What Problems I Faced After Reaching Late At Airport

I reached late at Pune Airport without any reason and missed the flight. That gave me a bad experience of frustration, anger, and anxiety. I lost peace of mind. My request, apologizing, pleading, and arguing was useless at the airport. I realized the importance of time. This article describes the story of why I reached late at the airport, what happened after that and what problem I faced.

Travel Plan Was From Pune To Dehradun Via Delhi

We were 4 people, 2 people each from two different families. We decided to go on the Chardham Yatra in the Uttarakhand State of India. We had the booking of two different flights. Our air travel plan was from Pune to Delhi and Delhi to Dehradun. At the Delhi airport, our terminals were different. So there was not a question of meeting in Delhi. So we decided to meet at the Dehradun airport in the evening. Before that, our plan was to meet at the Pune airport before flying.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Started Late From Home

I am always the right person to reach the airport. Even some time before the scheduled time of departure. But that happened first time with me. I reached late at the airport. What was the reason? There was no reason. I was ready to go, the bags were ready and the vehicle was also ready. Then a thought came to my mind that wait for some time. That was the great mistake I made in life.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

I realized That I Am Late

While I was going to the Pune airport by rickshaw, I got a phone call from my travel partner asking “Where are you?”. He was talking to me from the Pune airport. I told him that “I am on the way and reaching the airport within a short time”. By the time I realized that I was late. When I reached the airport, the security person at the gate checked the flight ticket and ID proof. Then he told me that “You are so late, go immediately to the boarding pass counter and obtain a boarding pass”. The people at the luggage screening point also told the same sentence.

Photo by Eugene Shelestov from Pexels

My Request, Apology, Pleading, and Arguing was Useless at The Airport.

The people at the boarding pass counter asked me “Do you have an e-boarding pass?”. I answered “No, I do not have an e-boarding pass”. He told me that “The computer system was closed before 5 minutes. You should have come here before 5 minutes. Now you are not allowed to go into-plane”. Then I started arguing with them. I was apologizing to them. I was telling my story, pleading my case, requesting to them, but all my efforts were useless. The employees at the counter tried to open the computer system, but it useless.

Image by Edward Pye from Pixabay

Frustration and Anger Were Growing Minute by Minute

My mental condition was very bad. I lost peace of mind. The anxiety, frustration, and anger was growing every minute. I was thinking about how to reach Dehradun on the same day. It was not possible. My travel partners were in the plane. My wife and I were out of plane. In that situation, my mind was not in a position to take any decision. 

Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

Air India Rescheduled Flight From Mumbai – Delhi

Then employees of Air India rescheduled the flight from Mumbai to Delhi on the same day in the afternoon. They have not charged extra money. Now it was possible to reach Dehradun on the same day. These people first canceled our original air tickets from Pune to Delhi and issued new tickets from Mumbai to Delhi. They even arranged a taxi from Pune to the Mumbai airport at their cost.

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

Realized The Importance Of Each Minute

The taxi driver spent nearly 30 minutes at the Pune airport asking for money from other people as he had no money to fill the petro. Then he filled the petrol in the taxi on the Pune – Mumbai expressway. Now I was thinking that I would reach the Mumbai airport anyway. But as we were reaching Mumbai, the traffic was increasing. My mind was full of thoughts like whether we would catch our flight or not. If we got in a traffic jam, then what? But our luck on that day was good that we did not face the jam on the road.

Reached Mumbai Domestic Airport But No Flight To Delhi

We were very happy on reaching at the Mumbai domestic airport. The taxi driver told us that “You get down here”. I was searching the Air India counter. I enquired about the counter of the Air India counter. What information did I get? The Mumbai to Delhi flight was from the Mumbai International airport and not from the domestic airport. The driver was also not known about this. One good thing was we did not get down from the taxi at the domestic airport. Otherwise, we have to search for another taxi for the international airport. Then there may be again a possibility of reaching late and chances of missing the rescheduled flight too.

Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Delhi Flight Was From Mumbai International Airport

We reached the Mumbai international airport before 30 minutes of flying time. First, we searched the Air India counter. There was a long queue of passengers for the Delhi flight. We screened our luggage at the luggage screening checkpoint and got a boarding pass. Then we got relief. I purchased one bottle of water to drink. Till this morning we have not drunk a single drop of water. Finally, we reached the Dehradun airport at the right time.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

That was the story of reaching late at the airport.

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