15 Best Places to Visit in Melbourne in Winter-Activities & Events

There are many places to visit Melbourne during winter season. Melbourne organizes various activities and events in the winter season for families. June to September is the winter season in Melbourne in which you can visit beautiful travel destinations. The fun activities includes skiing, snowball fighting, at the Victorian Snowfield. There is delicious eats at the the seasonal winter market.

In this article I have included a list of events, festival activities organized in Melbourne during the winter season.

Fun Things To Do In Melbourne During Winter

1. Hot spring and Spa

Hot spring in Melbourne is a top tourist attraction in the winter season. As the weather in Melbourne cooled down in the winter season the people turn to hot springs to get warmer. There are many hot springs in and around Melbourne.  The most famous hot spring in Melbourne is Mornington Peninsula.  The Mornington Hot Spring is a natural geothermal mineral spring and day spa facility. It is located less than 90 minutes from Melbourne. The other best hot springs in Melbourne are Alba Thermal Spring and Spa, Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, Deep Blue Bathhouse, Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Spring, Hot spring Melbourne, and Onsen Retreat and Spa.  Hot springs are best for relaxing, massaging, and rejuvenating your mind.

2. Watch an AFL Game

Watching AFL games in winter is one of the most fun activities in Melbourne. It is among the most popular event in Australia. AFL games are played on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. This game is played only in the winter season from March to September.  AFL is an abbreviation for Australian Football League the body that rules Australian football.  AFL game is played on Melbourne Cricket Ground(MCG).

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3. Dockland Firelight Festival  

The Dockland Firelight Festival is one of the cherished celebrations of the Winter Solstice in Melbourne. The Dockland Firework Festival is celebrated on weekends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the month of July and August.  The festival celebration is a vibrant, and budget-friendly event. There are fire pits, mesmerizing light show, music, and delicious food. The Dockland firework festival event runs from 5 pm to 11 pm (Friday and Saturday) and from 5 pm to 10.30 pm on Sunday. The locations of the festival are Quay promenade, Harbor Esplanade, and Victoria Promenade.  

Image by Paul Macallan from Pixabay

4. Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and Snowboarding are the top tourist attractions in Melbourne. There are many top Skiing and Snowboarding centers in Melbourne. These centers offer wide open space, panoramic views, and exhilarating terrain slopes. Melbourne is the best place to learn, laugh, play, and explore skiing and snowboarding. Some of the famous centers for skiing and boarding are Hotham, Falls, Alpine Resort, Mt Buller, Snow Monkey, Auski Melbourne Ski and Snowboard Store, Skicity, and Mt Baw Baw. Mt Alpine Baw Baw is the closest downhill ski area to Melbourne.

Image by Scros from Pixabay

5. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Melbourne cricket ground is a sports stadium located in Yarra Park, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  The field size of the stadium is 172 meters x 146 meters. It is also called “The G”. The Melbourne cricket ground is the biggest stadium in the world with a rich history. It is also famous for its light tower is the tallest of any sporting venue. The sports played on the Melbourne cricket ground are AFL, cricket, and international soccer. There is an Australian sports museum, event calendar, information about the MCG, MCG tour, and history. The MCG is established in 1853 and has a seating capacity of 1,00, 000 which is the largest in the world.    

Image by Jasmine Milton from Pixabay

6. Melbourne Winter Festival

Every year Melbourn celebrates the winter festival in the winter season. The Winter Festival is celebrated in the month of June and July.  This is a festival of chariot, swing, bathing, fun, dance, chant, and feast. The celebration of the festival is heartwarming for the whole family. The festival is held at many places like the Eynesbury Estate Homestead and surrounds, Alps Winter festival – Melbourne Public, and Famiglia   Affairs Mid-Winter Festival. Oscar Wilde’s Gothic classic is emerging as Melbourne’s must-visit winter production.  There are more than 120 events celebrated like the lantern festival at Lake Entrance, Bruthern Medieval Winter Fire festival, and Light Shows.

Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

7. Queen Victoria Winter Night Market

Queen Victoria Winter Market is the largest market in the southern hemisphere covering seven-hectare od land located in Melbourne, Australia. The market is open every Wednesday evening from first June to 31 August 2022. The market will be decked out in festive décor with snow machines, and twinkling Christmas trees. It feels like Christmas is coming early at the winter night market. It is a wonderland of fire and ice complete with hot drinks, great shopping, mulled wine, smoky barbeque, international street food, especially hot chocolate, artisan, entertainment, and more at Queen Victoria market. The Winter night market is open on Wednesday from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Image by Kon Zografos from Pixabay

8. Nightscape Melbourne

Nightscape is a light show with a magical display set along a beautifully illuminated path winding through the garden. This show is arranged at Royal Botanical Garden in Melbourne.  This light show runs from June to August. An entry ticket is required for the show. The show is an immersive after–dark botanical garden light show experience with illuminated creation lighting a journey through the Royal Botanical Garden. The light show explores the playful beam of lights, walk through the glowing tunnel, and lingers at the waterside reflection. 


