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Palolem Beach In Goa – Information, Nightlife, Famous Water Sports, Best Hotels, And Locations

Palolem Beach is located in South Goa, India. The beach is famous for its vibrant nightlife as there are many clubs, bars, and beach sacks. It offers watersports activities like scuba, kayaking, dolphin watching, Butterfly Beach trekking, paragliding, and parasailing. There are many top-rated beach hotels and resorts for your stay. The beach is famous among foreign tourists.

This article includes information about Palolem Beach, nightlife, location, best beach hotels, resorts, and famous water sports played on the beach.   


Palolem Beach is a stretch of white sand on a bay in Goa, India. It is famous for its calm and peaceful vibes. The major highlights of the beach are beach shacks, souvenir shops, a dolphin cruise, and a clean shoreline. Palolem Beach is blessed with a tranquil environment and is surrounded by hills, and palm and coconut trees. 

It is one of the best beaches in South Goa, India.  The beach has white sand, and crystal-clear water, and is one of the most picturesque beaches in the state. It is the best place to view, scenery, parties, watersports, enjoyment, and relaxation. It is situated in Canacona in South Goa. The beach attracts many international tourists mainly during the winter season from November to March. It is famous among foreign tourists who flock here often.

There are many beach hotels, resorts, clubs, cottages, and bars on the beach side.

Nightlife Palolem Beach has a vibrant nightlife with beach sacks and parties to hang out and spend the night in bliss. There are many bars, hotels, resorts, shacks, places, and clubs for the entertainment of foreigners as well as locals.  These bars offer numerous DJs, music, cocktail, delicious food, and drinks.

Some of the famous clubs and bars on Palolem Beach are Alpha Club, Silent Noise Club, Leopard Valley, Smuggler’s Inn, Sundowner, Maya Sanctuary, Havana Cuba Bar and Restaurants, and Bella Kitchen. The Thar Bar – a recently opened bar is a very good bar on Palolem Beach.  One of the best night club near Palolem Beach for partying all night with friends is ALVOC. It is the most chilled place where all hippies gather together to enjoy the nightlife. Another name that becomes a legend among partygoers is Silent Noice Club.

15 Famous Water Sports At Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in south Goa. It is a very clean beach with a lot of water activities.  Palolem Beach has an exciting range of water sports activities. The famous water sports in Palolem Beach include scuba, kayaking, dolphin watching, fishing, paragliding, snorkeling, and boat riding. It is a crowded beach in Goa. It is one of the safe beach in Goa. 

1. Dolphin Trip– Palolem Beach is one of the best locations to enjoy dolphin sightseeing. Palolem beach trip dolphin trip south Goa is a 45-minute paid trip. The price includes a stopover at two small close-by islands. You can spot the friendly creature at a nominal price deep inside the secluded water of Palolem Beach.

2. Swimming- Palolem Beach is an excellent beach to swim. The water on the beach is safe for swimming. There are a few lifeguards on duty too to help you. The waters of Palolem Beach are blue and the sand is white. The sea at Palolem is calm, quiet, and warm which makes for greater swimming.

3. Fishing– Fishing is the top activity to do at Palolem Beach. Fishing is always happening all day along the cove of Palolem Beach. Palolem Beach and Palolem Village have long been known for their fishing. Private boats and charters go on full-day and half-day trips with tourists. Along with sea fishing, you will find river fishing in Goa. 

4. Kayaking– Adventure kayaking is a lovely sport in Palolem Beach. Kayaking in Palolem is very famous. You can rent a kayak from any shack or hut at a reasonable rate on an hourly basis. If you are a “water baby” then must experience kayaking in Palolem Beach. You can kayak your way into the sea and enjoy the astonishing sunset of Palolem Beach. 

5. Trekking To Butterfly Beach-  Butterfly Beach is the most secluded and lessor known beach in Goa. You can take a short trek from Palolem Beach to Reach there. This short trek is an adventure, a tough, steep climb, through the lush field and forest area. It requires two hours to reach there.  There you can rent a scooter, hire a boat, swim, and relax on the Butterfly Beach.

