Dubai Garden Glow –All you know about Parks, Ticket, Timing, Offers, and Metro Stations

Dubai Garden Glow has four parks – Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and Magic Park. The timing of the Dubai Garden Glow is from 5 pm to 11 pm on Sunday to Friday. The online cost of the ticket is AED 70 per person. There are many offers, deals, and discounts on online ticket purchases.The nearest metro station to Dubai Garden Glow is Al Jafilia at a distance of 1282 meters. The best time to visit Dubai Garden Glow is at dusk.

Dubai is a top tourist destination in the world. There are many attractions for the tourist. Dubai Garden Glow is one of them. This article includes information about the Dubai Garden Glow, four parks, timing, tickets, deals, offers, discounts, and nearest metro stations.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is a unique theme park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  It is the largest theme park in the world with concepts that are not created elsewhere. Dubai Garden Glow is the perfect family destination for everyone visiting Dubai. It is made from more than 10 million LED Lights of Recyclable materials. It is first world’s first unique glow theme park. There are 28 odd exhibits and 3D artwork to create an amazing optical illusion. It is spread over acres of land within Zabeel Park.

Dubai Garden Glow Parks

Dubai Garden Glow is divided into four different parks namely – Dinosaur Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and Magic Park. All parks have their unique identity and attractions. The names and information about the parks are listed below

1. Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park in Dubai is the biggest dinosaur park in the world. It is the largest outdoor with prehistoric creatures that move and roar. There are dinosaurs from three periods – Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. The park has more than 120 Animatronic dinosaurs. It is a great attraction for kids and older also. The entrance fee for Dinosaur Park is included in the Dubai Garden Glow fee and no separate fee is required.

2. Art Park

Art Park creates a unique platform for Dubai Garden Glow to display distinctiveness and imagination in the form of several creations. The whimsical flowers and animal displays are constructed out of handmade colorful lights. Inside the Art park, you will feel like another world when compared with scorching temperatures of Dubai. No separate fee is required for Art Park it included at the entrance fee of  Dubai Garden Glow.

3. Ice Park

The ice park is a magnificent section of Dubai Garden Glow with several magical sculptures made of ice with precision and care. It is a beautiful amalgamation of art and wildlife shown together. Ticket for the ice park cost an additional AED 40 and can only be brought once you arrive at the attraction. The entry fee to Ice Park is not included in Dubai Garden Glow.

4. Magic Park

Magic Park is a creative collection of mind-blogging optical illusions created with scientific and artistic tools. It is a world of mesmerizing optical illusion utilized in visual art. This is a unique art that used the geometric form to create a hypnotic optical effect. There are more than 25 fun exhibits and 3D artwork. Visit the Magic Park is a very unique experience.


The timing of the Dubai Garden Glow is from 5 pm to 11 pm from Sunday to Friday. Timing for Saturday and National Holidays is from 5 pm to 12 midnight. The time required to visit Dubai Garden Glow is approximately 3 hours if you walk around the entire park thoroughly. You can enjoy all attractions housed within four different sections that the park has been divided.


An entry ticket is required to visit the Dubai Garden Glow. You can purchase the ticket on the spot or you can book the ticket online. There are many online sites that sell entry tickets for Dubai Garden Glow. The cost of the ticket is AED 70 including the 5% VAT per person. Any person above 3 years needs to buy tickets. These tickets include entry to Dinosaur Park, Glow Park, and Art Park. The cost of the Ice Park is not included in the ticket.

Best Ticket Offers, Deals, and Discounts

There are some online ticket booking sites that offer deals and discounts on purchasing tickets. These sites are Thrillophilia,,, Kidzapp, and Groupon. The deals and offers are in the form of best price, coupon code, and discount code. By offering these deals and offers you can save money from 17 % to 70 %. By doing some homework you will get the tickets at a cheap price. Tickets are open-dated. Tickets can be used on the same day or separate day.  

Best Time To Visit Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is worth visiting at any time during Glow Garden timing. But visiting during dusk can be more beautiful. Take your ID proof with you as it is mandatory. No outside food or eatable is allowed inside the park.  The garden will glow so brightly in the evening

How To Go There – Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station to Dubai Garden Glow is Sharaf Dg Metro Station. Another nearest metro station to Dubai Garden Glow is Al Jafilia Metro Station at a distance of 1282 meters. From these metro stations, you can take a taxi to reach Dubai Garden Glow. Dubai Garden Glow is located at Zabeel Park, Gate No. 6 & 7, Area B, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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