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Dhanaulti – 10 Best Places To Visit, Weather, Hotels, And How To Reach

Places to see in Dhanaulti are Surkanda Devi Temple, Tehri Dam, Eco Park, Kanatal, Kaudia Forest, Chamba, Paragliding, Apple Orchid Resort, Camp Home, and Countryside Villa. The best weather in Dhanaulti is in April, May, and June. The nearest airport to Dhanaulti is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun at a distance of 83 km. There are many luxurious hotels in Dhanaulti for your stay. November, December, and January is the snowfall time in Dhanaulti.  Dhanaulti is worth visiting place. 


Dhanaulti is a town in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is famous as a hill station with pleasant weather throughout the year. There are many places in Dhanaulti and nearby for sightseeing and adventure activities. It is worth place to visit. Dhanaulti is located at an altitude of 2250 meters from sea level. It is far away from crowded busy marketplaces and pollution. Dhanaulti is famous for its scenic landscape and natural beauty. This offbeat destination in Uttarakhand is the best place for relaxing and a holiday. It is a fast-emerging gem among the other travel destination in Uttarakhand.

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Is Dhanaulti Worth Visiting Place?

Dhanaulti is the best place for leisure, adventure, and sports activities. Dhanaulti is blessed with snow-capped, mountains, greenery, towering hills, stunning views, pleasant atmosphere. Tehri Dam, Kantara, and Chamba are the nearby hill stations to Dhanaulti. It is easy to reach by road, train, and air. It has a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year and many hotels in Dhanaulti make it worth visiting.

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When Snow Fall In Dhanaulti?

November, December, January, and February is the winter season in Dhanaulti.  During the months the temperature in Dhanaulti goes down to 2o at night and the maximum day temperature reaches 10o. Snowfall occurs in Dhanaulti in the month of November, December, January, and February. During the winter season, Dhanaulti is covered with snow and looks beautiful. If you are snow lovers then the winter season is the best for you.

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Best Places To Visit In Dhanaulti

1. Surkanda Devi Temple

Surkanda Devi Temple is a Hindu temple near Kanatal in Uttarakhand state of India. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It is located at an altitude of 2756 meters from sea level and offers a 360o view of the surrounding region along with the snow-covered Himalayan Peak. Being at a high altitude the temperature it has a low temperature of between -7o to 10o.  The temple is famous for its architecture and location.  Surkanda Devi Temple has a trek of 2 km from the village of Kaddukhal. The Uttarakhand Government has built a ropeway and hence one can avoid strenuous trek to reach the temple. The time of the temple is from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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2. Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in India and the 12th tallest dam in the world with a height of 260.5 meters. The dam is located in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand state of India. The dam was constructed on the River Bhagirathi. It is a popular tourist attraction in Uttarakhand State because it offers many water sports and adventure tourism to the tourist. Tehri Dam creates a reservoir of 4.0 cubic km about 3,200,000 acre-feet with a surface area of 52 square kilometers. The temperature at the dam ranges between -10o to 10o. At night the temperature becomes extremely low.

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3. Dhanaulti Eco Park

Dhanaulti Eco Park is a new park developed by the forest department of Uttarakhand. It is a picnic spot and is most popular among the tourist visiting Dhanaulti. It consists of a wetland, grassland, urban theme garden, and open space. It is spread over 480 acres of land with 104 water bodies. It is an amazing place for adventure lovers as there are adventure sports like sky walking, flying fox, and rock climbing. The time of the park is from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. The entry fee to the park is INR 15 for adults and INR 10 for children. September to June is the best time to visit Eco Park as the weather is pleasant and cool.

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4. Kanatal

Kanatal is an offbeat hill station in the state of Uttarakhand state of India. It is famous for its pristine beauty and adventure activity. The distance between Dhanaulti and Kanatal by road is 56 km, 78 km from Dehradun, and 12 km from Chamba. It is located at an altitude of 2590 meters from sea level. Kanatal is famous for its beauty. It is the best place for activities like camping, trekking, rock climbing, nature walk, and snowfall in winter. There are many luxurious hotels and resorts for your accommodation.

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5. Kaudia Forest

Kaudia Forest is a very nice jungle picnic spot and is popular for hiking in Kanatal. Kaudia Forest is a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. It is a very nice picnic spot. A level walk of 6 km almost 1 km from Enroot Chamba. The trek shows dense forest opening into the vast expanse of undulating hills and valleys. A walk through the Kaudia jungle one of the well-preserved attractions in Kanatal is bound to enthrall you with its natural bounties. Safari in Kodia forest and spotting wildlife are among the most exciting things to do in Kanatal. You can stay in the best luxury camping in Kanatal Uttarakhand.  

