How To Prepare Best Itinerary Of Char Dham Yatra To Complete In 10 Days

Travelling is not simple and easy without an itinerary.  We prepared our itinerary for char dham yatra well advance 3 to 4 months before going to char dham  yatra. We booked our air flight and vehicle for local sightseeing  according to the itinerary.  While preparing the itinerary the factors considered were  the dates, the days, number of stays and places of stay,  time required from going one place to another place, time required to visit the sightseeing place, time required to take lunch and tea or breakfast on the road side.

We followed this itinerary strictly and our trip became successful. I am  sharing this itinerary for those who are interested to complete the char dham yatra. We  started our char dham yatra from Deharadum  and after visiting all the  char dham again  reached to Dehradun. 

Factors Considered For Preparing The Itinerary

The following table shows the days, dates, starting destination and reaching destination, distance between two destinations, time required to cover the distance and night stay.

I hope that this information will be useful to you for planning your next trip to char dham yatra.

DaysDateTravel  FromTravel  ToDistanceTime required for travelNight stay
1 DehradunBarkot126 km5 hrBarkot
2 Barkot YamunotriYamunotri Barkot46 km  drive + 6 km trek One side2.30 hr road journey + Depend on  your walking speed  Barkot
3 Barkot Gangotri Gangotri Uttarkashi180 km 100 km6 hr 3 hrUttarkashi
4 UttarkashiSitapur220 km8-9 hrSitapur
5 SitapurKedarnath Dham16 km trekDepends  on your speedKedarnath Dham
6 Kedarnath Dham Sitapur16 kmDepends on your speedSitapur
7 SitapurBadrinath210 km9 hrBadrinath
8 BadrinathRudraprayag155 km6 hrRudraprayag
9 RudraprayagRishikesh141 km5 hrRishikesh
10 Rishikesh (Early morning)Dehradun45 km1.30 hrAt your place
Table of char dham yatra itinerary

Map of The Char Dhm Yatra.

The road journey of char dham yatra is not simple. You can not reach straight from one dham to another dham. Many times you have to come back on the same route and then can go to another dham. The speed of the vehicle is limited. This increased the number of stay. The map of the char dham yatra is produced for your information

Important  Tips While Preparing The Itinerary.

1. You can change or modify the itinerary according to your convenient.

2. The time considered when smooth running on the road.  

3. But always, every day jam happens on the char dham dham yatra road .

4. At some places the conditions of the road is bad then it becomes difficult to maintain

the speed of vehicle.  

5. Lot of Vehicles runs on the peak seasons in that case also, some time it is not possible

to maintain the speed of vehicle.

6. Always better to start early in the morning.

7. At all the dhams,  always  there is  long queue of devotees for the darshan. It will be

better to consider this time while preparing the itinerary.

8. There are other beautiful places in that region  and can be covered  in the same trip

9. Driving in this area not allowed after 8 pm to 4 am.

I hope the information given above will be useful to you for preparing the itinerary for

char dham yatra.

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