How To Book the Hotel Without Credit Card?

Most of the hotel booking sites has the option of book now, pay later, and free cancellation policies. Under this policy you can book the hotel without credit card. There is no need of immediately transfer of money to the hotel booking sites. These facility is available on the different types of accommodation in different cities. You can reserve your hotel instantly and pay later.

Hotel booking without credit card is applicable on select properties, cities and dates.  

Cancellation and payments policies are changes according to the accommodation type.

There are some conditions on book now pay later polices. It is better to check the condition before the hotel booking under the book now pay later policy.

Book Now

No payment is needed at the time of advance reservation of the hotel but you have to pay when you arrive at the hotel. You do not pay for the accommodation until you arrive at the property and check in. The accommodation is booked for you with a guarantee.  If anything happens between the scheduled time, you can modify the reservation.  The advantage of booking now is that you can book the accommodation at the great price shown against the accommodation for your future holiday.

Pay Later or Pay Nothing Until Date

There are two options of pay later. First one is pay at the time of check-in at the hotel and another is pay nothing until date mentioned against the accommodation.  You have to choose one option among the two at the time of booking. The hotel booking prices are different for these options. The prices of pay nothing until the prescribed date is slightly higher side.

Free Cancellation

Free cancellation of the hotel booking is available up to certain dates mentioned by the sites against the property. After that dates, cancellations, and payments vary according to the types of accommodation. You can cancel the reservation of the hotel on or before mentioned dates only. The advantage of this policy is that no need to pay for the cancellation of the accommodation. It is advisable to check the conditions before booking the property.  These conditions may apply to each option when making your selection. Since your dates are away choose free cancellation and stay flexible. There is no problem when you have free cancellation.

Hotel Booking Without Credit Card

Book now, pay later policy does not require an immediate money transfer to the hotel booking site. Even you have zero payment in your bank account, you can book the hotel. Another option is that you can pay the booking advance after someday. So no credit card is required at the time of booking the hotel. Even you can pay at the time of check-in. No credit card is required at the time of reservation.


Confirmation of the hotel booking is immediate

No registration is required for hotel booking

No booking or credit card fees

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I hope the article will be useful to you for booking the hotel in advance when you have no money, and flexible dates of vacation.

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