15 Best Places To Visit In La Fortuna Of Costa Rica

The best places to visit in La Fortuna of Costa Rica are volcanos, waterfalls, hot springs, rainforests, sloths, lakes, hanging bridge parks, and resorts. La Fortuna is a beautiful small town in Costa Rica located at the base of the Arenal volcano. La Fortuna has top hotels, restaurants, spas, and top tourist attractions making it the best place to visit. It got the name because it sits in the most beautiful spot in the country.   

Are you planning a trip to La Fortuna of Costa Rica? Are you facing difficulties with the places to visit and hotels in La Fortuna? Then this article is best for you. Here is the list of the places to visit in la Fortuna of Costa Rica.

Best Places to visit in La Fortuna of Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

Arenal is the best-known volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It is an active volcano. The last time volcano was erupted in 2010. Since then there was not any eruption was observed. But steal a small amount of smoke coming out from the volcano’s crater. The shape of the volcano is conical with the diameter at the base being very large and narrows down with increasing height.  The height of the Arenal Volcano is about 1633 meters. This large volcano is built with layers of ashes, rocks, and lava.  This volcano towers beautifully upon La Fortuna town. This is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica.

Image by Frank Ravizza from Pixabay

Chato Volcano

Chato volcano sometimes also called” Cerro Chato” is an inactive volcano in the northwest of Costa Rica. This volcano is small in size compared to the Arenal Volcano. You can climb the Chato volcano. There is a beautiful green cater lake at the volcano site. The hike to the stunning green crater lake is challenging both physically, and mentally.  Tourists can swim in the 500 meters wide full of turquoise volcano water. From the entry point, the hike up to the top of Cerro Chato is 1.5 to 2 hours each way depending on your fitness level. The height of the Chato volcano is 3740 feet.  It offers the most gorgeous scenery in Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park is a protected area in Costa Rica. This park is famous for its volcanoes, hot springs, and wildlife.  The wildlife in the national park includes Jaguars and tree frogs. This huge park is spread over 29,692 acres of land. This is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica with many hiking trails and viewpoints. An entry ticket is required to enter the National Park. The park is located in the northwest part of Costa Rica at a distance of 15 km from La Fortuna. The top things to do in the national parks are La Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal Hanging Bridge, Baldi Hot Spring, Lake Fishing, Kayaking, and stand-up paddling.

Photo by Alex Ip on Unsplash

Fortuna Waterfall

The amazing Fortuna waterfall is in central Costa Rica. The water drops from 70 -75 meters and looks very beautiful. In the Spanish language, the Fortuna waterfall is known as Catarata Fortuna.  There you can do fun activities like swimming, and photography. This is one of the best picnic spots and a great place to relax and admire the beauty in La Fortuna. It is well worth visiting the place.  The waterfall is very near Arenal Volcano National park at about a 15-minute trek down to the waterfall from the lookout.  To visit the waterfall an entrance fee is required.

Image by Frank Ravizza from Pixabay

Eco Termales

Eco Termales touts itself as the only true natural hot spring in La Fortuna. Eco Termales is nestled in the primary rainforest. Eco Termalesis a private family-owned and operated natural hot spring in la Fortuna. There are 13 hot springs that directly feed from the water heated by the Arenal Volcano. The thermally heated pools have a maintained temperature between 99oF to 106oF. In addition to the hot water spring, there are cool water pools also. Entry to the Eco Termales is not free and an entry fee is required.

Free Hot Spring

La Fortuna is the prime hot spring destination in Costa Rica. The region of Arenal volcano has geothermal activity.   The magnetic materials in the underground heat the water and come out in the form of a hot spring. The hot spring water contains magnesium, calcium, and sulfur. These contents give multiple benefits like curation of skin diseases after bathing in the hot spring. This hot spring is the best place for relaxation after a day spent exploring the Arenal. Some of the hot springs in La Fortuna are swimmable with their own unique atmosphere and amenities.

Photo by J. Amill Santiago on Unsplash

Rain Forest

Rainforest is located in the northern area of Costa Rica. The rain in La Fortuna is from May to November and December to April.  But rain in La Fortuna is not continuous, it comes and goes quickly.  The rainy day activities in the rain forest are hiking, walking, bathing in hot springs, hanging bridge tour, and chocolate tour.  In recent years canyoning is gaining popularity in the rainforest.  The cafes in the rainforest serve American and Mexican food. The delicious foods available in the rainforest are burgers, chicken, pasta, and seafood. The chocolate tour is incredible, the best experience, and unearths hidden secretes of locals. 

