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What To Do In The Evening Desert Safari Dubai?

The top things to do in the Desert Safari Dubai are Camel Ride, BBQ Dinner, Belly Dancing, Fire Show, Tanoura dance, Quad Bike, Safari Tour, Henna Painting, Sandboarding, Dune Bashing, Shisha Smoking, and Sunset Watching.

1. Camel Ride

 A Camel Desert ride in Dubai is the most traditional way to explore the Dubai desert. If you are an adventure activity lover and looking for an unforgettable experience in Dubai, then Camel Safari is a must-do activity in Dubai. Dubai camel safari is the standard desert safari, but there is an option for longer camel rides also. Only you have to pay more money. The sunset time or evening time is the best time for a camel ride as there is no heat and you can watch the sunset in the desert.

There are many private desert safari organizers that offer camel safari. The best organizer for a camel safari in Dubai is Camel Riding Dubai, Dubai Desert Safari, Planet Tour, and Desert Safari Dubai – Adventure Ride Tourism LLC.  A short camel ride will let you experience the ancient nomads.

Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

2. BBQ Dinner – Dinner In The Desert

Barbeque Dinner at Desert Safari is a great experience. The diner is included in the Desert Safari Tour for the evening desert safari tour. No need to pay extra money. It is a fun activity of eating delicious Arabian food while watching the activities of dances. There are two sitting parts of dinner. One is general and another is special. For general dinner, you have to sit on the mats on the ground and have to stand in a long queue for dinner. For special categories, there are tables and chairs arranged for the guest below the roof, and no need to stand in a queue. But you have to pay more money for a special category.

There are many desert safari camps having BBQ.  The cost is very from camp to camp. You will get unlimited soft drinks and shisha smoking. To make your evening more enjoyable BBQ is a must. The menu for BBQ includes a buffet dinner with verities of veg and non-veg options including appetizers, a main course, and something sweet too like ice-creams.  You should not miss a special Arabic-style BBQ.

3. Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing, Fire Shows, and Tanoura Shows are live shows of dances in the sand dunes of Dubai. The belly dancer performs thrilling belly dances in Desert Safari Camp. This is a traditional dance form in which minimum clothes were worn by the dancer and the stomach area is exposed at the time of dancing. The dance performance is last for 20 to 30 minutes. This dance is performed by ladies in Dubai. Generally, two or more two ladies perform belly dance at a time. It is a great time to watch the belly dancing show in the time evening and take delicious food of BBQ. The belly dance performers are not from Dubai but from other countries.

Image by Huy Lê from Pixabay

4. Fire Show

The fire show at Dubai Desert Safari is another attraction in the evening time. The artist performs a breathtaking fire show in the darkness of night. The all lights were put off during this show. The fire show is the best choice for those who want to try the taste of what we can actually do. Dubai has a world-class selection of fire performers. It is an amazing fire show dance in desert safari. It looks like the artist playing with the fire and performing a dance during the fire show.     

Photo by Sarvaswa Tandon on Unsplash

5. Tanoura Show

Tanoura Dance Show- Tanoura dance show is an amazing Arabic dance show in Dubai Desert Safari camp. Originally, Tanoura is an Egyptian dance performed by a male artist. But nowadays, the Tanoura dance becomes one of the most loved dances in Dubai. The word “Tanoura “refers to the weighted skirt that the dancer wear. The performer will spin throughout the dance with great skill. You can also try this dance.  

Photo by Sarvaswa Tandon on Unsplash

6. Quad Bike

Quad biking is a fun-filled adventure of desert safari in Dubai. If you are interested in Quad biking, you can rent a Quad bike. Always remember quad biking is on the dunes and not on the smooth road. The evening quad biking is the best time as the atmosphere is not hot. This is an exciting ride on a rugged quad bike to the traditional Dubai desert experience, in addition to a camel ride and dune bashing. This is the best way to explore the desert terrain of Dubai on an ultimate desert safari with thrills. Quad biking is a self-drive ride at the red dunes of the Dubai desert. The tour of the Quad Bike includes half an hour and one hour to drive the quad bike drive.

Photo by Ravigopal Kesari on Unsplash

7. Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai is a thrilling tour that offers an awesome opportunity to explore and enjoy the mysterious beauty of Dubai’s Desert. Desert safari in Dubai includes a number of fun activities like camel rides, dunes, and sandboarding. Safari is conducted during the morning, evening, and overnight. Safaris conducted during the night and evening may have packages.  These packages include camel riding, Sand Boarding, Henna Painting, Shisha, and a Live BBQ dinner buffet. Evening desert safari offers a complete experience of world-class Arabic Tradition.  To visit the desert safari ticket is required. You can book the ticket for Dafari online or through a travel agent in Dubai. There are many travel agents who make arrangements for transport and ticket booking for safaris. Some travel agent offers deals on safari ticket booking so you will get the ticket at a lower cost.

