How To Book Cheapest Hotel in 11 Easy Tips

In order to book the cheapest hotel be flexible on dates, avoid peak season, search nearby locations, find the best deal, and compare the prices on many sites. The major online hotel booking booking sites provides all these information on the internet. Do some research on the hotel booking prices and definitely you will find the hotel at cheap rate

1. Be Flexible on Dates

The dates play an important role in deciding the prices of the hotel. The prices of the hotels vary according to dates. To get the lower rates do not stick on a particular date. It is always better to find the date on which the prices of the hotel are lower. Generally during the weekend, the hotel prices are low.

2. Avoid Peak Season

Seasons also have a great effect on hotel prices. In the peak season, hotels have the highest rates while off-season hotels have lower rates. Because in peak season the majority of visitors are coming to that region. For example, the prices of the hotels in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir State of India has the highest hotel prices in the month of June and July, which is the peak season. On the other hand, the same hotel will get at a cheaper price in the month of May.

3. Search Other Hotel in Nearby Location

Do not stick to the particular hotel or the location of the hotel.  Find a similar type of hotel in a nearby location. Some sites provide a map of that area showing the different locations and prices of the hotel. Pick the hotel having a lower price.

4. Compare The Hotel Prices

In order to find a cheap hotel, compare the hotel prices of different sites. For the same hotel, different sites show different prices. There are some sites like Trivago, Kayak, TripAdvisor,, and which compare the prices of many hotels at once on their portal. After comparing the prices it becomes easy to find a cheap hotel.

5. Check The Price On Hotel’s Site

Do not depend on what online hotel booking sites show the prices of the hotel. It is better to check the hotel price on the hotel’s site directly. Or you can contact directly using the phone on the reception counter and ask about the price. Again if possible, bargain with them and try to reduce the price of the hotel. Also, find the different types of accommodation for the stay.

6. Find The Best Deal

Some sites offer the benefits of deals on hotel booking to the customer. To obtain the deals, you have to sign up for personal accounting by entering the mobile number or email address. After signing up for the account, you will see what the deal is available at the time of booking.

7. Avail Credit Card Benefit

Some of the booking sites offer a discount on hotel booking if rent is paid by credit card. But you must have the credit card of a particular bank as mentioned by the site. The credit card of the other bank is not allowed. If possible, take the advantage of this facility.

8. Calculate Total Cost Including Taxes

Some sites apply taxes on the cost of the hotel price while some sites do not show any type of tax. Calculate the total cost after the addition of the taxes. Then compare the prices of the hotel.

9. Check The Amenities Offered By The Hotel

Amenities are very important while staying in the hotel. But some hotels include the amenities in the total cost of the hotel while other hotels include it partially or not. For that, you have to pay extra money at the time of check-in.

10. Last Minute Hotel Deal

An online hotel booking site offers last minute deal to sell the rooms. To take the benefits of that keep watching different deals available day to day. This facility is available before a specific day. The majority of hotel booking sites provide this facility.

11. Top 10 Hotel Booking Sites:

  2. Kayak
  10. Zapmeta
  11. Goibibo
  12. OYO

By following all the above tips definitely, you will get the hotel at cheap rate.

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