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6. Chamba

Chamba is a town in the Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is the loveliest valley in Himachal Pradesh. It has scenic attractions, sparkling streams, primeval lakes, and meadows. It is located at an elevation of 1006 meters above sea level. The things to do in Chamba are to see Bhuri Singh Museum, Champavati Temple, and Sui Mata Mandir. Chamba has pleasant temperatures and weather throughout the year. Summer is the best season to visit Chamba. The distance between Chamba to Dhanaulti is 587 km by road. Dhanaulti and Chamba can be done in one day from Mussoorie.

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7. Dhanaulti Para Gliding Places

Dhanaulti offers the best outdoor adventure activities. It is the best place for paragliding sport. It is the best place for travelers who like to perform, play, and ride. Paragliding in Dhanaulti is a lifetime experience where you can float over the green land and watch the spectacular bounteous landscape. The best spot for paragliding in Dhanaulti are Surkhanda Devi Temple, Matatila Dam, Deogarh Fort, Camp Thangdhar, Potato Far, Apple Orchid Resort, Tehri Dam, and Eco Park.

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8. Apple Orchid Resort

Apple Orchid Resort is a 3-star hotel in Dhanaulti situated in the lap of the beautiful Himalayas. It is big property spread over 100 acres. You can enjoy verdant mountains and beautiful views from the comfort of your room. The resort is very close to Surkanda Devi temple at 6.5 km. Here, you will get peace, tranquility, and a view of the mountains. It is the best option for travelers looking out for a resort in Dhanaulti.

9. Dhanaulti Camp Home And Nature Resort

Dhanaulti Camp Home And Nature Resort is a very popular place in Dhanaulti. This place is located in the presence of nature. It is located at Phidogi, 121, Eco Park, Dhanaulti. It is a very popular place in the best area of Dhanaulti. It is surrounded by apple trees with flora and fauna.  It offers a garden and pet-friendly accommodations in Dhanaulti. It is one of the best places for accommodation, relaxation, and cooling in the beautiful weather of the Himalayan ranges in Dhanaulti. Advance booking is available on major hotel booking sites.

10. Countryside Villa

Countryside Villa is a hotel in Dhanaulti. It is heaven in Dhanaulti with awesome food, a great host, polite staff, a homely stay, and a great location. It is a five-minute drive from Dhanaulti’s main market, Surkunda Devi temple, and Eco Park. It is located at 8200 feet from sea level at Chamba – Mussoorie road. It is one of the highly recommended villas by the previous guest. The advance booking of the villa is available on major online hotel booking sites. 

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Weather and Temperature in Dhanaulti

The best time to visit Dhanaulti is April, May, and June. The minimum and maximum temperature in April ranges between 10o to 26o. May has a slightly higher temperature than April between 13o to 28o. November, December, January, and February are winter season months. Sometimes it is snowfall time. August to September are monsoon times in Dhanaulti. It is better to avoid Dhanaulti in the monsoon due to heavy rain.

Hotels In Dhanaulti

There are many different types of hotels in Dhanaulti for your accommodation. Some of the famous hotels in Dhanaulti are Hotel Groove Garden, Sunrise Resort, Glamwood Resort, Viewtoria Resort, Club Mahindra, Mountilla Resort,  and Royal Residency.  The best luxury hotels in Dhanaulti are The Goat Village, Nag Tibba, Serene Bungalow, Barefoot Bungalow, and Pinewood Cottage. The prices of the hotel are from INR 1000 to INR  22000 per night. Advance online hotel booking is available on major hotel booking sites.

How To Reach Dhanaulti

The best option to reach Dhanaulti is by train from Delhi to Dehradun and then by road to Dhanaulti. Dehradun is the nearest railway station to Dhanaulti that has regular trains from all over the country. From Dehradun to Dhanaulti regular buses, and taxis are available. Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Dehradun at a distance of 83 km. Delhi to Dehradun overnight buses are the other and easiest option to reach Dhanaulti.

The distance between Dhanaulti and Dehradun is 66 km. The distance between Rishikesh to Dhanaulti is 79km. The distance between Mussoorie to Dhanaulti is 42 km. The distance between Landour to Dhanaulti is 42 km.  

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