10 Important Places Must Visit In Kolkata: A One Day – Micro Trip

Kolkata,  knows as ”The city of Joy” and is the capital of West Bengal State of India. Kolkata is the second largest city and one of the  metropolitan city in India. Kolkata has many sightseeing places. To visit all the sightseeing places in Kolkata requires 2 to 3 days, which enhances your budget and time. I visited all the important sightseeing places in one day. If you are interested to save the money and time,  but  at the same time to visit important places in one day without stay.  Then this article will be useful to you.

 1. Belur Math: Belur Math is the head quarter of the Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math founded by Swami Vivekananda. The Belur Math has nearly forty acres of land on the bank of Hoogly river. The temple is very beautiful and nice presentation of architecture. It is located on the bank of Hoogly river.  I visited Belur Math in the very morning. The atmosphere was very calm and peaceful. There was no much crowd.  Some people were taking dip in the Hoogly river on the ghat. If possible visit this temple early morning and feel the experience of calmness and peacefulness. Definitely you will feel better.

Entry fee: Not required.

Visiting hours : April to September – 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm

                              October to March –     8.30 pm to 11.30 pm and  3.30 to 5.30 pm

Image by Subarna Mahapatra from Pixabay

2. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple: Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is a Navaratna Temple situated on the western ghat on Hoogly river and spread on several acres of land. The presiding deity is Bhavatarini an aspect of Kali, a form of Adi Shakti. This place has divine atmosphere and amazing views. When I visited this temple there was queue of the people for Darshan and requires some time to go inside the temple. It is one of the best place for worshipping. I recommending this place for must visit. I suggest that visit this place early in the morning.

Entry Fee: No entry fee.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 8.30 pm

Photo by Aenic from Pexels

3. Victoria Memorial: It is a beautiful monument having magnificent painting and great art. The Victoria memorial building is located in the heart of Kolkata city.  It has white marbled opulent structure. Inside the building, one can see the painting of Queen Victoria and the statue of Viceroy and so many weapons used by the Britisher.  The surrounding area is also beautiful. Do not miss this place. It is a great place to visit.

Entry Fee: Require

Visiting hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Photo by Deeksha Pahariya on Unsplash

4. Fort Willium Kolkata: Fort Willium is an old fort constructed by British and named after the  King Willium III. This is one of the oldest building in Kolkata constructed by the British. This  building is now the head quarter of eastern commands of Indian Army and maintained by them. It is situated on the eastern bank of Hoogly river. It is must visit place.  

Entry Fee: Not Require

Visiting hours: 10 am to 5.30 pm

5. Pareshnath Jain Temple: The Pareshnath Jain temple is the holy shrine of jain. The temple has a spacious ground and well maintained garden. Actually, there are three temples near to each other. The architecture of the temple is decorated with  mirror inlaid pillars and colored stones. The beauty of the temple attracts a lot of devotees. The premise of the temple is scenic and beautiful. The temple is devoted to Parasnath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar. It is must  visit place.

Entry Fee: Require

Visiting hours: 6 am to 11.03 am and 3 pm to 7pm

6. Kalighat Temple: Kalighat temple is located in the kalighat area of Kolkata. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. This is one of the 51 Shakti Sthal  of India and one of the most visited temples in India. Always there is a rush of the people and the gate of the temple is very small. The door of the temple is not fully opened. It I better to ignore the priest in the temple. There are many agent and priest moving around you and asking about direst entry in to the temple. And you have to pay money for them .

7. Under Ground Metro Train: Kolkata underground metro train is one of the best attractions for tourist in India.  I was interested to travel by metro train. I was not interested to visit any place, but just to travel by metro as a fun. That was my new experience of travelling by metro. It was very nice experience. One has to buy token for every trip.

Photo by Rasheed Kemy on Unsplash

8. Howrah Bridge: The sightseeing in Kolkata must include “Howrah Bridge”, without visiting it, trip cannot be complete. The bridge is famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal. It is the connectivity between two major cities, Kolkata and Howrah. The bridge is a suspended span over the river Hoogly. It is also called the “Rabindra Nath set”. It is one of the best architecture in the India.

Image by Swadhin Das from Pixabay

9. Indian Museum:  It is located in the heart of the city. It is also called “Jadu Ghar”. The Indian Museum is the nineth largest museum in the world and one of the oldest and largest museum in the India. It has vast collection of antique, armor, skeleton, fossile, mummy and painting. The most attraction is the Egyptian Mummy. These collection are divided in different galleries. You can visit the gallery according to your liking, what to see first, because to see all the things it requires couple of hours. This is one of the must visit place in Kolkata.

Entry Fee: Require

Timing: Tuesday to Friday- 10 am to 6.30 pm

              Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 8.30 pm

Holiday: Monday

Image by Shantanu Kashyap from Pixabay

10. Birla Planetarium:  It is also located in the heart of the city. It has vast collection of science related activities. It is the biggest planetarium in India and second largest in the world. The children as well as science related people will definitely like it. The great attraction in the planetarium shown is universe, planet and astronomy. The shows are displayed in different languages like English, Hindi and Bengali. You have to determine at what time in which language show will go. It is well maintained and clean. Must visit place in Kolkata.

Entry Fee: require

Timing: 12 pm to 6.30pm

Conclusion. I have covered all the important places in one day. You also consider about this micro trip, which will save your time, budget and schedule. By doing these sightseeing definitely you will get mental relief.

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