Changing Trend of Traveler During COVID-19: More Domestic –More Regional

As the world is coming out of the lockdown after some months of spending time at home people are now searching the ways for going to travel. The travel will not be the same as before COVID- 19 pandemic but will be different in many ways. Still there are some restrictions on the travel across the countries. So people have started searching more domestic travel within the country as well as very near to their home in isolated areas within drive distance.

In this article some information about the travel, mode of transportation and places are discussed. I think this information will be useful for you.

1. Travel Domestically And Regionally Vs Internationally

 In the near future the international trips will become very difficult because most of the countries have closed the tourism across the world. Very few countries have opened the door for international travelers but put many restrictions. Then it becomes very difficult to travel abroad in that situation. Then best option for the traveler is to travel within the country in which they are living. Because of this now the people started searching the destination within border of their country. After COVID -19 situation domestic and regional tourism will be one of the main trends.

Image by mohamed Hassan, Mohd Rashid, alleppeyhouseboatclub, Labun Hang Limboo from Pixabay

2. Travel Close from Home Vs Long Journey

People are searching travel destination close to their home. They prefer smaller journey by road instead of flight or rail journey. If somebody is interested to travel by air then they are opting for direct journey with no stop.  During short distance trip you have more control over surrounding and you will breathe the fresh air. People are choosing the places having the distance not more than 5 hours journey by car. People believe that happiness of the trip does not depend on distance travelled. Corona virus has given the opportunities to the people to enjoy the destination near to their home. Discover the nearby destination and relax.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

3. Mode of transportation- Car Vs Air

People prefer their own car for travelling as compare to the air, rail, bus or any public transport. Travelling by own car is the safest mode of transportation; it minimizes the contact with the other people and reduces the risk of infection of corona virus.  Remember do not share the car with unknown persons or not take a hired driver. Air travel requires more time at the security check and at the terminals which brings you in contact with more people.  Also travelling by rail or bus and maintaining social distancing of 6 feet is not possible.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

4. Short Duration Vs Long Duration Of Stay

People are opting for a short duration trip of weekend as compared to long trip before the COVID situation. This is a good length where you can enjoy and relax. Every body’s mind has fear of corona infection. The longest is the duration of your trip possibility is that more people will come into your contact. The contact with the unknown people has increases the chances of infection. 

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

5. Remote Places Vs Metro Cities

 People are opting for more isolated and remote places having less population to minimize the contact of the people. There are many fewer known places having beaches, lakes, desert, caves and mountains far away from the traffic. One of the best examples is that the caves of Ajanta and Ellora are world famous rock cut caves located nearly 100 km from Aurangabad are the best place to visit during corona pandemic. Select these places and spend time there. Remote places are the best example to maintain social distancing during corona virus.

Photo by Chung Yee Tsang on Unsplash

6. Small Town Vs Big Cities

Away from the crowded cities small destination are now becoming the famous spots for the traveler. The local government also undertook the development of small places. For example, Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) has taken up the project to do the facelift of Maharashtra’s best tourist spot Matheran a small town near Mumbai. Another example is that Uttarakhand government also making the arrangement of providing the facilities of home stay in some small places. These home stays are located in isolated and accessible area like Munsiyari in Pithoragarh, Binsar in Almora, Pangot and Mukteshwar in Nainital.  There is no better place to spend time than these places.

Photo by Filip Gielda on Unsplash

7.  Agriculture Tourism

 Agriculture tourism is an enterprise at working farm for the enjoyment of the visitors. In agriculture tourism, accommodation like home stay is provided in farm and orchard. The Maharashtra government passed agro-tourism policy to promote the tourism like farm stay. In agriculture tourism local cuisine and cultural aspect can be enjoyed by the visitors. The traveler can enjoy   rustic outdoors, spend time on farm and eco friendly tourism and mainly social distancing.

Image by Pixabay

Scope For Development: Bungalow and Home Stay

 Travelers are opting home stay or independent bungalow at their destination. If these facilities are available at remote places or local destination then definitely travelers must visit these places. Advertising of these facilities are also important.

Photo by Muaz AJ on Unsplash

Definitely this article will be useful for the traveler to go out of the home with safe stay and can enjoy the holiday in the COVID-19 pandemic

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