Why OYO Rooms Are First Choice Of The Customer In India

OYO rooms are first choice of the customers because it offers great deal, coupons, and discount on hotel booking. The rooms are available in all cities at various prices, and hotel near me attract the customer. OYO rooms commonly known as OYO and is a network of accommodation across the world. The accommodation includes chains of hotels, homes and living space. It is one of the fastest growing accommodation chains and very popular among the traveler and particularly among the young generation. Also, it is one of the largest searched online accommodation booking sites by the customer. 

Why OYO rooms are preferred by the customer?. What it offers to the customer?. This article discusses some of the important factors related to the OYO rooms that will benefit to the customer.

Great Deals, Offers, Coupons And Discount On Hotel Booking

Oyo rooms offers lots of discounts on booking the accommodation. After availing the discount on the original cost one can get accommodation at  cheaper price. Customer likes hotel at cheaper rate. In additional to that OYO room offers some extra   percentage discount on  cash back  in the OYO money wallet. If you are taking OYO wizard membership instantly, again, you will get some amount of discount. If you try to take benefit of all these offers your actual cost of the accommodation will be very cheap. But before booking the hotel/ accommodation find out exactly what type of discount are offered and on which accommodation from time to time which may changes.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Largest Network Of Accommodation Across The World

OYO rooms have the largest network of accommodation across the world. It provides accommodation in more than 80 countries worldwide and more than  800 cities. It has more than 43000 hotels from small cities to metropolitan cities. Also, it offers executive rooms. You will get accommodation in any part of the world according to  your interested location and budget.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Budget AccommodationCheapest Rate

 OYO rooms offer a wide range of hotel   from low budget to very high budget. The minimum rent  starts from  Rs.  499/- per day per night, which is very low. The maximum rent has no limit. Like that OYO room are affordable to every class of the customer. The rent depends on the location and amenities available  in the hotel.

Varieties Of Amenities

The OYO rooms offer different types of amenities depending on the type of rooms. The low budget hotels offer basic amenities while luxurious hotels offer high level amenities. Some of the important amenities offered by OYO rooms are AC rooms, LED TV, WI-FI, washroom, breakfast, free parking facilities, kitchen, backup. Breakfast is the most online searched  amenities by the  customer  also available at OYO rooms. Please note that  before booking the hotels you must check what amenities are available at that  particular hotels that you are booking.

Image by Dino KF Wong from Pixabay

Sanitized Stay In COVID-19 Pandemic

During the The COVID -19 pandemic,  OYO rooms introduced sanitised stay with minimum touch to check out and check in the hotel stay. For example, some hotel displays sanitise b4 your eyes while some hotel displays only sanitised stay. The OYO rooms display the level of sanitation on the booking page.  Now a day safe stay  becomes necessary for all of us. You decide what type of sanitised stay you are interested and book the hotel accordingly.

Image by Ajay kumar Singh from Pixabay 

Types Of Accommodation

OYO offers different types of accommodation like Townhouse for friendly and neighbourly accommodation.  Silver key accommodation is executive stay for business persons, offers multi utility spaces and efficiency. Home stay are specially designed for unique and distinctive accommodation experience. Collection O is another type of accommodation designed for leisure and business traveller. One can choose the accommodation according to their budget and interest. OYO provide accommodation for all categories of customer.

Photo by Charles Parker from Pexel

Couple Friendly Hotel In India

There is increasing demand from the young unmarried couples to book the hotel and spend the time together. OYO room offers these facility for the unmarried couple at their hotel. The only condition is that both of them have to produce the original ID proof. These facility is also available to those living to the same city as the hotel located.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Provides Map Of Area With Hotel Location And Price

OYO rooms provide options of “Map View” on the booking page . On selecting a particular city or area, it shows the OYO rooms available in that area with exact location and prices of the different hotels. It is one of the biggest advantages for the customer to find hotels according to an area where they want the stay with  a budget price.

Hotel Near Me

This option provided by OYO rooms to those who want to stay in the hotel near to their area or home. This facility is available in all major  cities. Those who are interested to stay outside of the home for any reason they can enjoy these facility.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Advice:  Before booking the OYO rooms check the following  

1.Read the review on that particular hotel  and OYO rooms

2. Compare the prices with different sites

3. Check the different discount offered by OYO rooms.

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