How To Plan Low Budget Trip To Any Place In 10 Simple Steps

To plan low-budget trips find cheap transport and hotel. After planning the trip prepare a budget for food, carry limited luggage, look at holiday packages, book flight tickets in advance, and travel off-peak season. There are many online sites that show the prices of air flights, hotels, and deals on them. You compare the prices on different sites and choose the lowest one. Off-peak season is the best option to travel on a low budget without a crowd.  Before you start planning a trip decide on the budget. Without a sufficient budget, there is no meaning in planning a trip. 

Plan Your Trip

For planning any trip choose the place to visit. Then decide the duration of the trip and prepare an itinerary. After that search and book flight, hotel, local transport, railway, and bus tickets according to your budget and convenience. If possible, take the travel advice. Prepare a list of activities at the destination you want to enjoy during the trip. Calculate the budget properly for all things.  If you have short time for the trip, then do not spend much time on travel to and from your destination. Also, think of a tailor-made trip with package savings. The important thing is to take care of your health. Buy travel insurance for any emergency.

Find The Cheapest Mode Of Transport

There are different modes of transport like flight, water, train, and road.  Determine the cost of each transport taken to your destination. Find the best and cheap mode of transportation. Among the different modes of transport, the railway is the cheapest mode as compared to others. In addition to that, the railway does not charge for luggage and it is safest for both passengers and luggage. After railway waterway is the cheapest way of travel. Traveling by road for a short distance is better. The choice of flight is the quickest but costlier than the train, bus, taxi, and bus. The cruise ship is also the costliest but luxurious, and ecofriendly.

Booking Of Cheap Flight Ticket

In order to book cheap flight tickets, book your flight well in advance, and be flexible on dates. Along with that compare the prices and save on wide choices of flights. Some online booking sites offer the best deals and discounts on multiple airline ticket bookings on domestic and international flights. There are flat-rate discounts on flight booking with specific bank cards like HDFC bank, Axix bank, and Standard charted bank. There are many online flight booking sites.  Some of the famous sites are  and  

Find the Cheapest Hotel

There is a wide range of hotels available on online hotel booking sites. You can easily find hotels in different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Dubai, or in Asia or the world.  In addition to the hotels, there are guest houses also.  You can use a hotel finder to search the hotel deal for major destinations in the world. Some sites offer several discounts on hotel booking. By taking the discount you can save up to 60 % to 80%.  Some of the major hotel booking sites are,,,,,  

Travel During Off-Peak Season

Traveling off-peak season means the slowest travel season. During the off-peak season, there are chances of cheaper flights and cheaper hotels. For that Prepare the-off season travel calendar, and find the best destinations around the globe like Europe, Asia, America, India, Australia, New Zealand, and many places. For example, July to September is considered off-season months for traveling in India due to the monsoon season. The travel companies offer a fabulous discount during this season.  During the peak season, everyone wants to travel, demands are more and therefore prices are high.

Budget For Food Cost

Food costs are a big part of planning a trip. You have to spend some money on food for every day of the trip. It includes breakfast in the morning, lunch in the evening, and dinner at the night. You decide how much have to spend on food per day. The cost can start from any price depending on what type of food you buy, the quality of food, how much you eat, and where you eat. The cost of food also depends on the places, country, and hotel you are choosing.

Find The Cheapest Local Transport

When traveling within the cities like India buses are the cheapest public transport. But traveling by bus is hectic, time-consuming, and boring. If you do not have this problem, then travel by bus. For that compare the bus prices, bus schedule, and bus companies. Book the cheapest bus ticket.  Metros and local trains are good options for cheap transport. Buses have the largest network even in the remote places where metro and trains do not reach. Apart from these auto or car will be a good option. The cheapest local public transport is available in India, London, Melbourne, USA, Germany, the US, and Europe.

Look At Holiday Packages

There are many online sites that have holiday packages for India and across the world. It offers a wide range of holiday packages for various segments of travelers. Some travel sites offer the best deal on tour packages. You can compare the prices with different sites for your packages. Some of the major sites which provide domestic and international travel packages are The best package holidays are for the destination of Maldives, Bali, Goa, Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, Thailand, Andaman, and Manali.

Carry Limited Luggage

The majority of domestic and international flight allows you to check one bag and carry one bag per customer. Before booking the flight check how much maximum weight is allowed for both types of bags. There is a weight concept for an international flight. The weight concept should not exceed the carry-on limit allowed by the flight. For example, the carry-on limit for Air France is 55x35x25 cm whereas New Zealand is 115 cm. If your weight exceeds the carry-on limit you have to pay more charges. In order to save money, carry the number of bags and weight as per allowed by the airline.

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning a budget trip to any place in the world.

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