List of Hotel Amenities –  25 Amenities You Expect at Luxury Hotel

The list of most popular hotel amenities includes a pet-friendly hotel, Room Jacuzzi, sleep, swimming pool, hot tub, breakfast, toiletries, bar, parking, restaurant, spa, free Wi-Fi, and electric vehicle charge center. The amenities of the hotel are endless. The amenities included in the article should be stocked in all rooms. These hotel amenities are essential to the guest and to woo the guest. While booking the hotel you should consider these amenities.  

List of Most Popular and Important Hotel Amenities

1. Pet Friendly

Pet-friendly hotels are hotels that allow pets in the hotel. All the hotels are not pet-friendly but limited hotels are pet friendly. This type of hotel is the first preference of travelers who travel with their pets. Some online hotel booking sites offers pet-friendly hotels across the world. The benefit of pet-friendly hotels is that your hotel becomes a brand name in the hospitality industry. Pet-friendly destinations in India are Goa, Ooty, Kerala, Mussorie, Manali, Chandigarh, Nainital, Udaipur, Pune, and Karnataka.

2. Room Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi is a large circular bath that is fitted with the device that makes the water move around. The luxury hotels offer a Jacuzzi in every bathroom. Travelers prefer a hotel with a Jacuzzi because after a busy day scheduled Jacuzzi is the best place to relax. The hot moving water used for soaking, relaxation, massages, and hydrotherapy. Many online hotel booking sites show hotels with Jacuzzis around the world.

3. Sleep

Sleep is the hottest new amenity at the hotel.  Many hotels have advertised better sleep as a selling point to guests. The sleep-focused amenities include Linen, blackout shades, a bed, and a pillow of good quality. To stay competitive in the hospitality industry most hotels have replaced luxurious and high-quality mattresses and bedding. To satisfy business travelers hotel management offers various types of stylish beds including soft or firm mattresses. Very luxurious hotels offer hypnotherapy and calming tea for better sleep for the guest.

4. Swimming pool

The swimming pool in the hotel is a place for fun, relaxation, and entertainment for guests. Swimming can be enjoyed by both adults and children. The swimming pool is a leisure activity for the guest.  The additional features such as water sliders create a thrilling experience for the guest. The most luxurious hotel swimming pool in the world with gorgeous design and advanced features takes an afternoon swim to another level. Some of the major online hotel booking sites offer a hotel with a swimming pool.

5. Hot Tub

The hot tub in the hotel is a luxurious amenity. The hot tub is a large tub full of water. The hot tub is used for hydrotherapy, relaxation, and pleasure. Many hotels across the world offer hot tubs so that the guest can spend romantic time in the hot tub with a partner. Each luxury suite in the hotel provides an oversized hot tub. Many online sites have a great selection of hotels with hot tubs.

6. Continual Breakfast

Continual Breakfast is a light morning meal. It may include baked goods, jams, fruits, coffee, or any different items. Guests leaving in the hotel give their first preference to breakfast. Continual Breakfast provides added value for your hotel or lodge. The morning breakfast attracts more guests and fills vacant rooms. So every hotel should offer continual breakfast to the guest. Nowadays most mid to luxurious hotels prefer serving breakfast free of cost.

7. Toiletries

Toiletries are the specific bathroom amenities such as bath gel, shampoo, facewash, moisturizer, toothbrush/toothpaste, floss, deodorant, comb, nail clippers, conditioner, and towels. The list is too long and may include more items. The travelers expect that these toiletries must be provided by the hotel. To attract more guests this is necessary.  Some hotels provide all toiletries or partly or none of these. But Luxurious hotels provide the majority of the toiletries. Before booking the hotel rooms check the toiletries travel checklist and bathroom essential

8. Bar

A bar is a place for buying and drinking alcohol. There are 6 different types of bars in the hotel. These are Pubs, Longue Bar, Wine Bar, Cocktail Bar, Banquet Bar, and Dispense Bar. The main function of the bar is to serve the alcoholic drink with appropriate glassware according to the customer’s preference. It is also a place for social gatherings, enjoyment, and relaxation. The guest in the hotel like all these things. The majority of hotels in different cities across the world have bars.

9. Parking

Parking is an essential guest service. The majority of the hotels provide free parking as an amenity to their customer staying in the hotel. However, some hotels do not provide free parking to their guest and have to bear the charges. The advantage of booking parking is space provides unlimited access to the car park during the stay.  At the time of booking the hotels ensure that parking is free or paid. Many hotel booking sites such as Airbnb is offering free car parking.

