Traditional And Uniqueness : Bhutan, The Happiest Country In The World

The magnificent landscape is picture perfect with majestic mountains, green valleys and rivers were found in small country on the earth   Bhutan.  This country has natural beauty, forest conservation and breath-taking views.   Bhutan is the country where people follow traditional custom, it gives important to “Gross National Happiness” where the welfare of the people are paramount important.  

Bhutan is giving importance to development with retaining tradition and uniqueness. To discuss all the tradition and uniqueness about Bhutan is not possible here, in this blog some of the important traditions and uniqueness are discussed which are different from remaining world.  

Religion Buddhism symbol of faith:

Bhutan is the only Buddhist Kingdom in the world and Mahayana is the official religion of Bhutan.  Buddhist religion has largest population of nearly 75% and second largest is the Hinduism. As a result, there are lot of monuments related to Buddhism like DZong, Monasteries, Chortens, Shrines, Stupas etc.  Bhutanese people are Buddah worshipping. You will find colorful fluttering prayer flags considered as sacred at the monasteries, hillside, in front of the house.   The prayer wheels, people circumambulating the temple and red robed monk performing rituals shows that all country is symbols of their faith. A monk gets admitted in the monasteries at the age of six to nine years of age. These small monks look very pretty. Some of the important Dzons are located at Thimpu, Paro and Nalanda.

photo by Pixabay

Traditional dress – “Gho” for men and “Kira for women

Distinctive feature of Bhutan’s traditional dress is unique and compulsory for all men and women when they are at public place like school, office or even in restaurant. Men were belted knee length robe and women were ankle length dress and again belted at the waist. The dress worn by men called “Gho” and by women called ‘Kira’.  The feature of “Gho” is knee length robe tied by belt and that of ‘Kira’ ankle length dress, on which jacket may be worn.  These dresses are made from cotton, wool or silk.  While going in Dzong, the tradition to carry a scarf is compulsory.  Men’s scarf is called kebney and women’s scarf called rachu.  

Photo by Atharva Whaval on Unsplash

Architecture in Bhutan A Symbol of uniqueness

Bhutan is the country in the world having traditional and distinct architecture. Its rich natural environment and land scalp provides unique background for a traditional architecture. It is compulsory to build all buildings with sloped roof, earthen walls, wooden work, small window and colorful door. There is also restriction on the height of the building. A Very high-level building is not allowed in Bhutan.   On the walls of building phallus are considered as sacred. Most of the building in Thimpu has no balcony on the road side. In building construction nails and iron bars are not allowed.

Photo by Nihar Modi on Unsplash

Growth National happiness against the Gross Domestic product

Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures “Gross national happiness”- ‘GNP’ against the world measuring the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The factors which decides the GNP are related to social and economic development in health, education, living standard etc. GNP is used for policy making in different sector of the country by the government. Bhutan is trying development without changing its religious spirituality. As per the US census Bhutan has the highest level of “GNP” as compared to all country of the world. To maintain this highest ranking over the years required tremendous efforts.

Photo by Gaurav Bagdi on Unsplash

No Traffic light signal on the road

Bhutan is the only country in the world that does not have light signal to control the traffic. This does not mean that there is no traffic in Bhutan. Traffic is controlled by Police   standing on the cross section of the road and directing the traffic. Police has provided traditionally made round shaped booth having some height and cone shaped floor. Police stand in the booth and direct the traffic by showing direction to traffic by hand.

Conclusion: Bhutan is the developing country following their traditional custom and maintaining natural beauty. Try a trip to Bhutan, you will definitely like the unique country.

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