OYO Rooms Discount, Offers, Coupons, Wizards, And Cashback

OYO room offers  various types of offers, discount, coupons, cashback  and wizard benefits to the customer on hotel  booking. To book the OYO rooms at best price take the benefits of all discount and offers. Before booking the OYO rooms you must know what are the  offer and discount on OYO rooms so that you can get benefits. Some of the important offer and discount are discussed in this article.

Great Discount On OYO Rooms Hotel Booking At Cheap Rate

All tourist likes to book cheap hotels. OYO rooms offer different percentages off on different hotels. There is not any fixed percentage off on all OYO hotels, but it varies from hotel to hotel. Before booking any hotel it will be better to check carefully how much percentage is off on that particular hotel. On the booking page of the hotel, the display shows the percentage off on the hotel room, the original cost and actual cost per day per night after dropping the off percentage. If you are interested to avail the discount on  hotel booking on total cost and get the hotel in cheap price  then this is one of the best opportunity.

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Longer The Duration Of Stay-  Lowest Will Be The Price

OYO rooms introduced offer on  stay in the hotel and that depends on the number of days you are staying in the hotel . To avail this offer the condition is that your stay should be more than 5 days.  If you are interested to stay for more than five days then you will get additional benefits of 5% of the total cost of the hotel stay.

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OYO Wizard –  Budget Friendly Hotel Booking:  If you are planning your holiday ahead in future and want to save the money on hotel booking then definitely purchase OYO wizard. This is one of the best options to get hotel at cheaper rate. For that you have to purchase OYO Wizard membership. There are three different types of membership of OYO wizard namely blue, silver and gold. The benefits of all the memberships are different. Different types of membership and benefits on them ate listed in the below table.

ParticularsBlue MembershipSilver MembershipGold Membership
Purchasing cost (Rs)99199399
5% +10% addition on all wizard member hotel and wizard base  Applicable  Applicable  Applicable
Instant Reward in money wallet(Rs)50012003000
Validity of Membership6 month12 month24 month
Cash back on every stay(Rs)Not applicable75200
Discount couponsNot applicable12
Unlimited UsageApplicableApplicableApplicable
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Tips: The benefits are depends on the type of membership. First,  decide what type of membership you want to purchase. You will get the benefits according to your membership.

Voucher –   Purchase Now Get Double Money: OYO room offers the voucher for the double amount of the buying cost. Remember that this voucher  is not refundable. Again, it has to avail before the expiry date fixed by the OYO rooms, beyond that this voucher automatically cancelled. Another condition for the voucher is that it cannot be combined with other offers and only one coupon can be purchase at one prepaid booking.

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I think that this information will be useful to you for booking the OYO room. Before booking the OYO rooms check all offers deeply and due date for that offers. Also compare the prices and amenities provides by other hotels also.

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