Burj Al Arab Inside Tour, Hotel In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Guided tour to Iconic Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai. The iconic hotel is a famous landmark in Dubai. The hotel arranges a guided tour for the visitors. To know about what is inside the hotel, its richness, decoration, furniture, designs, and tea with cappuccino go inside the hotel and watch its luxury standard. I visited this hotel recently and want to write the information about the guided tour of the hotel so that you will get the information.

About Hotel The Burj Al Arab

Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the only 7-star hotel in the world. Undoubtedly Burj Al Arab is a famous tourist destination and landmark in Dubai. It is a symbol of Arabian hospitality and richness. Burj Al Arab is located on an artificial island 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach. The hotel is connected to the mainland by a carving bridge. It is one of the third tallest buildings in the world and one of the most expensive hotels.  The shape of the structures is designated to the Sail of a ship. The hotel has a helipad near the roof made for the customers.

Cost To Go Inside Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a private resort. It is restricted to the guest who books the hotel. Therefore, you cannot go inside the hotel unless you booked the guided tour inside the hotel. The camera is allowed inside the Burj Al Arab to take photos. The photos in the lobby area of the hotel are not allowed because of trouble to the guest arriving at the hotel. The tour cost per person with the group cost AED 369 per visitor. Nearly there is a group of 15 visitors.  If you want to purchase tea, coffee, lunch, dinner, juice, or any other thing you have to pay extra.

Image by Werner Satzger from Pixabay

Guided Tour Package

The guided tour package inside the Burj Al Arab takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, you can visit different parts of the hotel as per the allowed area for visitors. Remember complete hotel area is not allowed for visitors. The package consists of 15 people at a time. You will have to accumulate in that group. The visiting hours start from 9.30 daily. After entering the hotel explore the world’s 7-star hotels.

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At The Reception

You have to visit the reception counter of the hotel and have to show the booking confirmation. After that, the hotel issues an I card which you have to carry on your body throughout the tour. The staff at the counter asks for any extra purchases like tea, coffee, or juice. For that, you have to pay extra charges. I purchased one tea in a golden cup. My wife purchases one juice. The tea was very costly. But I thought that I came here the first time and will never come again. The money was not for the tea but for the name of hospitality number one number in the world.

After completing these formalities, the staff arranges a buggy for you which carries you to the hotel entrance.

Buggy Ride

The buggy ride was a new and amazing experience. It is battery operated vehicle. The buggy goes up to the entrance of the Burj Al Arab. It runs through the narrow road along the wall of the hotel. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach the dropping point of the hotel. The Buggy drop at the carving bridge connecting the hotel to the island and land. 

The Carving Bridge

The carving bridge is amazing that connects the hotel and the mainland. From this point, you can see the amazing building very closely. There is a photo shoot point. They insert the photo along with the amazing hotel. But you have to pay extra money. As you walk over the carving bridge you will see the island is on both sides of the bridge.  You will witness the fun activities on the island like boating, swimming, surfing, sunbathing, walking, and relaxing. From the carving bridge, you can take a full photo of the Burj Al Arab. This is the best place for taking a photo of Burj Al Arab closely for the complete building and remembering it forever. 

At The Lobby Of The Hotel

Then as we enter the waiting room of the hotel, the staff welcomed the guest and offered rose water on the hand and cloth to clean our hands. Then he gave some information and instruction about the tour. The lobby area was huge with a water fountain, colored carpet, luxurious flowering, and different colored glasses. The height of the lobby was very high. The first time I saw such a big and amazing infrastructure. Photos are not allowed in the lobby. But as you move on the accelerator you can take a photo of the lobby.

Image by atimedia from Pixabay

The island

The island is completely artificial. It is a man-made island. You will not feel it is artificial unless somebody told you. The Building Burj Al Arab is on an artificial island. The carving bridge connects the land and the hotel. Along with the hotel the island has boating, swimming, surfing, and sunbathing facilities for the customer living in the hotel. Visit the island is not part of a guided tour. You are not supposing go to the island.

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At The 25th   Flower.

The glass elevator takes to you the 25th floor of the Burj Al Arab. From there you can see the dazzling view of Dubai, the northern coastline, the island, and the towering Burj Khalifa. The staff offered dates and Arabic coffee to all guests on arrival. You are allowed to visit only the 24th and 25th flowers. You can see the Luxurious Royal suits, amazing rotating beds, bathrooms, and marble tubs. The majority of the things in the hotel are made from 24 caters gold. The furniture, dining table, curtains, everything is superb. Beyond imagination. It is a must-visit hotel once in your life.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Tea With Gold Cappuccino

Customer who purchases coffee, tea, or juice can enter the cafeteria which is out on the shore of the island. It is a beautiful open space area. The staff serves tea, coffee, or juice in the gold-plated cup. If you are feeling hot atmosphere the staff arranges umbrella so that you will comfortable. This is the best place for relaxing, enjoying, and feeling rich yourself. After finishing the tea, you can leave the hotel. There is no restriction on time to sit in the cafeteria. I enjoyed my Tour and Coffee with a gold Cappuccino. Here is the end of your guided tour.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I hope this information will be useful to you.

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