Dangerous Travel Experience From My Life: India To Bhutan Night Journey By Road

Some of the journeys you cannot forget in life and teach a lesson that what happened should not be repeated. I started my longest journey from Pune, India and was suppose to reach Bhutan. I completed Phuentsholing to Thimpu journey in the night darkness with the drunk driver and dense fog. That was the most dangerous journey I did in my life. This article gives detail information about what happened to us while travelling to Thimpu. I am sharing important information so that you will not have to face the dangerous experience that I faced. In total, there were  8 people from two different families.

Huge Rush Of People At Entry Permit Office Phuentsholing

We hired private taxi from New Jalpaigudi to Phuentsholing and reached the Immigration office located in Phuentsholing inside the border of Bhutan nearly at 11.00 pm. There was a huge rush of  people for obtaining the Entry Permit. The Indian citizens, who are interested in entering  Bhutan by road, have to obtain an entry permit at the  Immigration office at Phuentsholing and it is the only entry gate to Bhutan

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

We Got Entry Permit On The Same Day But Very Late.

We completed the formalities required for obtaining entry permit. After that the concerned person of the Immigration Office told us that “You will not get Entry Permit today. You come on tomorrow and take the entry permit”. Before reaching Immigration office our thought was that entry permit will get immediately after submitting the application form. We have no idea of this would  happens with us and our further plan may be in disturb. Then we meet the higher authority in the immigration office and requested to issue the entry permit on the same day. On frequent request, The Higher Authority agreed and issued entry permit on the same day. But we got the entry permit at   nearly 3.00 pm. We were very happy because our further plan will not be in disturbed.  After that we had our lunch.

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

Bhutanese Drivers Were Not Ready To Drive For Thimpu

Then we started searching for a vehicle going to Thimpu. There were a lot of taxis standing near the Immigration office. We asked too many Bhutanese drivers about going to Thimpu. But Bhutanese drivers were not ready for going to Thimpu. We asked them the reason. They told us that “It is too late for going to Thimpu. We could not go to Thimpu beyond 2.00 pm. In the hilly area driving at night is very difficult.” After making so many requests to so many drivers our efforts failed. Again we were in trouble. Indian Agent At jaigaon Managed Trip To Bhutan.

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Driver Consumed Bear On The Road Side Hotel

Then we came back to Jaigaon, a last town of India, and started searching for an agent who would take us to Thimpu on the same day. We were not in a mood to stay at Jaigaon or Phuentsholing. Some agents have an entry permit of the vehicle but not of the driver. For going to Bhutan, a vehicle as well as a driver requires an Entry Permit. Lastly one agent managed Entry Permit for both vehicles as well as a driver from the Immigration office. He arranged a tour package of Bhutan for sightseeing of Thimpu and Paro. He also arranged some currency for us. After checking at the check post at the entry point beyond Phuentsholing, our real journey started to Thimpu nearly 6.00 pm. We did not know what was the danger ahead of us?

Photo by Chris F from Pexels

The Night Journey — Remote Road and Darkness

There was complete darkness on the road. The traffic on the road was completely zero. There was no vehicle, no person, no hotel we noticed on the road. Even though there was no light or lamp, we saw at least one. Only our vehicle was playing on the road. Now we remembered why Bhutanese drivers were denying the trip to Thimpu. We should have believed in them. But we believed our Indian agent.

Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

Complete Valley Covered By Dense Fog

Now we were nearly at 12000 feet height from the sea level. Suddenly, the valley was covered by dense fog. Nobody was able to see anything outside the vehicle and in that condition the driver was driving the vehicle. How he was driving he only knows? All of us giving support to each other. There was not any place to stop the vehicle and take the shelter. After some time at one point we saw the military check — post. We requested the military personnel about the permission for shelter up to morning. But they told that “Permission is not allowed in the check post. Thimpu is very near. You will reach Thimpu within half an hour”. By hearing this word we felt some better. Finally we reached to our hotel at Thimpu nearly 2.00 am.

Photo by Vincent Tan from Pexels

In the Morning Total World was Different

When I came out of the hotel and saw different world. Everything was new to me. The people, their dresses, architecture of the building and moving monks on the road with saffron colors dresses. I forget all the difficulties that I faced during the travel from Phuentsholing to Thimpu. That was a new and pleasant morning for me.

Image by Sittichok Glomvinya from Pixabay

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