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Dubai Gold Souk – Shop List, Online, Cheap, Real, Timing, How To Reach, What To Do

Dubai Gold Souk offers online buying of gold and ornaments. The shop list contains more than 400 retailers. The gold in Dubai is cheaper and real. The best time to visit is from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. You can reach the souk by metro. The nearest metro station is AI Ras on the Green Line. The things to do in Gold Souk include purchasing of gold, silver, platinum, pearls, and precise stones. It is the best place for shopping.

This article will provide information on What is Dubai Gold Souk, whether Is it real, what to do there, what to purchase, the list of popular shops, the timing of the souk, its location, and how to reach there by metro. 

What Is Gold Souk In Dubai?

Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional market in Dubai. The souk consists of more than 400 retailers. The majority of the shops are of gold jewelry. The gold in the souk is of different carats, designs, and weights. Along with the gold, there are precious stones, strings of pearls, platinum, and silver. The gold souk in Dubai is supposed to be the world’s largest gold market. You can bargain at the time of gold purchasing and buy at a lower cost.

Is Gold Soup Dubai Cheap?

Buying gold jewelry in Dubai is cheaper. One of the reasons to visit Dubai is gold in the Gold Souk market is cheap as compared to other countries. The main reason behind this is that Dubai has no taxes on gold. Due to the exclusion of taxes prices for gold in Dubai have always been cheaper as the customer has to only pay the cost of gold jewelry. Especially when you compared gold prices in India are 12 to 15 % higher due to the high customs duty in India.

What To Do In Gold Souk In Dubai?

Gold Souk in Dubai is the largest and biggest gold market in the world. There are varieties of ornaments from small to large one. The Gold is available in different types of carats so you can buy according to your budget. Along with the gold you can purchase precise stones, pearls, platinum, and silver. The gold is cheaper. So it is the best place to purchase gold.  There is no limit on purchase quantity. It is not necessary necessarily to purchase gold. But visit the gold souk to see the largest gold market in the world. It is a famous tourist spot in Dubai. It is the most visited place in Dubai. 

Is Dubai Gold Souk Real?

The majority of the god buyers have one question in mind. Is Dubai Gold Souk Real?   It is a fair concern for the buyers to worry about the quality of the gold. It is one of the oldest traditional markets and gold is real. All gold items sold by jewelers are regulated by the government which ensures the authenticity of any gold items sold in Dubai. Therefore, it is one of the largest selling markets of gold in the world. You can buy gold from Dubai from Gold Souk Market.

Opening Hours – Timing

Gold Souk Dubai is open 7 days a week. The timing varies from shop to shop. The majority of the shops are open from 10 am to 10 pm. It is the best time to visit the souk. However, on Friday, the market is open from 4.00 pm after afternoon prayer to 10.00 pm. The market is intensely crowded in the time of evening. The gold souk market is free for all guests. No entry fee is required.

Dubai Gold Souk Online Shopping

Can I buy the gold online from Dubai? Many people face that problem in their minds. You can buy gold online from the Dubai Gold Souk market. There are many famous online gold jewelry stores that sell gold online. Taiba Dubai gold jewelry online store offers fashionable 21k and 18k gold jewelry. The famous online gold stores in Dubai are Kanz Jewelers, Royal Dubai Jewelers, My Gold Souq, Dubai Online, Esty Jewelers, and The Gold Souq. All these online suppliers sell different types of ornaments like rings, fancy jewelry, diamond and gold jewelry, gold Studs, fancy gold pendants, plain gold sets, men’s plain gold chains,     

Dubai Gold Souk Shops?

Dubai Gold Souk market has more than 400 retail shops. Then it becomes difficult where to buy gold particularly when you visit the souk first time in Dubai. For your convenience here is the list of popular god shops in Dubai Gold Souk.

List Of 10 Most popular gold shops in the Gold Souk

Joyalukkas Jewelry, Malabar Gold and Diamond, Pure Gold Jewelers, Damiani, Kanz Jewelers, Rosella Jewelers, KYARA, Mahallati Jewelers, Damas Jewelers, and Khushi Jewelers

What To Buy In Dubai Gold Souk Market?

The Gold Souk market in Dubai is the largest market for gold, silver, diamond, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and some precise stones. It is the best place to buy jewelry and ornaments with tiny souvenirs. There you will see a wide variety of gold watches, earrings, neckless, bracelets, rings, bridal jewelry, religious figurine, and sculptures. Always bargain on the price at the time of purchase, get a discount, and purchase at a cheap cost. There you will witness a huge selection of all jewelry from hundreds of retailers.

Location And How To Go TO Dubai Gold Souk Market?

Gold Souk is located in Dubai’s commercial business district in Deira. This area is in Old Dubai. The nearest metro to the Gold Souk is AI Ras Station. You can board from the metro stations which are located on the green line and get down at AI Ras Station. From AI Ras station walk to Gold Souk market. 

I hope this article will be useful to you for buying gold from Gold Souk Market Dubai

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