7 Important Things To Check Before Booking Holiday Package

The important things to check before booking holiday are duration of holiday, flight, hotel, meal, transfer and price. This thing will make holiday enjoyable and happy.

There are growing demands among people to buy all-inclusive holiday packages because they are interested in a tension-free holiday. Generally, Holiday package includes a flight, a hotel, food transport and sightseeing. All travel booking sites and agencies offer these facilities partly or all to attract the customer. Among a lot of offers what are the important offers to check before booking the package and which package is better for you is a difficult task. This article describes the factor to check before booking the holiday package.

1. Duration Of The Holiday

The online booking sites offer different packages depending on the number of days. The number of days depends on the places of attraction to visit and time required to travel from one destination to another destination. First, decide which sightseeing places you are interested in visiting. Prepare the list of the places of your interest. Then check in which tour package your places of interest are included. Then select that tour package. Unnecessarily, do not select the holiday package having a number of days more. Always remember that your expenditure depends on the duration of holiday.    

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2. Flight  – Decide Included Or Not

First, decide whether you are interested in booking the holiday package with flight or without flight. Some travel agencies give the options of holiday package with flight or without flight. There are many benefits of booking a flight on your own. You can choose the airlines having the lowest airfares or according to your choice. The other benefit of booking a flight on your own is that it is according to your timing.

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If you are doing a customized tour with a flight, then ask about the name of the airlines by which you will be flying, the timing of the flying and the airport. Timing and the airport some time becomes an inconvenience for you. For example, if you live in Pune and has flight  to Dubai from the Mumbai airport at night. Then it becomes very hectic to travel up to Mumbai at your own cost and also time spending.   

3. Hotels – Decide The Type Of Accommodation

The most searched amenities by the travelers are Hotels. Online booking sites provide a wide range of options on hotel ranging from unrated to 5 stars or like standard, deluxe or luxurious. You decide what type of properties you are interested in. Now a day, travelers give importance to cleanliness and hygiene. If you are interested in high quality of amenities, then go for higher rated hotels. Your tour budget depends on the rating of the hotels.

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4. Meal- What Type Of Meal You Want In Package

Booking sites offer different meal choices for the customer. The main offers on meals are welcome drinks at arrival, breakfast and dinner. Again, there are options of whether you require vegetarian or non- vegetarian food. Like hotels, breakfast is also the most searched amenities by the traveler. Some sites offer all these items in the package while some of them offer only part of them. You decide whether you want all the things together or part of it. It is better to buy all the things together because it is cost effective.

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5. Transfer –  Common Or Private

Transfer is one most important part of your holiday package. If the number of travelers is more then booking agencies arrange a Volvo bus or a big-size bus. Travel by Volvo bus means you have to follow the timing of the bus. If you like any sightseeing spot on the road side, then you cannot get down and enjoy the beauty of that spot. But if you hired a private car, then you can stop anywhere. Check which type of vehicle will be provided to you, whether it is a Volvo bus or a cab with AC or without AC. If you want some changes, then it is better to ask for that.

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6. Offers :  Misguiding Factor

Many online booking sites offer some percentage discount on the total cost if booking is done before the given dates. Some offers depend on the number of people in one group booking the holiday at one time. I saw that food is purchased from that hotel again, some discount is offered. Definitely, you will enjoy the offer that will save your budget. But it does not depend on the discount offered by the agency. Calculate the actual cost of the holiday package including discount.

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7. Price Of Package: Compare With Different Sites

It is the cost of the flight, accommodation, sightseeing, transport and meal for a single pack. The same package tour may have different prices at different online booking sites. So do not depend on one site but compare the prices with other sites. Do some homework. Also, see what other sites give extra at the same cost.

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Conclusion: These are the important things to check before buying the holiday package. If you take some efforts on searching these things and comparing with other sites, definitely you will save your money, time and enjoy more sightseeing.

I hope this article will be beneficial for deciding the holiday package

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