We Were Near To Death But Luck Saved Our Lives On The Most Dangerous Road Of Himalaya

The Maruti Gypsy slipped at the height of 4300 meters on the Nathula Pass due to the steep slope, curve-shaped road, higher speed of the vehicle, and snow on the road and roadside. The Gypsy slides on the tin house at the roadside. The accident happened, but we were safe. Our luck was great. Not a single injury occurred to us.

This accident happened to us. I am writing this article so that this should not repeat with you. While traveling on the Himalayan road, you should take extra care.

We Were In A Better Mood

There were 8 people including 3 children having age below 12 years. It was the month of May. We were coming back to Gangtok after visiting the Baba Harbhajan Singh temple at Nathula Pass in the Sikkim state of India. Everybody was in a pleasant mood after visiting the beautiful Changu Lake, India – China border, Nathula Pass, Baba Harbhajan Singh temple, and mountains touching the sky. The atmosphere was cool and pleasant. We were enjoying the trip that day. But we did not know what would be happening to us.

Image by Nowaja from Pixabay

The Most Dangerous Road

The road from Nathula pass to Changu lake is at the height of 4300 meters and has snake-shaped curves. There were many turns and slops on the road. In addition to that, there was snow everywhere. The snow was on the road too. Only there was a track on the road formed by the running of the vehicle’s wheel. Between the two tracks, there was also snow. In that condition, the driver should drive the vehicle on the track very carefully. Otherwise, the small mistake would send you tumbling down thousands of feet in the deep valley and never heard again. A small mistake was made by our driver.

Image by 종덕 지 from Pixabay

The Gypsy Slipped From The Road

At one turn, the driver did not slow down the speed of the Gypsy. Then the front left-hand side wheel of the Gypsy runs on the snow instead of the track formed. Then the right-hand side front wheels were also out of track. The driver tried to take the Gypsy on the road by moving the steering wheel of the gypsy. But the Gypsy was not coming on the road, instead, it was going on the left side on the snow. He applied the brakes but Gypsy did not stop. The Gypsy was moving in the snow apart from the road.  Everybody among us was friended. There was no time to think about what to do. The Gypsy slipped from the road within a fraction of a minute.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

The House On The Road Side Saved Our Lives

There was only one house along the roadside made of tin, at a distance of 4 to 5 feet from the road. On the backside of the house, there was a deep valley as on the opposite side there was a high mountain. Nobody was living in that house. For what purpose it was made, I did not know. But there was a house. That was the only house there. From Nathula pass to Gangtok, other than that no house was noticed. You will be thinking that why I am writing about the house. The point is that our Gypsy slipped from the road and slide on the house. Not 2 feet back, not 2 feet front. Immediately we all people get down from the Gypsy. Then we took the children out of the gypsy. Our boot and chapels were in the Gypsy. We stand there on the snow with bare feet.   

Image by alimison from Pixabay

Everything Was Beyond Imagination.

What would happen if there was not a house? You just imagine. It was beyond imagination to think. We may be in the valley at thousands of feet or maybe on a tree or in a river or on a stone. The possibility may be the death of somebody or all. In that case, it was not possible to take out bodies from the deep valley. The possibility was nobody of us be live. If somebody may live, then who will take us out? What about the forest animal? It was beyond imagination.

Really, Our Luck Was Great

Our luck was great. No doubt about that. That is why all of us survived. Nothing happens to us. Not even single injury. All we were safe. Only thing was that we were very frightened at that movement. We get angry on driver. We shouted loudly on him. Everybody among us was shouting on him. But he was apologizing.   He was also frightened.  He was taking the oath of god. He was telling that he had not done deliberately.

Image by J. Ketelaars from Pixabay

The Drivers In Himalayas Picked Up Gypsy

The drivers in the Himalayan areas are good, cooperative, and helpful. As they saw, the accident happened on the road. Many drivers came to our help without calling them. They talk with us. They asked about how this accident happened. They gave support to us. They picked up the Gypsy. Put it on the road. The Gypsy was also in good condition. Nothing happened to the gypsy.

This accident remembers every time I go on a trip or plan a new trip.

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