How To Get Entry Into Bhutan From The Citizens Of India, Maldives and Bangladesh?

The citizens of India, Maldives and Bangladesh do not requires visa to get entry into Bhutan but requires entry permit. The entry permit can be obtained by submitting valid passport, hotel reservation receipt, election card issued by Government, and photo. The issuing authority office is located inside the Bhutan at Phuentsholing.

If you are an Indian citizen and  travelling along with   your  own vehicle then there may be some  additional question in your mind. Some important questions and answer regarding to entry into Bhutan are discussed in this blog. I had faced the problem of travelling to Bhutan. This blog  definitely will help you how to get entry  into Bhutan and what documents are required to get Entry permit.  

Whether Visa Is Compulsory To Bhutan?

The answer is that to enter into Bhutan no visa is required for the citizens from India, Maldives and Bangladesh. These countries considered as Regional Tourist and special benefits has been given to this country’s citizens. The citizens from these countries require an Entry Permit. But the citizens of other remaining  countries in the world required visa to enter into Bhutan.

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From Where Get An Entry Permit?

Answer: Entry Permit Can Get From Two Places

1. Immigration Office At Phoentsholing – The Immigration Office  located at  Phoentsholing  inside the Bhutan at  the border of India – Bhutan countries issues “Entry Permit”. For going to the Immigration Office, Entry permit is not required. Entry Permit is required to go beyond Phoentsholing. Even you can do some sightseeing or shopping or stay in the hotel at Phoentsholing.

2. Immigration Office  At Paro Airport: The other office of Immigration office is located at Paro Airport. ThePar airport is the only international airport in Bhutan. Those who are travelling by air flight can apply for an Entry Permit at the Immigration office  located at Paro airport.

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What Are The Working Hours Of Immigration Office?

Answer: The working hours of immigration office are from 8 AM to 5 PM with a break of one hour from 1 AM to 2 PM. This office remains closed on every Saturday, Sunday and holiday declared by Bhutan Government.

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Is Any One  Can Get Online Entry Permit?

Answer:  No. The general public visiting in Bhutan are not allowed to apply for online Entry permit. But local Bhutanese Travel agents are allowed to get an online Entry Permit. If you can contact with local Bhutanese Travel Agent and send your required document to them or you arrange travel trip through them, then only it becomes possible.

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What Documents Requires Getting An Entry Permit?

Answer: Indian National intending to get entry permit to Bhutan requires following documents:-

1. Valid Indian Passport having 6 month validity


Voter ID cards issued by Election Commissioner of India.

2. Hotel booking confirmation receipt on letter head of the hotel.

3. Entry permit form duly filled and signed.

4. Passport size photograph

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What Happens If No Passport Or Voter ID Card?

Answer: Then Identification Slip – If Indian citizen does not passes Valid passport or Voter ID card,   then by submitting other ID cards like Adhar card, driving license, pan card, ration card, etc in the office of Consulate General of India, located in Phoentsholing, will get Identification Slip. Then  produce this  identification slip to Emigration office instead of a passport or Voter ID card.

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Is Any Fee Is Required To Get An Entry Permit?

Answer: Fee is not required to obtain Entry permit for Indian citizens. The Entry permit allows Indian Citizens to visit Thimpu and Paro only.  Any tourist interesting to other cities beyond Thimpu and Paro then need to obtain “Special Area Permit” from Immigration Office located at Thimpu.

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Is Vehicle Permit Is Required?

Answer: If you have arranged Bhutan trip through local travel agents then no need to take Entry permit for the vehicle. But if you are travelling with your own vehicle or hired a car from Indian Travel Agent then vehicle permit is necessary. This permit can be obtained from the office P/ Soling RSTA. The following documents are required for obtaining vehicle permit:

1. Entry permits of Indian Citizens

2. Insurance policy of vehicle

3. Driving License

4. Pollution Certificate

 5. Registration certificate of vehicle  

Image by Noel Bauza from Pixabay

Is It Compulsory To Return “Entry Permit “ While living Bhutan? 

Answer: While leaving Bhutan from Phoentsholing by road   or Paro by air flight,  you have to return the original Entry Permit.  Otherwise, you will not be allowed to leave Bhutan.

Some Important Tips To Remember

1. Remember Always There Is  Huge Rush At Immigration Office On Every Day: One can see a very huge rush on every day at the Immigration Office for obtaining an Entry Permit and at peak seasons rush increases tremendously. In that case, to get an Entry Permit on the same day is not possible. If you get Entry Permit before 2 pm then only you try to go to Bhutan. Otherwise, it is better to stay at Phoentsholing for  that day and start the journey  on next day morning.

2. If Minor children Having No Passport: For minor children having age below 18 years and not having passport the original birth certificate written in English language is considered. 

3. Hotel Booking Receipt Compulsory: If the Indian citizen entering at their own directly at the Immigration office, a hotel booking receipt is compulsory. The software developed by Immigration Office requires entry of confirmed hotel booking. Without that processing for entry permit not possible.

I hope this information will be useful to you for planning a next trip to Bhutan

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