India – Top Attractions, Airports, Currency, Languages, And Location

Top attractions in India are The Taj Mahal, temples, and The Himalayas. India has four international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. The best time to visit India is from November to February. The currency of India is Rupees. There are more than 20 spoken languages but the majority of the people speak and understand Hindi and English.

India is in South Asia. All foreign nationals willing to visit India required valid visas except the citizens of Nepal and Bhutan

This article will give information related to location, size, airports, visa, weather, what to see, how to travel, currency, budget, languages, food, and reservation. Before coming to India all this information is necessary to the tourist for smooth and hassle free travel.

Top Attractions In India

India has world-famous monumental architecture like the Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar, forts, caves, many temples, and churches.  It has a beautiful Himalaya mountain which is spread over many states in India. Most visited places like Dharamshala, Ladhak, and Mussoorie are in the Himalayas. India possesses great history, culture, and art.  India has big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. There are many beautiful beaches and are the top attraction of foreign Tourists. To visit all these things is an amazing experience.

Airports In India

India has four international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. Other than these there are many airports having international flights. All these airports are located in different parts of India. First, decide to which part of India you are coming and then search the nearest airport from your place. This will save time and money. Tourists from the neighboring countries of Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh can reach by road also.

How To Travel Within India

All states and major cities in India are interconnected by air, train, and buses. For long-distance travel air and train are suitable. For short distances within state or state to state, busses are better and easily available. Indian railway has the greatest network of trains throughout India. Also, it is a cheap mode of transport as compared to air. Travel by air is costly as compared to the train and busses.

What Is The Currency Of India

The currency of India is Rupees. Before coming to India check the conversion rate of your currency with Indian Rupees. Then you will be able to calculate the total cost of your living in India.

How Much Money In India?

The money is depending on the exchange rate, the places of visit, the distance between the places, number of days spent, type of travel mode, and hotel. You do some homework on all these things and calculate the expenditure required.

Languages  In India

There are more than 20 regional spoken languages in India. That languages changes from region to region. For example, regional languages in India are Tamil, Malayalam, Kannad, Marathi, Bengali, Odyssey, Rajasthani, Gujrathi. These languages are spoken in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Bengal, Orissa, Rajasthan, and Gujrat respectively.  But in most of the parts, Hindi and English are spoken languages. In major cities, people can speak and understand Hindi and English. So in India language is not a big problem. But for better travel learn some words in Hindi.

What To Eat In India?

In India vegetarian and non – vegetarian food is available. But in some parts of  India or cities, nonvegetarian food is prohibited. The taste and eating items changes region to region. Rice and dal are available throughout India. In South India rice, idly, sambar, dosa is famous while in north India Parotha with curd is famous. It is better not to try south Indian dishes in north India and vice versa. Other than these roti, nan, and bread are also available.

Who Can Travel To India?

All foreign nationals willing to travel in India required valid visas from an Indian Mission from the Bureau of immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs. Along with that valid international travel documents are required. The travel document may be in the form of a passport or any internationally recognized document mentioning nationality and identity with a photograph.  For a person of Indian origin, an OCI card is mandatory. The visa on arrival is available for the nationals of Japan, South Korea, and UAE at the selected airport.

Who Can Travel To India Without Visa?

The citizens of Nepal and Bhutan entering India by road or by air did not require valid visas. The citizens from these countries require any identity document issued by the respective Government. These two countries share a border with India.

Where Is India

India is in South Asia. It has a size of 3.287 million km2. It shares the border with 6 countries of Pakistan to the northwest, China, Bhutan, and Nepal to the north, Bangladesh, and Myanmar to the east. The Srilanka is another close neighbor but does not share the border.  It is separated by the sea.

Is Advance Reservation Necessary?

The advance reservation of air and train and the hotel is necessary for India. The travelers in India mostly make the advance reservation of trains and air. On the spot, to get the tickets of train or air is difficult. So it is better to make advance reservations for peaceful travel. For air booking many online sites are available. For train booking,, http://www.make my trip is useful.

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