Bhutan Tourism – Tourist Places, Charges, And Tour Packages

All tourists entering Bhutan are issued a 7 or 14-day permit for Thimpu and Paro only. Top Bhutan tourist places are Thimpu, Paro, Haa, Phuentsholing, and Punakha. Tourists will have to pay charges of $250 as a Sustainable Development Fee per day per person. The Tourism Council of Bhutan announces tourism policy from time to time.  Tourism in Bhutan has different tour packages. Bhutan is a very safe country for tourists.

Bhutan is the most loved country by tourists. Bhutan is a Buddhist country on Himalayas eastern edge famous for its monasteries, traditions, Dzongs, and beautiful landscapes. Bhutan has colorful culture, heritage, spirituality, magnificent high snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, green dense forest, flowing rivers, and lush greenery. All these things you can experience only in Bhutan. It is a paradise for adventure lovers as there are mountains and Valles for trekking, hiking, and cycling. Along with that Bhutan is the land of pristine mountain lakes, and imposing glaciers.

“Visa “and Safety

Bhutan is a very safe country for tourists as the crime rate in Bhutan is very low. The country is without a traffic light only the police are directing the traffic. The production and sale of tobacco are completely banned by the government. Bhutan is the only country in the world with a carbon negative and green destination for tourists. All tourists willing to visit Bhutan require a valid visa. The Indians willing to visit Bhutan do not require a visa but an “Entry Permit” which can be obtained at the Immigration office located at Phoentsholing at the India-Bhutan border.

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Tourism Council of Bhutan

The tourist council of Bhutan making efforts to increase tourism in Bhutan. The council announces tourism policy from time to time.  It is better to stay connected with the latest development. The tourism council of Bhutan provides a village homestay, tourist driver, and authorized money changer. There are many tour operators in Bhutan who can arrange tours for Bhutan. Tourism in Bhutan has different tour Package depending on places to visit, sightseeing, and your stays like hotel or tent. All visitors entering Bhutan are issued 7 or 14 days “Entry permit” by default for Thimpu and Paro only. The rest of Bhutan is considered a restricted area and required a special “Restricted Are Permit” to visit the restricted area of Bhutan.

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Top 5 Bhutan Tourism Places


Thimpu is the capital and largest city in Bhutan. It is located in the west-central part of Bhutan in the Himalayan mountain. Thimpu is one of the modern cities with a lot of cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping centers. Top places to visit in Thimpu are Tashichho Dzong, National Memorial Chorten, Folk Heritage Museum Kawajangsa, Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory, and Simply Bhutan a museum. The nearest airport to Thimpu is Paro Airport, at Paro. Thimpu to Paro distance 50.4 km by road.

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Paro is a town in Bhutan in Paro valley. The Paro valley extends from the confluence of Rivers Paro Chhu and Wang Chhu.   It is the second largest city in Bhutan. Bhutan’s only international Paro airport is located here. It is a historic town with many sacred sites located at an altitude of 7200 feet. Paro is famous for Takhsang Lakhang Monastery which is also known as Tiger’s Nest.  Paro is the hot spot for adventure activities like trekking, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and kayaking. The best sights in Paro are the National Museum of Bhutan, Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang, Zuri Dzong, Kyichu Lhakhang, and Paro Airport Bird’s Eye View. 

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Haa, Ha, or Has is a Thromde or town in the Haa district of Bhutan. The Haa valley is located in the west of Bhutan bordering Sikkim and Tibet. It is located at an altitude of 2670 meters from sea level. Haa valley is an untouched beauty and paradise in Bhutan. It connects the Paro, Chhukha, and Samtse districts of Bhutan. It is a lesser-known and emerging destination in Bhutan. A visit to Bhutan cannot be completed without visiting the culturally rich and picturesque Haa valley. The valley is recently opened for tourists in 2002. The places to visit in Haa are Chele La- viewpoint, Lhakhang Temple, Juneydrak Hermitage, Katsho Goemba, and Kila Goenpa Nunnery.

