Why I Cancelled Leh Ladhak Trip Over Rescheduling During COVID- 19 Pandemic

I planned a trip to Leh and Ladhak in 2020. That time corona cases were very less in India. I was assuming that up to May 2020 corona virus pandemic will end. There will not be any problem. But what happened was exactly opposite to my assumption. Then I have cancelled the trip over rescheduling. I gave more important to life than losses of money.

What Was My Plan Of Trip

I planned a trip to Leh and Ladhak in India. My plan was to travel  by road from Srinagar to Leh via Kargil. Along with that visit many beautiful and amazing places. These places were Numbra Valley, Khardung La Pass, Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Patthar Sahib Gurudwara, Zanskar River, Indus River and all monasteries.

When Did I Plan The Trip?

I planned the trip in the month of Jan 2020 when there were only a few cases of the corona virus in India. The scheduled month of the trip was May 2020. I was thinking that after a four-month corona pandemic will end. Also, people were talking about the ending of corona cases due to the hot summer of April and May.

Why was I Panic About The Trip?

As the date of trip was coming close to the scheduled time, corona cases in India were spreading rapidly. The complete lockdown was declared in the month of March 2020. After that, I was worried about my trip. Because I had booked flight tickets and a travel agent. I had spent a lot of money on the booking. There were many questions in my mind. When will the Corona pandemic end. What about the refund money? Everything was uncertain.

What Were The Options Before Me?

I had two options. The first option was to cancel the trip. The second option was to postpone or reschedule the trip. I have to choose one out of these two. It was very difficult to choose the best option. To choose the option of cancellation of trip means a huge losses of money. To postpone the trip means no guarantee when the corona ends and restart normal travelling.

Why Did I Decide to Cancel The Trip?

I did not think about the losses of money. Whether the refund of the booked tickets will get back? Whether the travel agent will refund the money. If I receive a refund, then how much? There were a lot of questions and a lot of answers in my mind. But to select the correct answer was difficult. Then the question was what is important for me. Your life or money. I gave importance to life and decided to cancel the trip.

When Will Travel Resume Again?

We are suffering through the second wave of coronavirus. The experts in the field of coronavirus are predicting the third wave of the coronavirus. But nobody is predicting the exact time of the coronavirus wave. When will it start and end? The vaccination program is implemented in India to cure the coronavirus. But it will be difficult to tell when travel resumes again.

Was The Cancellation Of The Trip The Right Decision?

I think that was the best decision. I gave more importance to life than money.

Do you Think That Was The Best Decision?

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