Most Beautiful Places To Visit On Balearic Island Spain In 2023

The most beautiful places to visit on Balearic Island are Mallorca Island, Menorca Island, Ibiza Island, Formentera Island, Sa Coma, Palma, Alcudia, Cala Bona, Soller, and Pollenca. Balearic Island is the most popular destination in the western Mediterranean of Spain. It is famous for stunning golden sand beaches, beautiful coastlines, enchanting coves, a Cathedral, gorgeous sunsets, and lush natural landscapes.

10 Best Places To Visit In Balearic Island Spain

Mallorca Island

Mallorca or Majorca is the largest island on Balearic Island. Mallorca is famous for its beautiful coastline, secluded coves, wineries, fresh produce farms, limestone mountains, Spanish architecture, and stunning beaches. The size of the island is 3640 km square. Things to do in Mallorca Island visit Cathedral Basilica de Santa, Maria de Mallorca a Gothic place for worship, underground connected caves of Drach, and see the panoramic view from Castell de Bellver Hilltop. Along with that visit the beautiful beaches Calo des   Moro, Es Trenc, and Platja de Muro. There is an arranged Majorca island tour which includes a tour guide, a bus ride through the mountain peak, drops from the hotel, and a fantastic boat trip. During the tour, you will enjoy the views of the magnificent coastal mountain range, and coastal scenery.

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Menorca Island

Menorca or Minorca is one of the Balearic Island located in the Mediterranean Sea of Spain. It is the second largest beach on Balearic Island. The size of the island is 695.7 kilometers squares. The island has beautiful radish beaches, a 216 km long sandy crescent coastline with rugged shores, gentle relief, turquoise-watered bays, and is surrounded by pine trees. Along with that, it is declared a UNESCO Biosphere reserve site and botanist’s paradise for the researcher.  During the spring season, meadows on the island are covered with different types of beautiful wildflowers. Menorca Island is less clubby than the neighboring Ibiza Island and less touristy than Mallorca. So this island is always cozy, and quite a mysterious haven for all tourists who are looking for a wonderful holiday destination for the family.

The top thing to do on Menorca Island visits Macarelleta Cove with a beach, Cala Mitjana Cove with a sandy beach, Cala Pregonda Scenic bay having a golden sand beach, and Cala en Turqueta tranquil beach having blue water. The Cova den Xoroi unique cave is the best place for a drink and sea view. There is a 135 km dirt circular track around the entire coast of Menorca for a walk. During peak season from May to October tourists will be charged an extra per person per day depending on the star rating hotel.   

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Ibiza Island

Ibiza Island is one of the Balearic Island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest island on Balearic Island. Ibiza island is famous for its nightlife. There are many dances and music clubs.  To enjoy the nightlife a large number of tourists come there in the summer season. Along with the nightlife, the tourists visit Ibiza island for enjoying peaceful villages, yoga practices, delicious retreats, and beautiful beaches. Ibiza town is a developed city having enchanting cobbled streets with many hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops. It is a favorite summer destination for hippies, celebrities, young Europeans, boozy backpackers, and sun worshippers.  Ibiza is Old Spanish “Party you Drop” Place.

There are many beaches on Ibiza island to visit. Cola Comte beach is a beautiful beach famous for the water sports activity of snorkeling. Parque Natural de Ses Salines is a secluded beach in Ibiza.  Cala Benirras is a compact cove with a pebble beach.  The Cala Bassa beach attracts tourists for dining, shopping, and enjoyment. Cala d Hort is a crescent-shaped beach with a golden shore while Platja dén Bossa is a beach with a waterpark. The size of the beach is 572.6 km square. This beach is great for island hopping.

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Formentera Island

Formentera island is the smallest island on Balearic Island in Spain. Its area is 83.24 km square. The beach is accessible only by ferry from Ibiza Island. The island is known for crystal clear water and long stretches of beaches surrounded by dunes and pine trees. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on Balearic Island but much less crowded than Ibiza island. Due to less crowd, its beauty is unspoiled.  This island is a peaceful paradise, a quieter, and more relaxed destination as compared to the most crowded Ibiza Island.

There are many places to visit on Formentera Island. The Ses Illetes is a beautiful beach with chic and tranquil vibes. The Calo des Mort is an undeveloped sandy beach with a panoramic view.  SÉspalmador is a private island with a beach, and mud baths therapy that cures diseases. Platja Es Arenals and Ses Platgetes are picture sue beaches famous for swimming and basking.

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Sa Coma

Sa Coma is a town on the east coast of Majorca Island in Spain. It is very close to the other towns of Cala Miller and Cala Bona in the municipality of Sant Llorenc des cardassar.  Sa Coma is a popular destination for beach resorts.  It is a favorite place for German, and British families.  They come here to relax and enjoy themselves. Sa coma has nightlife but it is not advanced. It is centered around bars and restaurants only. There are no big and branded name clubs. The majority of the bars and nightclubs have night entertainment making it a lovely spot for families to enjoy together.