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Phuentsholing is the second largest town in Bhutan. It is located on the Indian border next to the Jaigaon town of West Bengal, India.  It is the entry point to Bhutan for the visitors arriving by road from Kolkata and Siliguri in the West Bengal state of India.  It is a gateway to the land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan. The Bhutanese Gate at the border welcomes you. Phuentsholing is regarded as the abode of the Kings and Queens of Bhutan. The tourist places in Phuentsholing are Bhutan Gate, Torsa River Side, Karbandi Monastery, Zangtopelri, Crocodile Zoo, and Gumpa Mandir. The travel distance between Phuentsholing to Thimpu is 154.5 km and the distance between Phuentsholing to Paro is 142.7 km.

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Punakha is a small town located in western Bhutan. Once upon a time, it was the capital of Bhutan before moving to Thimpu. The distance between Punakha to Thimpu is 72 km. It is located at an altitude of 1274 meters from sea level. Punakha is famous for its amazing 17th-century fortress with a unique technique for cultivating rice as well as beautiful architecture. Two beautiful rivers Pho and Mo Chhu make this place more beautiful. Camping in Punakha along the bank of these two rivers is like dream come true.

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Bhutan’s New Charges For Tourists

The tourist will have to pay a hefty tax to enter and explore Bhutan. In a recent development, Bhutan has increased Sustainable Development Fee for tourists to $200 during the off-season and $250 during the high season per person per day. The tourist has to think about whether to travel to Bhutan or not to travel to Bhutan. After adding the taxes trip to Bhutan will be costlier. Tourists from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives also have to pay taxes. Indians enjoyed decades of free entry to Bhutan but now holidays will set to cost more. The taxes are not depending on the package tour but on the number of days.

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Bhutan Tour packages

There are different tour packages arranged by different sites on the internet. The popular Bhutan tour packages are for 5 to 6 days at reasonable prices.  The cost changes with the number of days, and type of hotel. The most visited tourist places in Bhutan are Thimpu, Paro, and Punakha. The tour packages include hotel, transfer, sightseeing, and meal. Through the tour, you will see Bhutan’s beauty, culture, customs, tradition, and pilgrimage places.

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Location Of Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan is a small country in South Asia. It is located in the eastern Himalayan ranges. It shares the border with India to the southeast, and west and China to the north. India shares the common border with Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and West Bengal states. Other close neighboring countries are Bangladesh and Nepal but do not share the border with them.

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Bhutan’s Population

According to the census, conducted in 2017, the total population was 7,35,553. After that, no census was conducted in the country. The estimated population of Bhutan is 7,80,888 in August 2021 based on Worldometer of the United Nation data. The population density of Bhutan is 20 per km2 as the total land of Bhutan is 38117 km2.

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Bhutan National Language

The national language of Bhutan is Dzongkha. Along with that, there are many local languages. The Nepali language is spoken in some parts of Bhutan. In big cities like Thimpu and Paro Bhutanese people talk and understand English and Hindi. In hotels, restaurants, or malls there is no problem with communication.

Currency Of Bhutan

The currency of Bhutan is the Bhutanese Ngultrum. Its value is equal to Indian Currency Rupees. In addition to that, in hotels, restaurants, and malls, Indian rupees are accepted.

Religion Of Bhutan

Bhutan is the only country in the world declared a Buddhist religious country. The population of people believing in Buddhist philosophy is more than 75%. The people following the Hindu religion are the second largest population in Bhutan. Other than Buddhist and Hindu religions, Christin and Muslim religions are also in Bhutan.

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Bhutan International Airport

Bhutan’s international airport is at Paro. Bhutan has only one international airport. The distance of Paro airport from Paro city is 6 km and from Thimpu 54 km. It is considered one of the most challenging airports in the world and has limited flights.

Bhutan International Flights

The national airline of Bhutan is Drukair. Drukair airlines provide international flights with an extensive network and multiple connecting options. The Drukair flies to Guwahati, Kolkata, and Bagdogra of India. The other places covered are Kathmandu, Bangkok, and Singapore. 

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