The main attraction of the desert safari is belly dance and BBQ. The cost of the desert safari in Dubai will be anywhere between 480 to 880 ARD.

Photo by Sarbjit Singh on Unsplash

8. Henna Painting

Henna Painting You can get a henna tattoo in the desert safari camp. The painter in the camp makes a tattoo on your hand, arm, or feet. Special henna herbs are used for a simple henna design on your body in desert camp. Henna painting is an interesting activity for ladies on a desert safari tour. Henna painting is a tradition in most Islamic and Arabic countries. The people in these countries use Henna paste as a replacement for tattoos.  The tour of the desert safari is not complete without doing the henna painting for ladies.     

Image by Nawal Escape from Pixabay

9. Sandboarding

Sandboarding is a desert sport. Sandboarding in Dubai is an adventure sports activity for all ages people. This solo adventure sport is a part of the Dubai Desert safari. You will get the experience of sliding down sand dunes on a board. There are many best places for sandboarding in Dubai. Some of the best places for sandboarding in Dubai are The Lahbab Desert, AL Faya Desert, AI Badayer, AI Qudra, and Fossil Rock. Desert Safari Tour offers sandboarding in its packages. Be careful at the time of sandboarding because the height of the dunes and the loose powdery sand makes injury.

10. Dune Bashing Desert Safari

Dune Bashing or sand Bashing is basically a 4×4 jeep drive over sand with high speed. The air pressure in the tire is reduced to get more traction on the sand. It is 30 to 40 minutes ride. The trained driver takes you to a particular point on the dunes. There you can get down from the jeep and do some fun activities like walking on the sand, making photos, videos, and watching the sunset. You can

Dune Bashing is a leading Dubai-based tour company that offers exciting and adventurous desert tours to travelers from all over the world. The expert guide and drivers take you on a thrilling ride through the majestic dunes of Dubai’s desert. It provides an unforgettable experience that is both safe and fun. This sport is allowed for all aged people. If you are an adventure lover then dune bashing is definitely worth considering for you.

Photo by Vishnu MAS on Unsplash

11. Shisha Smoking

The hookah pipes are locally referred to as Shisha. They are filled with moist fruit-flavored tobacco. It is allowed in Dubai. The Dubai Desert safari camps offer you shisha smoking.  and You can enjoy shisha smoking in Dubai during the desert safari.  You can enjoy a night under the star with shisha and hookah on the Dubai Desert safari. You can smoke while watching the belly dance, fire show, and Tanoura dance. The shisha is arranged on your table. It is a great experience of smoking shisha in the Dubai Desert. Shisha smoking in Dubai is a pleasurable activity that makes you feel like an Arabian.

Photo by Cachimberos on Unsplash

12. Sunset watching

The evening tour of Desert Safari Dubai offers a magnificent view of the sunset. The view of the sunset behind the sand dunes is something enchanting. You can see the sun is setting slowly at the time of night begins. The color of the complete atmosphere changes into golden colors. The color of the dunes becomes more bright. This is one of the reasons people choose a desert safari over sunset.  Sunset time is the best time to explore the beauty of the sand dunes. The evening Desert Safari Dubai tour is more crowded to witness stunning sunsets over the sand dunes while enjoying other activities like BBQ, belly dance, and a fire show. 

Photo by Ajit Sandhu on Unsplash

13. Red Dunes

There are many red dunes in Dubai. Dubai is famous for its large sizes of red dunes that you will not see in other countries of the world. The big sizes and dunes offer the perfect opportunity for adventure sports like sandboarding, camel ride, and Quad Biking. Along with the sports it offers Arabian culture of different types of dance shows, heritage, and hospitality. There are many fun activities arranged for the tourist. It is one of the multiple places for sports. You can enjoy the exciting desert safari across the red dunes of Dubai.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

14. Buggy Ride

Buggy Ride in Dubai is a lifetime experience through the desert with stunning potential. The dune Buggies are safe and rides are safe and easy to use. You can get buggies on rent with trained staff, helmets, and goggles. It is a self-drive tour.  It is a 60 and 120 minutes ride. The costs of the 60 min and 120 min are different. You will feel the thrill while driving a buggy through the dunes of Dubai.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I hope this information will be useful to you for planning, and watching things in the evening at Desert Safari Dubai Tour.

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