Image by falco from Pixabay

Sloths Tour

Sloth is a sanctuary and top tourist attraction in La Fortuna. The Bogarin Trail slot tour is wonderful and one of the best places to see sloths in Costa Rica. You can observe 2-toed sloths and 3-toed sloths in Sloth sanctuary. The arranged tour of Sloths includes pick up and drop off from the accommodation. This is the place to see slow-moving creatures in their natural habitat.   In addition to sloths, there are frogs, snakes, hawks, monkeys, great curassows, squirrels, and toucans. The purpose of the sanctuary is to rescue and rehabilitate the sloths.  The sloth’s tour is a half-day tour. It is better to take a guided tour of Bogarin Trail. Sloths tour gives the opportunity to observe animals closely.

Photo by Javier Mazzeo on Unsplash

Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal is a lake located in the northern highland of Costa Rica. It is the highest lake in Costa Rica. The water of the lake is warm and best for swimming. The lake is surrounded by rolling hills and pastures and is the perfect place for hiking. The lake is just at the base of the colossal volcano and 15 minutes away from La Fortuna village. Its length is approximately 30 km long and its width is 4 km. Arenal Lake is the top tourist attraction in La Fortuna. The fun activities to do at Arenal Lake are kayaking, water bikes, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, jet skiing, and boat rides.  To visit the lake, you have to book an entry ticket.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridge Park

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridge park is a nature preserve in Costa Rica. There is a group of a total of 15 hanging bridges in the park. All the adventure tours in the tropical rainforest go through hanging bridges. You can appreciate the lush green forest, and discover the dense wildlife of the forest by crossing the 15 bridges. The hanging bridges are the highlight of Costa Rica for any trip. In the hanging bridge park, you can enjoy the fantastic canopy views, wildlife, and trails. Really it is worth visiting a place in Costa Rica. It is the junction between two types of ecosystems forming a transitional vegetation strip with biodiversity.

Photo by J. Amill Santiago on Unsplash

El Salto

El Salto is a local swimming hole with a rope swing in La Fortuna. It is known as the free Tarzan Rope Swing. The rope hangs from the tree and people jump into the swimming pool below it.  This rope swimming is a top tourist attraction in La Fortuna. It is located at a distance of 1.6 km south downtown of La Fortuna. It requires great daring and fitness. Think twice before taking the jump into the swimming hole. There are many swimming spots in la Fortuna. Entry to the swimming holes is free and no ticket is required. This is not a crowded place.

Celeste River

Celeste river is a river located in Tenorio Volcano National Park of Costa Rica. The celeste River is famous for its shockingly blue bright color water. There are many hot springs on the border of the river. Do not try to swim or enter the Tenorio National Park as some fatalities occurred by hydraulics and deep pool from the waterfall. The famous Rio Celeste hike has a 6 km length and requires 3 hours to cover.  The Rio Celeste trail is not terribly long or difficult but for inexperienced people, some sections of it may prove challenging particularly the waterfall.

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Baldi Hot Spring Resort and Spa

Baldi Hot Spring and Resort is a 5-star hotel. The resort claims that its thermal water spring has no comparison worldwide and is free of all contaminations. One-day pass offers comfort and ample soaking time in the all pools. The resort has 25 thermal mineral hot water pools that flow naturally from the base of the volcano.  The rooms in the resorts are surrounded by gardens with terraces. Along with the hot pool, the resort has a spa with a sauna, water slides, indoor and outdoor pools, landscaped garden, and air-conditioned suites.

Paradise Hot Spring Resort

Paradise Hot Spring Resort is a thermal water resort for relaxation and well-being. The resort offers natural thermal water at different temperatures, hydro massage, and instrumental music. The water in the pool changes every day in the morning to prevent contamination. The other amenities in the resort are a site bar, spa, Jacuzzis, outdoor swimming pool, and well-equipped rooms. The cost of the resort is not so high. It is an excellent option for budget-minded tourists. The resort has 25 rooms.   

Los Lagos Hotel, Spa and Resort

This tropical hotel is next to Costa’s Arenal Volcano. The hotel offers a natural hot spring, outdoor activities, and a spa. The hotel is located 6 km in Alajuela province, from La Fortuna. After the day’s visiting places and intense activities, this is the best place for relaxation in the hotel’s hot spring. Along with the hot spring, you can enjoy the health and beauty of Fungus Spa. You can also enjoy the horse riding tour into the rain forest and see a great view of Arenal Volcano. The ground of the hotel is beautiful and close to the volcano.

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning your next trip to La Fortuna of Costa Rica.

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