10 Tips For How To Find The Best Hotel

To find the best hotel check the location of the hotel, type of hotel, amenities provided, budget and service. In addition to that search review, and compare the prices on different sites.

There are many hotel online booking sites provides the information about the hotel. Among the many hotels choosing the right hotel as per requirement is some time overwhelming. This blog gives the details about how to find the right hotel of your choice. For that follow these simple 10 tips.

1. What Type Of Hotel You Want?

Online booking sites provides different types of hotels. First decide what type of hotel do you want? Your want beach resort or a 5-star hotel or a budget hotel. Are you looking for beautiful decorated room with modern infrastructure or just a room to relax? First decide what do you want. Then it will be easy to find the hotel of your choice. Your search should be according to the list of priority.

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2. The Best Location Of The Hotel ?

First decide the location of the hotel. Where do you want to stay. You want to stay in the heart of the city or near the airport or on the seashore or any other location according to your choice. It is better to use a map to determine the location of the hotel. The major hotel booking sites show the hotel with the map and price. Make sure that hotspots like cafes, restaurants and shopping centers are easy to get to by car. Amenities of the attraction should be at short distance. Find the distance from the railway station, metro station or bus stop for easy travel to other places in the city.

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3. How to Get The Best Room For You?

Do not trust on the hotel advertising and the photography of the room shown by the hotel. Some time when you enter the room, that is not happening. Try to get beautifully decorated, spacious, clean, large-size rooms. Do not buy old and smelly rooms. The bed should be comfortable, so that you will get relaxation. The bathroom should have all the necessary toiletries with water. Always read the review of the customer about the rom. The best source of review is tripadvisor.

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4. Amenities “Free” or “Paid” Get Confirm?

The Hotel offers a lot of amenities like parking, internet, fitness center with gym, air conditioner, wifi, swimming pool, breakfast and spa. Some hotels offer all these amenities free of cost as the prices of the amenities are already included in the hotel booking price. Some hotels offer paid amenities or partly-paid amenities. Before booking a hotel, be sure to confirm what amenities are free and what are paid. For the confirmation of the amenities, contact the hotel through email or by phone. Hotels make changes from time to time, but booking sites do not update the changes.

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5. How To Find The Budget Hotel.

All major online booking sites like Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Goibibo, Expedia and others show prices of the hotel. You can search the hotel’s price according to your budget by applying a filter so you can find hotel at cheap rate. Compare the prices quoted on the maximum number of sites. You can also check the price with the hotel site. Some time, it may get a discount offered by the hotel, but other sites have not updated it. Like that, you can get a hotel at a cheap price.

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6. What About The Staff?

The most important aspect of any hotel is the staff. Without staff, the hotel cannot be imagined. Everybody likes helpful, courteous, polite, friendly and cooperative staff. Staff should take care of the customer in difficulties. For example, if you want to go somewhere, then they should help you to hire a taxi or call a taxi for you. The customer should not have to face any problem. For your hassle-free stay in the hotel staff is the important parameter. 

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7. Service And Hospitality

Everybody likes expressive service. The service may be of an order of meal or cleaning or any other service. It should be attended as early as possible. Outstanding hospitality and service make your stay better in the hotel.

8. Most Important Factor: “Review” – Actual Experience

Where to find all this information is a question ?. The reviews submitted by customers are available on all major sites like Trip advisor, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda and many others. Reviews give the information about what the previous customer experienced with the hotel.

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9. Read The “Very Bad Experience” And “Horrible Experience” Like Review.

These types of adverse reviews are also important. These adverse reviews generally are associated with behavior of the staff, cleanliness of the room, amenities, breakfast, services and hospitality. Some remarks may be related to the accounts. Actually, these are the important deciding factors about booking the hotel.

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Do Not Depend On Fully On The Review Provided By The Sites.

10. Do Double Cross Checking With The Site Of The Hotel.

Search the hotel’s site and make sure that the information given on the online booking site is correct. Some time hotels make the changes in some amenities or offer and that changes sites may not be updated. You can directly contact the hotel on the phone and ask about your doubts or any more information.

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The above tips definitely will help you to find the right hotel of your choice.

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