Indian Cruises From Mumbai to Goa: An Incredible Travel Experience

Goa is one of the most visited state in India has many beaches along its coast. Along with its most beautiful beaches Goa is famous for water spots activities, rich culture and nightlife. To reach Goa is easy by road transport or by Air Flight. The third option  to  reach Goa is  luxury cruise sailing between Mumbai and Goa. The travelling from Mumbai to Goa by cruise  will be one of the different type of journey in your  life. On this journey definitely you will be enjoy   scenic beauty of Kokan coastline. In addition to that sun rise and sunset between the ocean will be memorable experience.

Image by Susann Mielke from Pixabay

In this  article the information about the  two cruises namely jalesh and Angriya  sailing from Mumbai to Goa is given.

Jalesh Cruise: Jalesh cruise is the first multi destination luxury  cruise sailing from Mumbai to Goa. The  brand name of the ship is  Karnika.

Image by Ed Judkins from Pixabay

Entertainment: Karnica  Cruise has lots of entertainment programs like,  live Broadway show, big screen movie and international performer. It has entertainment for everyone from kids to grown up people.

Restaurant: Karnika offers  a world class variety of cuisine like food pavilion, restaurant and bar. 

Accommodation: Different types of accommodation are available from minisuits, ocean view rooms with balcony and internal rooms. The ship has a capacity of 2000 passengers cruised over a long weekend from Mumbai to Goa.   

Departure and arrival: Karnica depart  from the Mumbai Port Trust, Mumbai and arrives in Mormugaon Port in Goa.

Packages: It has a different type of  package like  2 nights & 3 days and 3 nights & 4 days from Mumbai to Mumbai.

Time of Departure and Arrival: The departure time of Karnika from  Mumbai is 17.00 hours and from Goa at 15. 00 hours. The arrival time depends on the type of package booked.

Angriya Cruise: It is the first Indian Cruise

Entertainment: Angriya cruise has lots of entertainment programs like dance and music show on open the deck and sea horse.

Restaurant:  Angriya offers Indian as well as Italian and Chinese cuisineat their restaurant with varieties of foods. It has a world class bar facility.

Accommodation: It provides various types of accommodation like 4 types of couple  room, 3 types of family rooms, 2 types of buddy rooms, luxury pods and groups. Angriya is the first Indian domestic cruise with a capacity of 400 passengers.

Departure and arrival: Angriya depart from Victoria dock 15, Mumbai and arrives at   Mormugaon cruise terminal in Goa.

Packages:  It does not have package facility.

Time of Departure and Arrival: Angriya cruise deparst from Mumbai at 4 pm and arrives at the Mormugaon  cruise terminal at 9 am the next day. The return journey of the Angriya cruise start at 4 pm and end at 9 am next day.

Image by Ed Judkins from Pixabay

Important tips before booking the cruises:

1. First check the date on which cruise is sailing.

2. Then check the availability of accommodation in which type you travelling.

3. Check the  prices on that particular day. The prices changes according to date of departure.

4. Also check the discount or gift coupons offered by the cruise so that you can get benefit.

5. Read the review for both cruises before booking. The reviews are available on tripadvisor forum.

6.For both the cruises Karnika and Jalesh, on line booking is  available.

 I hope the information of the cruises will be useful to you while planning a cruise trip from Mumbai to Goa.

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