10 Advantage Of Travelling By Train Over The Air

Advantages of travelling by train are cost-effective, choices of routes, the largest network, multiple services, and a comfortable journey. No need to arrive 2 hours before departure, carry more luggage, amazing view from the window, allow home-cooked food, and stations are within the city. These facilities are not available for air flights.

Travelling By Train Is Cost-Effective

Travelling by train is cost-effective as train tickets are cheap than flying. You can carry extra luggage without paying any fees, whereas this is not allowed on the flight. There are no airport taxes, stations are within the city, no baggage fees, no booking fees, and infants can go free. Travelling by train is more convenient than driving by car. You can find the cheapest train ticket possible as there are different types of trains depending on places, time, and distance. Whether the distance is shorter or longer, travelling by train is always cheaper than by plane.

Wide Choices Of Routes, Time, And Scheduled

There are many trains between the two stations of departure and arrival. The departure time and arrival time of the different trains are different. Then select the train according to your convenience time. Also, long-distance trains may have different routes. You can choose the route according to your choice. The fare of the train depends on the route. You can choose the train having a low fare. Along with that, there are different types of trains like fast, sleeper, and passenger.

Largest Trains Network In India

India has the fourth largest network of trains in the world. The national network has 126,366 km of tracks, over a route of 67,368 km, and 7325 stations. It is divided into 18 zones. Trains are connected to more cities as compared to the plane. Another thing is that it is connected to big and small cities where planes fly to big cities only.

Allow To Carry Home Cooked Food

I can take home-cooked food with me on the train. The train allows eatable items like food, fruits, drinking water and any liquid items. There is not any restriction on carrying food or water or any liquid with you. Thus, I can save money on purchasing food and water.

Multiple Services By Train

The train offers multiple services and facilities for the passengers. These services include a pantry car for meals, whee chair for disabled or ill persons, Free Wi-Fi for the mobile networks, medical treatment, first aid box. At the railway station facilities of the clock room, waiting room, safety locker, and food stalls are available. Along with these facilities parcel services, bike parcel, and passenger reservation enquiry are also offered by train. At the airport, these facilities are not available.

Enjoy The Amazing View From The Train Window

Trains have large glass window panels and glass roofs which will allow you to look outside. There are landscapes, cultures, rivers, lakes, sunrise & sunset on the side of the train track which you can watch from the window of the train. Beautiful sightseeing is the noteworthy benefit of the train journey. The natural beauty is in these things and not in the cities. So enjoy nature.

A More Spacious And Comfortable journey

Travelling by trains is a relaxed journey. The seat of the train has a large size and is comfortable. You can sit or sleep on your seat or stretch your legs. If you are a group of people, then you can sit on one berth and can play cards or chat with each other or even read a book. If you get bored, then take a walk inside the train. You can step down at the other station when the train stops at the station.

Stations Are Within City

The majority of the stations are located within the city. So the distance to the station may be less and can easily and in a short time reach the station. The distance required to reach the station from home may be less as compared to reaching the airport. Again, after reaching your destination city, you get down from the train and visit the place of your interest in the city. Thus, you can save

Luggage No Problem

While travelling by train, there is not any restriction on luggage. You can make the pack according to your convenience and weight. No need for paying extra money. You can put your luggage inside the train with you.

Interaction With More People

In one country a lot of people are travelling, and you can interact with many people of different states having different languages. This is one of the best ways to understand the different culture coming from different parts of the country. At different stations you can learn the different culture of the different states and people. What is their food, dresses, language and other things? All these things are possible by train only. money.

No Need to Arrive 2 Hours Before Departure

At the airport you have to reach 2 hours early for a security check, screening of your luggage and obtaining a boarding pass. At the railway station no need to reach 2 hours earlier as there are not these formalities. To reach 10 to 15 minutes before the departure time of the train is sufficient.

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