and budget. The hotels, motels, Inns, suits, casinos, capsules, timeshares, eco-hotel, bunkhouses, extended stays, and resorts are famous lodging accommodations. From these, you to choose your best.  This article has included the majority of hotels, their amenities, budgets, which is best for whom, and their benefits.

1. Hostel

A hostel is an unexpansive lodging facility generally for young travelers. It is low cost, short term, living accommodation while on travel. The hostel has a dormitory-type sleeping arrangement. Some hostel provides breakfast and meals.  It features a large room with separate beds, shared bathrooms, and a common kitchen. Some low-cost hostels provide bung-type beds. Due to low cost, they have grown its popularity and you can find them all over the world.

2. Boutique Hotel

The boutique hotel is a small type of hotel, intimate and quaint often located in the shopping center. Generally, it contains less than 100 rooms. These type of hotels offers a unique type of design and are usually set in the trendy urban part of the city. It offers ultra-personal services to its guest. Best luxury and boutique hotels are available all over the world. The stay in the boutique hotel is unique. They can sometimes be more affordable to travelers than brand hotels. It may cost 10 to 20 % less cost than brand hotels.

3. Suits

Suits are considered to be the largest style of hotel rooms. It is a class of accommodation with more space than the typical hotel rooms. Suits generally offer multiple separate spaces – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living area, and other desirable facilities. Suit ranges from Studio suit, one-bedroom suit, family suit, executive suit, and signature suit with hot tub. The average cost of suits is expensive as compared to ordinary rooms. Some suites are specially designed for families with rooms for 4, 5, or 6 persons.

4. Motel

A motel is a hotel designed for persons traveling by automobile. It is also called Motor Lodge, Motor Court, or Motor Inn. It serves commercial persons, business travelers, and persons attending conventions and meetings as well as vacationers and tourists.  The motels have large areas for parking. It is budget accommodation for road trippers and vacations. The rent is low compared to the normal room cost.  Generally, they are located on the highway side and provide easy access to the road. Rooms are small in size and can be accessed directly from rooms.

5. Inn

Inn is a commercial establishment that provides lodging, and entertainment for people, especially travelers. Inns are smaller than hotels and have fever facilities. They offer room services but do not have restaurants and other amenities. Inn is small but more charming than the hotel. They also provide food and drink to the travelers. Inn hotels are available throughout the world. Inns are located typically located in the country or along the highway.

6. Casino Hotel

The casino is defined by the availability of gambling facilities in a recreational facility. Casino Hotel is an on-premises hotel consisting of a casino with temporary lodging. The customer living in the casino hotel can enjoy the lodging as well as casino gambling facilities. Casino Hotel offers a variety of rooms to suit different budgets and tastes. The hotel also provides other facilities like food, beverage, a swimming pool, valet parking, and a health club.

7. Resort

A resort hotel is a luxury facility that is intended primarily for vacationers. It is located near special attractions such as beaches sea shores, scenic areas, historic areas, ski parks, and spas. Most travelers need dining, entertainment, shopping, local transportation and more can be found within the resort establishment. Resorts have more amenities and facilities as compared to hotel amenities. There is a difference between a hotel and a resort.

8. Capsule

Capsule Hotel is also known in the Western World as Pod Hotel. This type of hotel was developed in Japan. The hotel has many small size rooms known as capsules. This Japanese concept of the hotel is slowly making its way in many countries. Recently Indian Railway launched its first pod hotel at Mumbai Central Station in Mumbai and it is second at Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminals. There is no toilet or bathroom inside the capsule. You have to share these with other people in separate places. 

9. Love Hotel

Love Hotel is a type of short-stay hotel found all over the world. The purpose of this type of hotel is to allow the guest privacy for sexual activity. As the name suggests love hotel provides room for the couple to spend undisturbed time together. The rooms provide double beds, a television with erotic programming, and a bathroom. It is a well-established concept in other Asian countries. Love hotels are also available in Japan, Tokyo, India, Pattaya, and Bangkok.

