Important Travel Safety Tips For A Happy Journey

I have been traveling in India for the last 30 years. Through my experience, I learned many things. The first thing is how to travel safely and make the journey happy. For that some important tips have to be followed. So that you will not have to face the problem or minimize the problems. I am writing the important tips which I follow every time.

Take Travel Documents

Important documents like ID cards, air tickets or train tickets, Visa, and passports are required at many places frequently. Whether you are going domestically or internationally. Without these documents, you are not allowed to travel. So always take these documents with you while going on a trip. Try to keep all these documents in one place, so you do not have to find them at many places.

Distribute Xerox Copies Of Travel Document

Before going on a trip, take as many as Xerox copies of the document and distribute them among all family members or friends. If original documents are lost, then these Xerox copies of the documents can be useful for further process of obtaining the original documents. So you will not have to face more problems.

Digitize Travel Documents

While traveling, your original documents, as well as xerox copies, can be lost or stolen by somebody. In that case, a digital copy will help with the process of replacement easier. It is better to send photocopies of all documents to email. You can open your email in any country and immediately you will get your documents.

Keep Your Money Safe

Always keep some money with you. At many places, ATM machines are not available or not accepting your debit card. In that case, it is better to have money in hand. Distribute the money to all your family members or friends. If somebody’s money is stolen or lost, then you will not have to face the big problem. Do not keep money in an open pocket and back pocket. Always hide your money in a secret pocket.

Take Safety Of Luggage

Always take a small-size bag of good qualities. Do not take much weight in that bag. Always remember you are going to enjoy the vacation and not to carry the luggage. If your luggage is small, it is easy to carry and watch at every place. So there will not be a problem of missing, replacement or stolen. You can protect your bag from thieves.

Reach Before Scheduled Time

Always make a practice to reach before the scheduled time at the airport or railway station. Consider the time required for safety checking, luggage screening, and obtaining a boarding pass. If you reach late at the airport, then the possibility is that you will miss the flight and you have to face the problem.

Take The Advice of Local people

At unknown places, if any information is required, then it is better to ask many local people. So there will not be a problem of misguidance. Local people will guide you about which area is dangerous or safe. They will tell where to go and where not to go. I found the best people that hotel front desk operators. They know everything about the city. They are the most reliable source of information.

Ask ID Proof Of The Driver

Take ID proof of the driver. It may be a driving license, a passport, or a bank passbook. Take Xerox copies of that. Always remember that he is an unknown person, and you are moving with an unknown person in an unknown area. You request them about any ID proof and keep it with you.

No Driving In The Night

There may not be a street light on the road at some places. The road condition may not be good, it may be worst. In that condition, driving at night is dangerous. So it is better not to drive at night. Particularly avoid in the hilly area. 

Do Not Alcoholic

Everybody wants to enjoy the nightlife. Particularly when at new places and with friends. But always remember that consumption of alcohol beyond a certain limit will lose control over the body and mind. The possibility of misbalancing the body or may cause an accident or any unwanted thing that can happen with you. It is always better to avoid alcohol when at a new place.

Keep Your Close Updated

Update the information of your daily activities to your close relatives or friends. So they may know about your activities. That information may include particulars of the hotel, the places of sightseeing, car drivers, and vehicle. Send a copy of your travel itinerary to them, so they know each and every activity about you.

Do Not Forget/Lose The Smartphone

Smartphone is a modern technology and an integral part of any trip, particularly for the young generation. Because it is easy to handle and use. It is used for saving phone numbers, sending messages, taking pictures, and making photo copies of hotels reservation, visas, tickets, and other important things. If you forget or lose a phone, then you may have to face many difficulties.

 Write Important Phone In Pocket Diary

If your smartphone is lost or stolen. Then how to contact the people of your interest? Then it is better to write the phone numbers and address of all important people in a pocket diary and always carry it with you. The phone numbers may include a travel agent, hotel owners, local drivers, close relatives, and friends.

Handle The Situation Peacefully

Remember that you are going to enjoy the trip and not to fight. When on a trip, you will find different types of people. The possibility may be that some of the unwanted things happen to you. In that case, solve the thing peacefully. If not possible, then it is better to leave the things. Do not quarrel with unknown people.

Early In the Room

Try to return to the room before darkness in the night. Make a rule for that. Particularly when you are going for the first time to the new place for the first time. Because you have little knowledge of the history and geography of the area. The possibility that you may be looted.

Use Debit Card

Always carry a debit card with you. The debit card allows you to buy things without cash. The advantage of the debit card is that there is no need to carry cash. Try maximum transition using debit. Another advantage of the debit card is that the exact amount can be transferred.

Do Your Research

Before going to any place, get the information about that place. The information may be related to the best time to visit, how to go there, the places to visit, which flight going to those places and accommodation. That information will guide you in planning your trip.

I hope this tips will be useful to you for next trip

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