Hotel Star Rating:  System, Pricing Trend And Difference

There are different hotels star rating like one-star, two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star, seven-star, and diamond. Star rating of hotels depend on the amenities offered by the hotel to the guest. The pricing trend of hotels is depending on awarded star. The greater number of stars corresponds to the increasing number of luxury and naturally bigger price. This article will describe the types of star hotels, its amenities, pricing trend, and difference between them.

Star Rating Hotel System

Star hotel rating system is an internationally accepted measures of quality, cleanliness and standard of the hotel. This system accepted in many countries like UK, India, USA, Europe, Canada, Spain, Ireland, and India.  Star rating is awarded to hotel, motel, serviced apartments, self-catering, hostel accommodation, and caravan holiday park. The star rating generally run from one to five. But now a day there are some additional star rating hotels like seven star and diamond rating hotels.  The greater number of star corresponds to the increasing sense of luxurious amenities. The higher the star rating more is the expect from hotel. However, in Europe hotels uses maximum four star, as compared to American five star.

How The Ratings of Hotel Awarded?

Hotel ratings are awarded on the basis of amenities offered by the hotel to the customer. For example, one-star hotel offers basic amenities like bathroom, bed, kitchen and parking.  Two stat hotel has more amenities like living, food, and dining. Five-star hotel offers luxurious amenities like interior decoration and family service. Hotel star rating is an independent grading that helps the guest what they can expect from the hotel. It evaluates the features and amenities available in the hotel.

What Is Difference Between 3 Star, 4 Star, And 5 Star Hotel?

The basic difference between three star and five star hotels are amenities and services provides by the hotels. Three-star hotels generally have some unique amenities and provide quality services. Three star hotels are more stylish and comfortable than one and two-star hotels. They offer wider range of serves and amenities like fitness center, business services, conference room, valet services, and on-site restaurants. Four-star hotel hotels are noted for their extraordinary higher level of luxurious preconized services, vast range of amenities, and sophisticated accommodations.

One Star Rating Hotel

One-star hotel rating often mean property that has no frills, and only offers basic accommodations. Do not misunderstood that one-star hotels are dirty, unkept or in bad conditions. It simply means you will have a place to sleep with basic facilities like bed and clean sheet. The amenities for one-stat hotel may include basic room options, shared bathrooms, parking, kitchen, and view.  It is the simply place to rest your body for the night. Also the room size of one-star hotel is smaller.

Highest Rating Hotels In The World

Generally, hotels are awarded the rating from 0ne star to five star. But now a day there are higher level of star rating hotels in the world. The seven-star hotels. Some of the best seven-star hotels in the world areThe Burj Al Arab in Dubai UAE, Emirate palace in Abu Dhabi, Town House Galleria in Milan, Laucala Island Fiji, The Mark Hotel in New York, Taj Falaknuma in Hyderabad in India, Signiel in Seoul, Mardan Palce in Turkey, and COMO Laucala Island. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in UAE is one of the most expensive hotel in the world. It is the number one hotel in the world.

Prices Trend of Star Hotels

The prices of hotels are depending on the star rating of the hotels. The one-star hotel has the lowest price per night whereas 5-star hotel has highest price per night. That was because of the facilities available, comfortless and luxuriousness. You can see the prices of all types of hotel on online hotel booking sites. The best 5-star hotels in India are The Lalit New Delhi, The oberoi Group, The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, and ITC Hotels. All these hotels have highest rate of price. The business man, bearcats, and foreign tourist prefers 5-star hotels. In India one-star hotels are available at INR 3500 where are 5-star hotels are available for INR 52,000 in Mumbai.

Diamond Rating Hotels- AAA Rating

Diamond rating are awarded for hotel and restaurants that pass the inspection designated as AAA inspected and approved. This indicates that hotel are clean, and comfortable place to stay and dine. Diamond rating is more than a typical rating system. It is the type of experience that property offers so you can choose the right hotel.  Hotel receives diamond rating to help customer to identify standard and level of service without having to see the hotel for themselves. The diamond rating is from one to five.

Advantage Of star rating Hotel

The advantage of star rating hotel help customer to make the judgment about the quality and the level of service they can expect from the hotel. It is also the symbol of prestige, richness, social and economic level of the guest. The higher star rating hotels are preferred by rich people in the society. They can bear the higher prices.  Achieving good star hotel rating is also a key part of their marketing strategy. Living in 5-star hotel is considered to be extremely prestigious within the industry.

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