Is COVID- 19 Test Mandatory For Domestic Air Travel In India?

COVID – 19 test is not mandatory for air travel to all states but some states of India. Where it is not mandatory then thermal screening on arrival or fully vaccination certificate requires. The passenger who has found corona positive has to undergo quarantine as per the rules of that state.

For the safety of the COVID-19 before, during, and after travel by flight state-wise regulations are different. Different states have laid down different restrictions for the passenger traveling by flight. Therefore, it becomes important to see which states allow the passengers by air travel with fully vaccinated or only RT-PCR negative report or both. For hassle-free travel see the air travel guidelines and information on flight.

Domestic Air Travel Restrictions By States

In India, all the states opened their borders for domestic travel after lockdown. Airlines will be operating regularly with full capacity without any restriction on the number of passengers. The passengers have to follow state, local, and territorial restrictions.  There is no uniqueness in the air travel restrictions. Also, the state-wise quarantine rules are also different. But no need to stay home for 14 days after reaching your place. After screening if the passenger found corona positive, have to follow the protocol laid down by the respective state authority.

How To Plan Travel By Air?

Before traveling to any place or state in India understand the guidelines of that place/ state. Because guidelines are changing day by day. Before any travel plan visit the state government’s website for more information. Understand what is the requirement of the state or local authority. If they required RT-PCR test or fully vaccination or both of them or nothing from the both. Then do as per the requirement.

RT – PCR Negative Test Report For Domestic Air Travel

At some places or states, it is mandatory for all passengers to carry RT-PCR negative reports.  The negative report should be obtained from ICMR approved laboratory. The report must be within the last 72 hours. The time of report start from the swab collection time. Any passenger arriving with RT – PCR negative will be allowed to fly in the flight. The passenger not having the RT-PCR report or vaccination certificates has to undergo a test upon arrival.

Fully vaccinated Traveler Do Not Require RT-PCT Test Report

The passengers who have been fully vaccinated means completed both the doses of vaccination and 15 days after receiving the second dose of vaccination can travel without COVID test. Only full vaccination is not sufficient along with that 15-day completions after the second dose is mandatory. The passenger should carry the certificate of completion of the fully vaccination issued by the government of India.

Defence Personnel Do Not Require RT-PCR Test Or Vaccination

Defense personals and their relatives are also exempted from the RT-PCR test. These persons have no need of  RT-PCR report or fully vaccinations. They can travel by air in any state or any place within India.

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning air travel.

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