9. Winter solstice

The winter solstice is a moment in the year when the earth is tilted as far away from the sun as it will be all year. The result of the solstice is that the duration of the day and night changes.  The winter solstice is the sign of the beginning of the coldest season in the northern hemisphere. The solstice occurs in Melbourne every year on 20th or 21st June and on 21st or 22nd December. During summer the day of the solstice is the longest day while the night is the shortest.  For winter solstice the duration of night is the longest, and that of the day is the shortest. The Winter solstice is the celebration of the longest night of the year. The shortest day is of 9-hour duration. The color of the light on that day is dark and gray. The sun roses at 8 am and will set at 3.50 pm.

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10. Local Market, Shopping

There are different types of markets for shopping like weekend markets, street markets, night markets, Sunday markets, and cloth markets. Some of the best markets in Melbourne are South Melbourne markets, Prahran Markets, St. Kilda’s Esplanade Markets, Dandenong Markets, The Rose Street Markets, and Queen Victoria market. Melbourne’s famous winter night markets run seasonally. The biggest market in Melbourne is Queen Victoria Winter Night Market which is pop up in June.

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11. Ice Skating

Melbourne is a famous place for ice skating in winter as there are many ice rings. Ice skating in Melbourne is a fun activity with free skate hire, free parking, a warm viewing area, and music with a café and bar. But always remember that ice skating in Melbourne is not the easiest. O’Brien ice house is the premium Melbourne ice skating ring.  Some of the best ice skating rings in Melbourne are, ice HQR, the Olympic Ice Skating center, and Eynesbury Winter Festival. Along with ice skating, ice hockey is also famous activity in Melbourne. The best places for ice skating in winter are Dockland, Fed Square, and the city.

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12. Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruise

The whale watching season in Melbourne is from mid-June to early August and September to November. It is the best place for whale watching as more than 60% of the whale in the world’s population are found in the Australian water. The coast cruising in Melbourne is a fantastic opportunity to watch whales about 1.5 to 2 hours from Melbourne.  You will notice the migrating humpback and southern right whale. The best whale-watching sites in Melbourne are Cape Woolamai, Pyramid Rock, Surf Beach, Rabbit Island, Sealers Cove, Refuse Cove, Nobbies, and the Summerland area.   The best whale-watching cruises in Melbourne are Wildlife Coast Cruises, WaterMaarq, and Yarra River Cruises.

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13. Daylesford, Victoria

Daylesford is a spa town located in the foothill of the Great Diving Range in Victoria, Australia. It is located at a distance of 122 km from Melbourne and requires approximately 3 hours by road. Daylesford is the center of history, economy, education, and notable people. There are a number of spas, restaurants, galleries, gardens, and country house conversion-styled bread and breakfast developed for the tourist. Along with this, there are award-winning regional dining, cool climate wines, and spa retreat. and exceptional accommodation.

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14. Marysville Village

Marysville is a small town located 90 minutes from Melbourne in the picturesque Yarra Valley. The top sight to visit in Marysville is Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, Steavenson Falls, Cathedral Range, Phantom Falls, and Yarra Range National Park. The   Steavenson river flows through the Marysville village. Marysville has the natural pristine natural environment and diverse outdoor activities in the surrounding. The Yarra Range national park includes Mountain Ash Forest, Keppels falls, and Kepells Fall Lookout.

15. Melbourne Winter Masterpieces Exhibition 2022

Melbourne Winter Masterpieces Exhibition 2022 will be held at the National Gallery of Victoria from 10 June to 9 October. It is a collection of the remarkable life and careers of Pablo Picasso in the Picasso century. The Picasso century charts the extraordinary carrier of Pablo Picasso in dialogue with many artists, poets, and intellectuals with whom he interacted including George Braque, Salvador Dali, and Alberto.  The exhibition is exclusively developed for NGV by the Center Pompidou and the Musee national Picasso Paris. This exhibition is a collection of over 80 works by Picasso.

I hope this information will be useful to you for planning a trip to Melbourne in the winter season.

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