11 Tips For Planning Any Trip And Anywhere

Before planning any trip anywhere consider place to visit, budget, type of traveler, mode of transport, type of hotel, climate of that region and itinerary. Before going on any trip planning of trip is very important. Because planning a trip makes your travel hassle free, saves your money and days. But some people thinks that planning a trip is tedious job and they run away from planning a trip. I planned number of trip with my family, or with group of other families and completed successfully. By planning and completing the trips I have come  across some good experience and bad experience. Through this good and bad experience I had learned lot of thing required for planning a trip. After that I have helped many people to plan their trip and they also successfully completed their trip.

In this blog I have discussed what are the factors considered for planning a trip. I hope that this information will be useful to you for planning next trip.

 Step 1: What Type Of Traveller You Are?

First decide whether you are travelling solo or with family members or with group of families or with friends. The answer to this question will help you planning the trip. I am always travelling with my family or a group of families. If I am travelling with my family then I have to plan every thing from preparing the budget, itinerary, booking hotels and air tickets and other lot of things. If I am travelling with other family member the work will be distributed and goes on faster. But you have to compromise lot of things if you are travelling with other people. You have to also listen what they want. But the advantage is that you will enjoy the company of the like minded peoples and also saves money on group booking. Your local transport vehicle and hotel stay also depends on the number of people.

Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

Step 2: Decide The Places To Visit.

You are planning your trip because you exactly known where to go. Then where is the question of deciding the places?. But think differently. Suppose you are to going to Uttarakhand State in India. But if you searched, you will find lot of beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand. If all the places visiting are not possible due to sparing number of days or budget then prepare the list of the places you are interested to visit. Get some home work on searching the places, read the blogs, see the Instagram and some books and magazines. Decide what exactly which places you want to visit.Lastly prepare the list of places you like and to visit.

Photo by Bruno Wolff on Unsplash

Step 3: Study The Best Time To Visit

Study the climate of that region where you are going.I am giving very important to the climate. I heard from many people that their trip was not so much enjoyable due to climate. For example, if you are going in desert area in the summer season then due to heat you will feel very hot and will be difficult to come out from the room and possibility immediately getting tired. You are spending lot of money and time on your trip but you will not get enjoy due to climate. Then it will be better to visit desert region in the winter season. The same thing will also happens in the sea shore area or beaches. In summer season you will feel very hot. On the other hand it will be better to visit cold region like mountains and snow in summer season. If you are interested to enjoy the trip them study these factor and plan your trip accordingly.

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

Step 4: Start Planning Early.

While planning any trip start planning well in advance. So you will get sufficient time to finalise the things. My advice is to start planning well advance before 3 to 4 month before your departure date. Because if you want some minor or major changes in your trip, then it will not have  much effect on the trip. Also that much time will be sufficient to save the money for your trip, finalising the hotel, finding cheap air flight and booking tickets and find local transport or drivel. You will get sufficient time to prepare the itinerary for your travel plan. Between the time decide what are the things to take with you and what avoided and purchase the new items required for your trip. These things are very important while planning a trip.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Step 5: Choose Mode Of Transport And Make Advance Booking

While planning any trip first I decide what will be my mode of Transport? Whether I have to travel by Air or railway or private vehicle. Or part of the trip by air or railway or private vehicle. If my plan is to travel by air then I search for the air flight flying there and which is cheapest and convenient air flight. Another factor is to find the connectivity of the flight from one place to another place. There should not be more gap between the flight. If you are booking well advance then there is possibility of getting air tickets at cheap fair. For railway reservation also make advance booking otherwise possibility will not be getting tickets. For local travel searching of vehicle and driver is also important.

Image by Johan Widén from Pixabay

Step 6: Book Your Hotel In Advance

If you want peaceful mind through out the trip then advance booking of your accommodation is necessary otherwise you will be in trouble. If you reach without booking the accommodation at your destination then you have to run for searching the accommodation. This will waste your time and energy or you have to pay more money. While planning a trip finalise on which date where is your stay. Search the accommodation at that destination on that day according to your budget. The major source of searching the accommodation are online accommodation booking sites. Before booking the accommodation compare the prices on many sites. By comparing the prices select the possibility is that you will find the accommodation at cheap rate.

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Step 7: Book Driver / Vehicle In Advance For Local Transport

Searching driver and vehicle is the most crucial job in trip. One biggest advantage of private higher vehicle is that you can take to any place. No need to higher other vehicle for local travel for any purpose. Then question is where to find the private vehicle. Many online sites provides the information about the driver and vehicle. Contact to them and take take the quotation from more drivers. Before booking the private vehicle read the review of the driver and vehicle. If driver is not good then he will give trouble to you. Book the vehicle before reaching to your destination.

Image by Herbert Bieser from Pixabay

Step 8: Calculate The Budget For Complete Trip

At the time of planning a trip figure out how much money you can spend on your trip. Because all your expenditure on trip will depend on your budget. For calculating the budget of my trip,  I consider cost of air flight tickets, total expenditure on hotel stay,  local transport and food charges.  Expenditure on hotel stay, local transport and food charges are totally depends on your length of the trip. If your length of trip is long then budget will be more. I am doing some homework to find the hotel rate at different destinations using online hotel booking sites. I am also searching the cost of the hotel on the site of that hotel. Lastly I am imposing some restriction on per day per person budget so that it cannot go beyond certain limits.

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Step 9: Prepare Your Own Itinerary

I prepare the itinerary of my travel plan. Best itinerary is very important because it has an effect on your budget and days. The factors considered for preparation of itinerary were number of days, starting date, ending date, where to stay, places to visit and time required from going to one place to another place. In addition to that it shows the detail activities of the particular day. You can also prepare the best itinerary considering to factors considered. Write down all these thing on paper or mobile. Follow the itinerary strictly otherwise your trip will be disturb.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Step 10: Prepare The List Of Luggage To Pack With You.

Luggage is an integral part of any trip and useful throughout your trip. The most important is what types of bag you are choosing to take your items requires in the trip . Some time your luggage depends on the atmosphere where you are going. If you are going to cold region then sweater will be an additional luggage. Prepare the list of items which are very necessary otherwise on every day you have to carry extra weight. Add a one backpack to your list.

Photo by Leon Ardho from Pexels

Step 11: Prepare the List Of Other Things And Document To Take With You.

Some of the other thing are very important on your trip. They are small but very important. These are Identity card, debit card, credit card, passport, visa and passport size photo. If possible email all these documents at your email. If you are carrying a hard copy then prepare the sets of all person’s documents together and distribute to all person. You take all your medicines which you are taking because that medicine may not be getting in that region where you are going.

Image by cytis from Pixabay 

I hope this article will be useful to you for planning your next trip

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