OYO Rooms Near Me Under 500

OYO rooms mean Your Own Rooms. OYO rooms near me mean room in your location. OYO rooms under 500 means rooms started from INR 500 or below INR 500. OYO rooms start from a price of INR 499/- . Rooms near me are available outside, or cities, or locations, or popular cities, near railway stations, or airports. OYO rooms have the largest network of budget accommodations spread over 199 cities in India.

OYO rooms are one of the most popular hotels used by the vast variety of young students and unmarried couples in the country. That extremely flexible policy of the hotel increases the popularity of the OYO. OYO rooms below 500 are helping the customer on a budget to find the hotel at a cheap price.

Category Of OYO Rooms

There are different categories of OYO rooms.

OOYO rooms – Affordable stay with essential amenities

Premium Rooms – Hotel at prime location with amenities

Town Home – It is a friendly, neighborhood hotel serviced by OYO

Flagship Hotel – Affordable hotel at a prime location serviced by OYO

OXOX Design – Beautifully decorated private house crafted for travelers.

OYO rooms have the largest network of accommodation across the world. It provides accommodation in more than 80 countries worldwide and more than  800 cities. It has more than 43000 hotels from small cities to metropolitan cities. Also, it offers executive rooms. You will get accommodation in any part of the world according to your interested location and budget.

OYO Rooms Below 500

 OYO rooms offer a wide range of hotels from low budget to very high budget. The minimum rent starts from  Rs.  499/- per day per night, which is very low. The maximum rent has no limit. For that OYO rooms are affordable to every class of the customer. The rent depends on the location and amenities available in the hotel.

Different Types Of OYO rooms

OYO offers different types of accommodation like Townhouses for friendly and neighborly accommodation.  Silver key accommodation is executive stay for business persons, offers multi-utility spaces, and efficiency. Homestays are specially designed for a unique and distinctive accommodation experience. Collection O is another type of accommodation designed for leisure and business travelers. One can choose the accommodation according to their budget and interest. OYO provides accommodation for all categories of customers.

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Safe For Unmarried Couples

The OYO rooms provide couple-friendly hotels which are safe, reliable, and secure hotels for unmarried couples. Most of the Oyo hotels allow unmarried couples and accept local ID proof. The staff of the hotels is trained for that. You can book a hotel without any worries as the staff of the Oyo rooms is very helpful. There is increasing demand from young unmarried couples to book the hotel and spend the time together. OYO room offers these facilities for the unmarried couple at their hotel. The only condition is that both of them have to produce the original ID proof. This facility is also available to those living in the same city as the hotel located.

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OYO rooms Hotel Near Me

Find and book the hotel near your location. The near me famous locations are railway stations and airports. Travelers search for hotels, cities, or locations near railway stations or airports. This option is provided by OYO rooms to those who want to stay in the hotel near their area or home. This facility is available in all major cities. Those who are interested to stay outside of the home for any reason can enjoy this facility.

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