6. Scuba Diving– Palolem Beach is famous among foreign tourists who come here for water sports activities, particularly scuba diving. The cost of scuba diving is approximately INR 1200 per adult which includes pickup and drop, meal, and photography. Shanti Divers designed a special program for first-timers. Scuba diving gives the best experience of weightlessness and breathing underwater.

7. Paragliding– Paragliding at Palolem Beach is the best watersport activity. It is the best experience to view the beach and surrounding from different angles from the top height. The top paragliding services in Palolem are DK Tours and Travels, Group Deals, Patro Tourism, West Coast Holiday, Atlantis Watersports, Sai Palolem Adventure, and Yaagoa. 

8. Parasailing- Parasailing is a very famous sport at Palolem Beach. The combo packages include activities such as parasailing, and kayaking. The top parasailing organizers at Palolem Beach are Sufi Tour and Travels, Christ Watersports Sea Royale, Dream Adventure, Blue Adventure World, Lost Paradise, and West Coast Holiday.

9. Banana Boat Ride– It is a banana-shaped boat in bright yellow color that is used for riding in water. It is linked to the speed boat or steamboat and runs at astonishing speed. 4 to 6 people can seat on the boat at a time. Banana boat rides are a top tourist attraction in Palolem Beach.  Palolem Beach is the perfect place to enjoy the banana boat as the waters are gentle, perfect for beginners as well as experienced persons.  

10. Boat Ride Trip– There are many nice boat trips from Palolem Beach to Monkey Island, Butterfly Island, and Honey Moon Beach to explore the nearby shores. The boat trip is negotiable. You can spend some time taking part in the view of the ocean and clicking photos together with your family or friends. This trip gives the opportunity to explore the local culture and natural wonders. If you are lucky you will see the dolphins.

11. Windsurfing– Windsurfing is the top activity in Goa and Palolem Beach is the best place for surfing. All the equipment and surfing instructors at Palolem Beach are the best. Therefore, all travelers prefer windsurfing here. You can cruise through the waves with the help of windsurfer. Windsurfing is unique watersport which combines surfing and sailing together. 

12. Water Scooter Ride– The water scooter is a famous scooter adventure sport in Goa. Water scooter ride on the water of Palolem Beach is not last longer but definitely enjoy this thrilling ride on large ocean waves. The sea waves at Palolem Beach are very comfortable. The water scooter is available for rent here.

13. Paddling– Paddling is a sports activity that involves paddling a small boat. Palolem Beach is one of the best places for paddling the boat on the water. The water here is not too choppy. You can paddle the boat to the neighboring town and observe fishermen using old-fashioned nets to catch fish. 

14. Jet Ski– Jet Ski is a famous water resort in Palolem Beach. Jet skiing is very popular here. Jet Skiing is included in the packages and is completely time-based. The twin-jet speed boat is equipped to provide you with an unforgettable experience of sailing through rushing water. 

15. Snorkeling– Snorkeling is done at various beaches in Goa. It is a newly introduced activity here. The Arabian Sea is safe for it and people are interested in adventure. Snorkeling is made successful at Palolem Beach. You will be accompanied by the trained instructor. It is the best activity for watching the underwater world. You will forget the outside world.

Best Hotels And Resorts

There are many top hotels and beach resorts on Palolem Beach. Some of the top resorts at Palolem Beach are The Ark Comfort, 03 Beach Resort, Sunbath Beach Exotica, Palm Forest Resort, Marron Sea View Resort, magic World Palolem, Round Cube Palolem, The Tubki Resort, Rococo Pelton Beach Huts, Blue Lagoon Resort. The price of the resort changes according to the location, amenities, and facilities.  Before booking the resort check prices on different sites, and see the photos, reviews, and offers on booking.

Location – Palolem Beach is situated in Canacona in South Goa, India. The Madgaon railway station to Palolem Beach distance is 30 km by road. The distance between Panjim and Palolem Beach is 70 km.

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning a trip for water sports in Palolem Beach, Goa, India.

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