Will The COVID – 19 Vaccination Passports / Certificate be Compulsory For International Travel?

Majority of the countries around the world started COVID-19 vaccination program for their citizens so as to end the corona virus pandemic. The rich countries are supplying the corona vaccine to the less wealthy countries. The majority of the countries are thinking about opening their border for international travel for economic growth. Some of the countries are making efforts to issue COVID – 19 vaccination certificates to their citizens who are vaccinated so they can travel internationally without quarantine and any test.

This article describes the information about which countries are taking efforts to issue the corona vaccination certificate. The question is whether the corona vaccination certificate will be compulsory for domestic or international travel in the future.

Israel Is The first Country In The World Issued “Green Pass”

Israel is the first country in the world to introduce a new document called “Green Pass” for COVID-19 vaccinated citizens. The green pass is issued to the people who get vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19. The green pass holders are allowed to enter public places like gyms, hotels, theaters, sport, indoor dining and restaurants. At every time they have to produce green pass as they are protected against the corona virus.

israel- Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash

Which Countries Accepted Israel’s “Green Pass”?

At present only Georgia recognizes Israel’s green pass. The citizens from Israel possessing the green pass are allowed in Georgia without any test report and quarantine. No other country accepts Israel’s Green Pass

Which Other Countries Are Working On Vaccination Passport/Certificates? 

Denmark is working on a passport for a Danish traveler.

The Greek Prime Minister has sent a letter to the European Commission President urging to introduce a voronavirous vaccination certificate.

Cyprus opens its border in March 2021 for those who show the certificate of vaccination.

China has launched a digital COVID – 19 vaccination certificates for its citizens planning to cross the border to other countries issuing similar documents to their citizens.

Bahrain has also introduced a certificate to identify vaccinated people.

Will CORONA-19 Vaccination Passport/ Certificate Be Compulsory For International Travel In Future?.

The present trend shows that all countries are interested in opening their border for passengers from other countries for economic growth. At the same time, they do not want to spread the coronavirus from the tourists coming from other countries. To take precaution against the corona virus, every country will not allow the passenger without a vaccination certificate. If this will be the restriction, then every country has to issue the Corona vaccination certificate to the citizens who are interested in travelling. All countries are trying it in the digital form. Without vaccination, no country will issue the passport to their citizens.

Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

Did WHO Accept The Idea Of a Vaccination Passport / Certificate?

WHO opposed the idea of vaccine passport acceptations internationally for COVID-19. Because of numerous concerns, including ethical consideration that corona virus vaccines are not easily available globally. There are so many countries even not starting vaccination for their citizens.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Efforts Of Industry Leader

Industry leaders are coordinating their efforts to create a covid-19 digital passport internationally that would say whether the passenger has been vaccinated or not.

What Will Be The Information On The Digital Passport/ Certificate?

The basic information may be a passenger’s name and testing, vaccine information and would manage and verify information among government, airlines and laboratories.

Image by Elf-Moondance from Pixabay

I hope that this information will be useful to people for their future travel

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