10. Restaurant

The restaurant prepares and serves food, and drinks to the guest. Guest prefers a spacious, clean, and hygienic restaurant with a nice ambiance. The guest prefers to take the meal in the restaurant of the hotel.  Guests like home-style food and many delectable cuisines. If the restaurant is in the hotel, then guest has no need to go out, and spend time for the search of the restaurant. Along with these, the staff should be very courteous and friendly.  

11. Room Service

Room service is one of the most important foods and beverage departments of the hotel. Room service in hotels allows guests to order food and drink in their rooms instead of going to restaurants.  Hotel staff arranges the meal with appropriate dishware. The room service is a personalized service generally available in medium or luxury hotels. This service provides the unique opportunity to order and enjoy food in the room. A round-the-clock room service facility is expected in all hotels. Maintain privacy.

12. 24-Hour Desk Service

The 24-Hour Desk Service involves providing support to the customer 24 hours a day throughout the week. So the customer can be able to get their issue resolved at any time. Customers can ask any queries about the rent, availability of rooms, and check-in.  This service gives greater value to the customer. There are many hotel booking sites that recommend a hotel with 24-hour front desk service. This Service is also available for check-in anytime.

13. Fitness Center

The Fitness center in the hotel has become the new “Gold” in the hospitality industry.  This report is published by Jumia Travel of Nigeria. Guest can continue their routine workout while traveling. There are many hotels with the best fitness centers equipped with world-class facilities and quality trainers. Now there is next generation hotel fitness center that includes a mounted fitness wall, resistance band, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, a yoga ball, and a fitness video.

14. Non-Smoking Room

A nonsmoking room in a hotel is a room intended for people who do not want to smoke. Be it any type of smoking from cigarette smoking to weed smoking. The guest who does not smoke does not like the smoking room. These rooms are more suitable for people with allergic conditions. Choice Hotels recently announced that their rooms in USA and Canada will be 100 % smoke-free.  Guests are discouraged from smoking in non-smoking rooms and doing will result in a penalty.

15. Airport Shuttle

An airport shuttle is a service provided by a hotel for the purpose of picking up and dropping off guests at the respective hotel or airport. It is beneficial when a guest arrives at the airport at night and has fewer chances to get the vehicle. Many online hotel booking sites offer hotel booking with an airport shuttle. A hotel employee will be present there to receive you with your name board. Many hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport as a part of their rates.  

16. Family Room

Family rooms mean the room is larger than the standard room and will accommodate 4 to 6 people. In that room, an extra twin bed or sleeper sofa was added. The benefit of family rooms is that children are allowed in rooms with their parents. There are many online hotel booking sites that display family rooms in different cities. The family rooms are comfortable for a family with two children or four adults.

17. Spa

A spa is a facility where people can do their special treatment in order to improve their health. The facilities of the spa include a sauna, gym, and treatment room.  Your hotel should have a spa if you want popularity and to grow the hotel business. The treatment of the spa to the guest feel more relaxed. The spa is a luxury amenity taking more care of the guest. The spa service includes a quality spa program, fitness training camp, massage, manicures, pedicures, facials, meditation, yoga, and relaxing retreats.

18. Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi in the hotel is the most desired amenity than free breakfast and parking. It is actually the #1 amenity in the hotel. According to the survey, Wi-Fi for hotel guests is the most desirable in-room amenity.  The guest does not like the hotel with poor Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi in the hotel means free Wi-Fi in the lobby and room only. Free and fast Wi-Fi enables the guest to work from the hotel. They don’t need to leave the hotel or spend money, and time in a café.

19. Electric Vehicle Charge Center

Electric vehicles are increasing day by day. Electric vehicle requires charge centers to charge the batteries of the vehicle. When the guest stays in the hotel needs to charge the vehicle. To complete that demand hotels across India are now installing Electric Vehicle Charge Centers across India. 96 % of Indian traveler says that sustainable travel is important to them. There are many hotels providing electric charging stations to charge EV vehicles. The EV charging station is a good facility on hotel premises where guest can leave their EV for charging.  

20. Coffee and Tea Kit

The guest in the hotel like a coffee maker in the room to prepare coffee for them at any time.  With the help of Instant coffee, guests can prepare the coffee according to their test.  So there is no need to order coffee and wait till coming. The coffee kit must include packets of sugar, sugar substitute, good quality tea or coffee, nondairy powdered creamer, and a stir stick.

I hope this article will be useful to you for the hotel amenities required while booking the hotel.

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