There are many places to visit in Sa Coma town.  The Morlanda is a rocky cove and popular snorkeling spot in Sa Coma. The other beautiful beaches are Cala Moreia, Calo den Rafalino, and Cala Nau.   The Cala Mendia beach is popular for snorkeling and swimming.

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Palma is the capital of Mallorca Island in Spain.  It is located on the south coast of Mallorca. Palma is famous for being full of street-side cafes, luxurious boutique hotels, resorts, high-end shopping, and beautiful Spanish architecture. It is home to the large Gothic Roman Church and Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. It is a major holiday destination that has a rich cultural heritage inherited from the communities of Romans, Moors, and Catholics. Palma has an excellent climate throughout the year. All these things make Palma a favorite tourist spot.

There are many top things to do in Palma. Cathedral Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca is a place for worship on the seafront.  Castell de Bellver is a hilltop castle famous for its panoramic view. You can visit the historic Royal Palace of the royal family La Almudaina. Other attractions in Palma are the huge shark viewing park Palma Aquarium, the modern art collection in Es Balurd Museu d Art, and Tren Sollar scenic electric dating to 1912.

The easiest way to travel from Palma to Ibiza island is by ferry. Also, the easiest way to travel from Palma to Barcelona is a ferry ride.   

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Alcudia is a municipality town in the north of Majorca, Spain. It is a popular family-friendly beach destination on Balearic Island. Alcudia has clean, beautiful, and family-friendly beaches. There are many boardwalks, restaurants, and hotels with seafront locations with lovely ports.  Alcudia is an ancient city and an ideal place for holidaymakers. There are a number of top attractions in Alcudia.  The Hidropark Alcudia is popular among the kids for water slides and swimming pools.  Alcudia and Playa de Sant Joan are beautiful beaches with white sand and a shower.  Other places to visit are The Ruines Romanise de Pollentia an excavated roman ruins and ESA Soccer Academy.  The distance between Alcudia to Palma by road is 59 km by road and accessible by bus. The average journey time by ferry between Alcudia to Barcelona is 6 hours 30 minutes. The weekly market of Alcudia is celebrated on Tuesday and Sunday from 8.00 am to 1.30 pm in the center of the town.    

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Cala Bona

Cala Bona is a small fishing town and holiday resort destination located on the east coast of Majorca. Cala Bona has a special attraction and charm that once visited lures many tourists to return again and again.  There are very beautiful beaches in Cala Bona in the Mediterranean Sea. This place is quiet and offers everything for relaxation. It is considered that Cala Bona is the best holiday destination for families, children, and elderly people. The Cola Bona Webcam hotel has amazing live streaming of the Cala Bola harbor area and the views of Serra de Tramuntana mountain. You can go from Cala Bona to Palma by taxi, bus, train, or car. The top attractions in Cala Bona are Cala Morlanda Beach, Fantasy park, Cala Moreia, Es Ribell, and Cala Nau.

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Soller is a small town near the northwest coast of the Balearic island of Majorca in Spain. Soller is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the sun. its main square is lined up with cafes, stunning architecture, and a charming port.  It is less crowded compared to Ibiza Island. This place is a paradise for hikers, cyclists, and gourmet lovers.  To enjoy all these things tourists from all over the world visit Soller. It is considered one of the most attractive towns in Spain. The top places to visit in Soller are Can Prunera museum, Parroquia de Sant Bartomeu de Soller main church, Jardi Botanic de Soller, Ecovinyassa scenic grow, and Barranc Biniaraix.

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Pollenca is a small town in the northern part of Majorca on Balearic island. It is a beautiful place on Balearic island. Pollenca has breathtaking landscapes and off-beaten track coves with the purest water. You can enjoy the purest water of Pollenca on your visit. It’s a narrow street making it an ideal place for exploring the locals and their culture. Top attractions in Pollenca are Santuari del Puig de Mara a Medieval monastery on the hilltop, Cala Barques swimming beach, Calvary Chapel a pilgrimage site, and Casa Museu Dionis Bennassar an art museum, and Platja de Can Cape de Bou beach.

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Balearic Island Weather

Balearic Island has two seasons winter and summer. The summer season on Balearic Island starts in June and ends in August. The temperature in May is 22oC and reaches to 26oC in June. The winter season on Balearic island starts in September and ends in December. The winter season in Balearic is different compared to the summer season. The average daytime temperature in September and October is 27oC and drops to 16o C in November and December.  The temperature in winter is cool whereas the temperature in summer is pleasant and warm. Summer is the high season on the Balearic Island as the temperature reaches 26oC in June whereas 31oC in July and August. There is little rain or no rain during these months. The best time to visit Balearic Island is the summer season from May to June.

I hope this information will be useful to you for planning your next trip to the Balearic Island of Spain.

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