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The important things for planning any trip and anywhere are why to visit the places, when is the best time to visit, how to reach there, travel itinerary, and travel tips. To have the knowledge of all these things is advantageous to the travelers. These things help the traveler for planning the trip, smoothly traveling without any difficulty, and preparing the budget. That is not the problem whether you are planning a trip on your own or through a travel agency. This blog will provide information on all these things related to different places. In addition to that, I will share the information about my travel experience. That will include the difficulties I faced during the travel, and how I overcome that problem. Along with that I will give the information on how to plane trip, and prepare the best itinerary.

Every Monday I will post the blog.

Why To Visit The Places

Different places have different things to see or do. Some places have natural beauty with high peak mountains with snow, a flowing river, and greenery, whereas some other places have the opposite thing like a desert or mountains with no snow and greenery. There are many best places in India to visit and many reasons why to visit India. In south India places like Kerala and Kanyakumari are most visited places. Some travelers like to visit the mountains, whereas some like to visit the desert or hill station like Mussoorie and Rishikesh. So all the places are beautiful and their beauty lies in the eye of the visitors. In addition to that, there are many beautiful places in the world like Bhutan, beaches in Goa and Maldives, temples, monuments in Kolkata, museums, forests, and pilgrimage places. All these places are visited places. Different visitors have different choices of visiting the places. Before going to any place, visitors think about the places. Is the place worth visiting? If he or she is satisfied with the answer to this question, then only thing about visiting the place.

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

The weather is an important aspect of travel. Traveler likes to visit places when the weather condition is pleasant. So they can enjoy the trip with their family or friends or alone. There should not be a problem while traveling or after reaching the destination. Therefore, it is better to plan a trip at the best time. The weather conditions depending on the region and seasons. Different places have different best times to visit. For example in India best time to visit depends on the region and season. The peak time also has an effect on your budget. At peak time, a traveler has to face difficulties in getting air or train tickets. The hotel reservation is also costly during peak seasons. But these seasons have the biggest advantage of seeing places with a pleasant atmosphere and a crowd of people. To see places with a crowd is great enjoyment instead of visiting lonely.

Image by Valiphotos from Pixabay

How To Reach There

It is also an important part of your trip. There are different modes of transportation like air, train, road, and ship. All these modes of transport may be available in a particular place or some of them may not be available. If all are available, then which is convenient to you depends on your location, the budget, and the connectivity with each other. It is better to choose the transport which is shorter in route, takes minimum time and is affordable. This blog will give information about how to reach a particular place from different cities by different possible modes of transport. Different travelers have different needs for transport. This blog will provide information on how to reach the destination with all the shortest possible routes from different parts.

Photo by Jacques Bopp on Unsplash

Travel Itineraries

Travel itineraries manage the schedule of the complete trip. The travel itinerary includes the number of days of the trip, places to visit, your stay, the time required for going from one place to another place, and the distance between the places. The itinerary has an effect on the budget. This blog will provide the best itinerary for Kerala with Kanyakumari, Char Dham with Rishikesk.

Image by Erick Mayorga from Pixabay

Travel Tips and Things to know

The tips are short but are informative and useful. Travel tips provide information about what to do or what not to do for getting the benefit. Those benefits may be about avoiding mistakes, saving money, hotel booking, travel without problems. It may be related to health, documents, or other important things. So that travel becomes happy and enjoyable. The thing to know about the places like Bhutan, and Andaman provides the information . This blog will provide simple tips about the travel benefits.

Image by Quaint Planet from Pixabay

My Experience For You

I traveled all the states of India. Along with that, I planned the longest and cheapest trip to Bhutan from Pune, of the Maharashtra state of India by train and road with family. While coming back from Bhutan, I visited Nepal. I planned many trips from budget to luxury. But even after that, I have faced many problems like to reach late at airport, cancellation of trip . That problem teaches me many things. I traveled with my family and a group of families. The problem of traveling with families is different, and you have to take extra care. I have good experience as well as bad experience of travel. I will share both experiences with you, so you will not have to face the problems.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hereafter we will meet every Monday with a new subject through the new post.

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