Planning Budget Trip In 10 Simple Steps

11 simple steps for planning a budget trip are 1. Search the destination. 2. Study the weather. 3. How many days?. 4. Booking of flights. 5. Hotel booking. 6. Booking local transport. 7. Calculate the budget. 8. Prepare itinerary. 9. Luggage to pack. 10. List travel document.

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Step 1. Search The Destination

Social media and Google Maps are great sources of travel information. Search the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for the related destinations. Find the places in a particular area. Also, search the nearby places to visit in that particular area. Other sources for travel destination information are TripAdvisor, Think With Google and Guide books. Get some homework on searching the destinations.

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Step 2. Study The Weather

Study the climate of that region where you are going. The best weather should be likely to be warm, sunny, and dry. The majority of the travelers prefer winter or to travel. The summer season is the best for the mountains area whereas the winter season is best for the plane area in India. For the desert areas, and sea shores the summer season is not the best time to visit. In that season you will feel very hot and will be difficult to come out of the room. You will immediately get tired.

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Step 3. How many Days

While planning any trip start planning well in advance. So you will get sufficient time to finalise the things. My advice is to start planning well advance before 3 to 4 month before your departure date. Because if you want some minor or major changes in your trip, then it will not have  much effect on the trip. Also that much time will be sufficient to save the money for your trip, finalising the hotel, finding cheap air flight and booking tickets and find local transport or drivel. You will get sufficient time to prepare the itinerary for your travel plan. Between the time decide what are the things to take with you and what avoided and purchase the new items required for your trip. These things are very important while planning a trip.

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Step 4. Booking of Flight

Book your flight tickets at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance for the best flight ticket price and flight ticket offers. There are many online sites for air flight ticket booking. These sites have offers and deals on ticket booking for the customer. After availing of the offers and deals on ticket booking you will get cheap tickets for the domestic and international flights. Also compares the ticket prices on many sites. Book the flight which shows low price. Some of the major online ticket booking sites are MakeMytrip, Goindigo, Goibibo, Cleartrip, and

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Step 5. Hotel Booking

Search the hotels on online booking sites for the destination where you want to go. Then search for the specific hotel or landmark. In order to find cheap hotels check the hotel deals and compare the prices on different sites. There are hotels, motels, bread and breakfast, holiday letting. You can book according to your choice and budget. Some of the best hotel booking sites are which compare the prices of the hotel are Trivago, Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, and Yatra.

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Step 6 Booking Local Transport

Searching driver and vehicle is the most crucial job in trip. One biggest advantage of private higher vehicle is that you can take to any place. No need to higher other vehicle for local travel for any purpose. Then question is where to find the private vehicle. Many online sites provides the information about the driver and vehicle. Contact to them and take take the quotation from more drivers. Before booking the private vehicle read the review of the driver and vehicle. If driver is not good then he will give trouble to you. Book the vehicle before reaching to your destination.

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Step 7. Calculate The Budget

At the time of planning a trip calculate how much money you can spend on vacation. This will help you plan a better vacation. For that consider travel cost, type of hotel stay, number of days, meal, and local transport cost. To calculate the budget for trips use the travel budget calculator app. Prepare the travel budget worksheet in excel. Then according to your budget start saving money.

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Step 8. Prepare Itinerary

To prepare a perfect travel itinerary choose your destination, gather the basic information of the destination, plan your route of travel, plan your activities for every day, all en route halting points, periods of halts, and the places to visit. Then write down, date of starting the trip, date of return from the trip, where to stay, places to visit, and time required from going from one place to another place. Follow the itinerary strictly otherwise your trip will be disturbed.

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Step 9. Luggage To Pack.

First, prepare the travel packing checklist, and choose the packing suitcase. Try to pack all luggage in one suitcase. It is better to carry minimum items so you can carry them with you. Take the clothes according to the weather of the region where you are going. Before packing the luggage check how much luggage is allowed on a flight that you are traveling. Other important things to pack in the suitcase are water bags, a phone charger, socks. chappels. Add one backpack to your list. Do not forget to carry your daily required medicine with you.

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Step 10: list Travel Document

The travel documents are visas, passports, identification documents, flight tickets, foreign currency, and travel insurance details. All these identity documents should be issued by the government or international authority. Other than these other important things to carry with you are debit card, credit card, and passport size photo. If possible email all these documents to your email. If you are carrying a hard copy then prepare the sets of all person’s documents together and distribute them to all people.

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