10. Time-Share

Time Share is a type of vacation property with a shared ownership model. It offers a unique concept where a person can purchase a set of periods. After a lifetime payment, you can live in the same resort or family resort annually. The best time-share resorts in India are Club Mahindra. You can purchase the ownership of the accommodation for a specific period of time usually one or two weeks a year. The timeshare is also called a fractional, condo hotel, condotel, private residence club, or destination club.

11. Eco Hotel

An Eco-hotel or green hotel is an environmentally sustainable hotel or accommodation. Its structure is made from environment-friendly materials so that has less impact on the natural environment. Eco hotels are available on many hotel booking sites. These hotels are found all over the world including India, Bangkok, and Pattaya. There are eco-luxury hotels and resorts that inspire sustainability.

12. Transit Hotel

Transit Hotel is a short-stay hotel that is situated in the transit zone of an international airport. The passenger on the wait time between the planes can stay till the next flight. It is a welcome amenity for long layovers. Niranta is Mumbai’s first Airport Transit Hotel located within terminal 2 Of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. You can stay at Delhi Airport Transit Hotel.

13. Bunkhouse

Bunkhouse is a barrack-like building that historically used to house working cowboys on ranches or loggers in a logging camp. It is famous in North America. There is a portable bunkhouse that can be carried from one place to another place. It is available all over the world. Even a bunk bed was used for sleeping in the quarters. It is low-cost accommodation.

14. All-Inclusive Resort

All-Inclusive Resort is a resort that includes all the essentials in the booking price. Besides the accommodation, it may include food, drinks, activities, and entertainment without paying extra money.  These resorts are affordable for families and couples. This type of resort is available in India, Asia, the US, and the Caribbean. There are all-inclusive cruises also.

15. Extended Stay Hotel

Extended Stay Hotels also called “Long Stay Hotel” that offers long-term accommodation to the guest. These are beneficial to students, corporate, and business travelers. This type of hotel offers lower weekly and monthly stays with everything you need to settle.  You can book the service apartment for an extended stay. Extended-stay hotels are available on a weekly and monthly basis.

16. Pension House or Guest House

A Pension House is a type of guest house or boarding house. This type of lodging is less exquisite and more affordable than a hotel. The guest house can be considered for a long duration. It is a cheaper or inexpensive hotel. It is available all over the world. Being cheaper some of the guest houses are best.

17. Cottage

A cottage is a small house that can fit any number of architectural styles and house designs.   These small houses are located near a lake or mountain for rent. There are different types of cottages like Canadian cottages, English small cottages, Nordic cottages, American cottages, and South African cottages. They are distinguished by their cozy, welcoming appearance. Cottages are small in size as compared to hotel rooms.

18. Log Cabins

A log cabin is a small less furnished house or less architecturally sophistically structure. Some log cabins have enough space for 5 to 6 people. It is a self-catering accommodation with a terrace, free private parking, and an open bath. These are generally made from wood. It is ideal for those who require easy access. These are available all over the world including the UK.

19. Caravan

Caravan is a vehicle without an engine that can be pulled by a car or van. It contains beds and cooking equipment so that people can live or spend their time. It is a wheeled vehicle for living or traveling especially for holidays. It is useful in desert or hostile regions.

20. Tent Hotels – Luxury Camp

Tent Hotels and luxury camps are all supremely stylish accommodations. These accommodations are made where hotels are not available like national parks, mountain areas, and desert areas. These contain basic amenities. They give unforgettable experiences. This is not best for a longer stay. 

21. Outdoor Lodge

Lodging accommodation falls into 3 distinct categories namely hotels, vocational rental, and outdoor lodging. This outdoor-focused hotel is the best option for adventurous travelers. These are RV sites, glamping tents, small cabins, campfire hotels, continuum hotels, around national parks, and mountain hotels. All these hotels are located at popular destinations.

I hope this article will be useful to you for selecting the lodge for you when on travel or holiday or trip.

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