Mussoorie – The Most Popular Tourist Destination In India

Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. It is famous for mesmerizing valise, kempty fall, company garden, Dhanaulty, and doon vally. It is also called “The Queen of Hills”. It is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state. The Mussoorie is famous for its awesome inspiring landscape, breathtaking view of Himalayan Ranges, snow cloud and green valise. All these things make Mussoorie more beautiful and a perfect destination for tourist. 

I visited Mussoorie three times. This article gives the information about the beautiful places in Mussoorie, weather condition, snow fall, how to reach there and car rental for sightseeing.

Lat Tibba –  Beautiful And Mesmerizing View Of Valley

Lat Tibba is located in the Landour area in Depot Hill at the height of 2275 and is the highest point in Mussoorie. This place is still untouched by commercialization. From this point one can see a beautiful and mesmerizing view of the valley. It is better to visit this place early in the morning before the crowd of people starts arriving.

Walk On Road

If you have time, then take a round walk on the road from Char Dukan –   Lal Tibba – Char Dukan. On this road you will experience the natural beauty of the valley, you will hear the sounds of different birds and see monkeys on the trees. If you are energetic, then get down by walking from Char Dukan to the Picture Point on the Mall road in the market. But do not try to go up from Picture Point to Lal Tibba. From Char Dukan to Mall Road, you will see beautiful traditional houses and bungalows of the Mussoorie.

Photo by Satyam HCR on Unsplash

The Mall –  Picturesque View Of Doon Valley And Shopping

The mall road starts from the Picture Palace and ends at the library. This is the main shopping area in Mussoorie and always crowded throughout the day. This road is famous for the picturesque view of the Doon valley. It is also one of the best places for shopping. If you are interested in shopping, then bargaining is must. A large number of restaurants and street side vendors are there for you to eat food. Walking on the mall road is a nice experience.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

The company Garden – A Place To Relax.

The company garden is a small but beautiful garden located 3 km from The Mall. It is a well-maintained garden with a variety of colorful flowers. It has an artificial water fall and a small lake having a boating facility, fountain and wax museum. Inside the garden, the food court has a variety of snacks, food and tea. This is a must visit place when you are in Mussoorie.

Photo by Abhishek Koli on Unsplash

Gun Hill – Second Highest Point In Mussoorie

Gun Hill is the second highest point in Mussoorie and a favorite place of visitors. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the picturesque Himalayan Range and the Doon Valley. Gun Hill is accessible by cable car and is available from the library building on The Mall. For the cable car, advance booking is required for some fees. It takes five to ten minutes to reach the Gun Hill. On the floor of Gun Hill there are many eateries and you can purchase snacks and other items. This is a must visit place.

Kempty Falls – Natural Beauty

Kempty falls is 15 km from Mussoorie and worth visiting. The water falls from 40 meters of height and has a mesmerizing view. You have to climb the steps to reach the water fall. There are several shops to serve you food and eatable items. Also, some shops of clothes for your shopping.

Photo by Sivakumar B from Pexels


Dhanaulti is 25 km from Mussoorie, has a lot of snow fall and is a tourist attraction. The snowfall in Dhanaulti attracts many tourists.

Image by Vids Pepo from Pixabay

The weather In Mussoorie

The summer season starts from April and ends in June. The temperature in this month ranges from 10oC to 30oC. The atmosphere during this season is very pleasant. The winter season is from October to February. The temperature during this season is very low nearly 2oC to 3 0C. The monsoon seasons are from July to September and experience heavy rains. If you are interested in the greenery of the Mussoorie, then visit Mussoorie just after the monsoon seasons. Every season has its advantage for those who love Mussoorie.

Snow Fall In Mussoorie

The minimum temperature of Mussoorie drops to 20C to 3oC in the months of January and February. In these months the chances of snow falling are more. Tourists from other parts of India come to Mussoorie to enjoy the snowfall.

How To Reach Mussoorie

1. Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is the Jolly Grand airport, Dehradun, nearly 60 km from Mussoorie. Dehradun is connected by major cities by air, train and road.

2. Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station is also Dehradun.

3. Other Modes of Transport: From Dehradun, many busses and taxis are available for Mussoorie. Some busses run from Delhi to Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is very near to Rishikesh and these places can be combined inone trip

Best Time To Visit: From March to the end of June Mussoorie has a pleasant atmosphere and is the best time to visit. People also visit Mussoorie from September to November.

Where To Stay: There are many hotels and resorts available ranging from budget to luxurious. You can find the hotel according to your budget.

Car Rental: There is an office of Mussoorie Taxi Union at the Picture Point at Mall Road. It is better to hire a taxi from that office. The rates are fixed and there is absolutely no cheating. You have to pay the money in advance at the office.

I think this information will be useful to you for planning your next trip.

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